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Pagan Spirituality

Forums ► Wicca ► Pagan Spirituality
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Pagan Spirituality
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 1
There comes a time, I am bold enough to state, in the path of real pagan and wiccan's practice, that they start to yearn for more information. We are given the basics, and the guides; the source and techniques to magickal practices, and communing; but then I find that the heart searches for advanced spirituality.
In my experience, and this is something that many authors have admitted, publishers, or pagan books, rarely contain the information for more advanced people, who have overcome ritualism, but wish to partake in a deeper sense of the religion they practice. This can either be accomplished through extensive meditation, and self analisis; but one would also like to see pointers, and read. This is my personal position on the matter.

So I question, why is obtaining a pagan spirituality less important than spell casting? For those who practice a partial solitary path like myself (although all practitioners eventually have an eclectic moment), I have been able to quench my thirst with different methods. But I wonder, and it troubles me, what is pagan spirituality now a days? Has it been turned into a ritualistic religion with absolutely no deeper thinking; or has it become a more evolutionist way of living that sets aside the practical and focuses on the spiritual. How spiritual is Wicca today?

I find many mass thoughts disturbing, and I know many of us do follow a pagan spirituality. But,Is there information out there that helps our newer generations draw the line between pure physical, and the soul? That helps them achieve the state of continuum, rather than staying in the same level; because it seems, that some how the only things people look to advance on are the magick side, but what about the side within?. The focus on a relationship with divinity rather than, the focus on our egocentric for power and rebellion?
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Re: Pagan Spirituality
Post # 2
I believe that alot of pagan or wiccan practitioners develop their spirituality as they progress. The nature of our spirituality is so diverse that it allows for this easily, and even if it did not the nature of the forces we study allow varied interpertations.

If you wish to become more spiritual in your practices, I would recommend studying other cultures and other religions to see what makes sense to you personally. Find aspects that can be integrated into your life that seem devotional, or find spiritual theories that will allow you to continue to develop spiritually.

I find that knowledge doesn't truly hide, we simply need to change the way we look for it.
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Re: Pagan Spirituality
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Oh yes, I managed to find the higher spiritual development I yearned for some time ago now, but I felt it that it was a good topic to address, as a way to counsel and see how many other practitioner's felt in the position; wanted to share their opinions and advice. I have discussed the issue with several elders of my acquaintance who acknowledged this concern and suggested I address it.

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Re: Pagan Spirituality
Post # 4
I believe this is a wonderful topic to be brought up in a community such as this. In fact it is one that should be maintained and continually addressed because of the nature of this community is one that leans greatly to escapism and the ones who are truly on the path of discovery get lost and discouraged.
I do not follow wicca, I myself practice in the tradition of hermeticism, but i believe this dilemma occurs within any path towards self discovery and even enlightenment.
The first thing i turned to when i hit this wall was the archetypical journey to understand the great epic story of human spirituality. this story can be found everywhere, but the one i started with was the fool's journey, of the tarot. One could look to all the Greek or Norse myths or any number of other great epics.
once i started to understand the nature of the archetype i was able to apply that to my own inner journey. It took me a good 5 years of feeling lost and searching for answers without before i realized to understand the nature of divinity and its relationship to me i would have to first attempt to understand myself. that where lots of meditation came into play. then i began to read a lot of quantum physics, "buddhism and the universe" on you tube is a decent start, as well as brian greenes " the elegant universe". this information allowed me to connect to the universe through meditation and feel validated in this.
I can say this, i am NOT enlightened, and i do not understand divinity. i do understand myself much more than i did, and i am now able to establish a real connection with my divinity. i have been able to discover a path that allows me to gain a bit of understanding every few steps i take along it, and i am very satisfied that this path will most likely take the rest of my natural life.
i say "my" divinity not because i believe it to be my personal theistic "god" but because i believe everyone must go through this journey within the self to attain the next step in spiritual evolution.
all in all, the choice must be made by the practitioner to discover these things. many wont, sadly. i have found in myslef that it is very relieving and encouraging to find others asking these questions, so for that i thank you:)
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Re: Pagan Spirituality
Post # 5
I think a lot of people focus primarily on spells is because a lot of people link spells and Wicca/Paganism as the same thing and follow a lot of the myths found in Hollywood movies. Being openly pagan for awhile now you would be surprised at how many people ask me if I can turn them into a newt or a lizard or if I eat babies. Not to mention I also have the friends that think that if they throw a few herbs in a bowl their doing a spell and are Wiccan, no Gods/Goddesses are involved in it. With people like that popping up all over the place in our modern days it doesn't surprise me that the spiritual side is getting less and less attention from those of us that are practicing-fluffy paganism or otherwise.

I personally have been focusing on spirituality more than anything else. For me getting closer to my deities has been something that was always important to me. I wanted to do everything I could to get closer to them and learn as much as I could from them. A lot of the things that appear in my personal Book of Shadows are for the Gods and Goddesses to which I have devoted myself and in which I believe enrich my life with everything that surrounds me. It's something that I had personally chosen from the beginning and something I needed to be focused on as much as (if not more than) working on my spell work. I think it depends on what every individual considers to be important to their own spirituality.
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