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October Forecast
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Astrology always put deep effects in to our life and also it can predict alot about you and your daily life

October & Libra

this is the month of October and also peoples who were born between September 24 to October 23 come under zodiac sign called Libra
personally i like these peoples who are or will be born under 1st October to 31October
but right now its not my matter of selection and choice ^_^
so coming to the point whats gona happened for peoples born under Libra lets have a look at it

you do not need to agree with me for what i have given for peoples born under Libra Zodiac & they are not 100% true predictions but what i did i just try to give some help

October 1 to October 10

what so ever has done is the last month you need to take responsibility for all your actions if you were handling a relationship or career or if you were dealing with your friends and family. put your focus to your responsibilities and relationships as you start this month October 1 will bring confidence and a positively prophetic insight into what comes next.
many planets also play a very important role during all these seasons but i dnt wana talk about them because it will make this forecast little boring and complicated more over from October 2 to October 3 you will be having lots of communications with your partner but dnt try to show that your being jealous of his or her friends show that your open minded cool person if you dnt have a partner so you could start a new relationship by the time October 7th with those who are known to you also do not try to push your friends

Venus and Libra

Venus governs love, peaceful feelings, harmony, money & ethics
do not forget that you are being watched by Venus so you can attract with your certain desires this month

October 11 to October17

If you need the support of close partners this is the time to be prepared to negotiate. intense discussions will come up dnt be too stubborn little give, little take policy can bring all your plans agreed more quickly with minimum of fuss but do not forget to be realistic

October 18 to October 22

you will see many signs and symbols of good hopes you will remain confused aswell but later on at October 21 will bring great results to your efforts this period will show influence for childbirth,taking positive actions during this time will attract good luck in your life

October 23 to October 31

while in October 23 you will take half a step back to things which you have done in last few weeks October 24 you will see great resourcefulness as well as a fierce resistance to obstacles.final week of October you will have random talks,you will be having confidence to understand problems.strong opinions will be aired but you need to deal with all your wisdom

Monthly Tarot card Picked

Judgment Card

what do cards says about this month i just picked up a card let see what it says about this month for every one
October will be a friendly month.negative situation this month turns into a positive one.
family members and friends are a priority this month,financial matters will seek your attention also you will try to keep everyone in your life happy
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Re: October Forecast
By: / Novice
Post # 2
nice, may I ask what tarot deck are you using?
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Re: October Forecast
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celtic dragon ^_^ but i do use some times rider waite tarot deck too
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