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Post # 1
Hello everyone. This is for anyone who wants to learn to see auras.

A few disclaimers before we start.

1: My method of learning to see and interpret auras can be learned by anyone who has functioning color vision. I have not yet figured out how to teach this to the colorblind. If you are a colorblind magic user and you would like to help me with my research into the aura sight of the colorblind (they do have it by the way), please contact me.

2: This method, while it can be learned by anyone, can be difficult and time consuming to learn. Once learned however it is as natural as any other sense. Learning this requires a certain amount of both faith and focus. Faith in ones own abilities is crucial. Focus is essential to any sort of magic.

3: I have always found this method of reading auras to be very accurate. Accurate to a frightening degree. You might not like what you find out about yourself or others.

Ok, either you've read the disclaimers or you skipped them. Either way you've been warned. Now to learn how to see the auras of people and things around you. I say things, because to see auras and to see energy are really the same type of sight.

I always look first in the shadowed areas of the person. Usually a person has a few shadows on their face, or in their hair somewhere. If you have trouble finding shadows, you can also look under their arms and under their chin. The darkest areas of the person's form will have an overlay of color. That is the colors of the person's aura. They shift and blur together a little when you look at them. They always look to me a lot like the colors you sometimes see when you close your eyes. Some people say they look like afterimages of bright lights (those flashy things you get when you look at something bright). I agree they look somewhat like that only not so bright.

The most difficult part of seeing auras this way is you tend to see several colors at once. The colors blend this way, visually mixing into different colors. It is hard to tell which colors are mixing in some cases. Remember these aren't technically colors at all. They are wavelengths of energy. Your brain is picking them up and it is associating colors with the wavelengths. The reason this is important is that there are rules that apply to colors that do not apply to auras. Have you ever seen something that was both red and green at the same time? Auras can be like that. They can be red and green and orange at the same time. Often they have 3 or more colors that are dominant.

The second way to see auras I have heard works for quite a few people. Look at the outline of a person's body. You may see a very thin halo of color. This is kind of more of a sideways view of the aura, you will most likely see the colors in more of a layered pattern rather than all at once. There are a few benefits to learning this method even if the first method works for you. The first benefit of this sideways view is that it is easier to see black in a person's aura using this view. Black is the only aura color that doesn't show up well against shadows using the first method. Indeed if you see auras by the first method only, you might miss black entirely. Against a dark shadow a black aura shows up only as a darkening of the shadow itself.

The more colors you are able to detect, the more you will learn about the person you are trying to read. Believe it or not it is actually better that you learn how to see the colors before you learn what the colors mean. If you do not know what they mean your sight will not be affected by the colors you expect to see for that person. It is very easy to psychologically convince oneself to see the colors you expect to see. The real colors of someone's aura reflect true personality traits of theirs. These aren't necessarily obvious to people around them, even those they are closest to.

That being said, I will be posting a second thread about the meanings of the colors for people who already know how to see them but need help with interpretation. I will recommend that people learn how to see the colors before reading the second post.

I welcome all comments or additions to my observations. Thanks for reading

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Re: Auras
Post # 2
seeing auras and doing body reads is easy, but do u know how to clean them?
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Re: Auras
Post # 3
Personally I think improving your peripheral vision helps you to see auras, heres a link with some eye test for peripheral vision for anyone who wants to improve their peripheral vision.

@Maydayy as far as i'm aware to clean your auras you should visualize a strong white light all around you especially after rituals involving curses or use of negative or destructive energies,
also you should clean and empower all your your chakras by visualizing a strong white light on each chakra.

I've also heard that standing under a running waterfall can also clean your aura, might be a bit cold though but refreshing Lol ;)

Love and Light
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Re: Auras
Post # 4
There are several ways to cleanse your aura. You should be doing a basic aura cleanse every time you ground and center, but for those who missed that part of the basics here's how it's done.

Picture your aura, you should be able to see an inner part and an outer part. The inner part of your aura should be where you find your center. The outer part of your aura is filled with all sorts of energy from other sources. These are outside sources that are not part of you. Take a moment to meditate on what part of the energy within you is you and separate it out from that which is not a part of you. Once you find all the energy that makes up your center (all the energy in your aura that is NOT from an outside source), focus on everything else and flush it into the ground. You can do this two or three times just to make sure you get everything. After you do this you will find your normal grounding and centering routine much easier.

If you need more cleansing than that, I recommend a ritual cleansing bath. There are tons of recipes for these out there online and most of them work pretty well. Take your pick. I just went onto google and typed "ritual cleansing bath recipe" and pulled up several good looking ones.
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Aura Colors
Post # 5
I recommend not reading this until after you have already read the previous article posted on auras.

That being said, this is about aura colors and what they mean. Once you can see someone's aura you now can learn things about them that would ordinarily not be known to anyone but a friend.

WARNING!!! Once you learn how to do this, if you do it too much to people who don't know what you're doing, people will think you are really creepy. People don't like it when they're easy to read, and aura reading makes almost anyone easy to read.

Ok, here's the basic rainbow...

Black: Black? Black?! Since when does the rainbow start with black? My aura rainbow starts with black. Black is an important color. It was rare once but is getting more common. Black is the color of void. Emo kids often have quite a bit of black. It is hard to have black in your aura and not be depressed. The aura color black is a connection to the emptiness of the universe. Many people with black in their auras are excellent channels or mediums, the empty space being a wonderful vessel for possession etc.

Red: Ok, now we're in to real color colors. Red is a color of passion. Red is a very physical color, it is associated with people who are spontaneous and energetic. Red can also be associated with anger.

Orange: Orange is an emotional color. It is associated with productivity and pleasure. Hedonism and selfishness can also come along with this color in the aura. Orange is essentially the ultimate expression of the self. *WARNING* I have found people with an excessive amount of orange in their auras tend to be very selfish and untrustworthy people. Particularly if it is paired up with a lot of red.

Yellow: Yellow is the color of fun and logic, science and humor. Worldly things as opposed to spiritual Many ordinary non-magic using people have quite a lot of yellow in their auras. It can also be associated with materialism and creativity.

Green: Green is the color of love. This is a color of nature and balance, it can also represent harmony. People who like to get along and make sure everyone else does to tend to have greener auras.

Blue: Blue is the color of protection. Blue can also represent peace, guardianship, and devotion. People with a lot of blue in their auras tend to be the ones who protect those they love with dedication.

Violet: Violet is the color of mysticism. It can also represent intuition and imagination. People with a lot of violet in their aura tend to be strong magic users. Even those who do not use magic will pick it up easily if they have a violet aura.

White: White? Again we need to be talking aura colors here and not only those in a normal rainbow. White is the color of spirituality. White auras appear on people who are spiritual in some way. Most pastors/priests/clergy have some white in their aura.

Rose: Rose has an interesting meaning in an aura. Rose is the color of vibrance and charisma. People with rose in their auras are universally more interesting than they should be. If you know anyone you just love spending time with but you can't really say why you like them so much, they most likely have some rose in their aura.

Ok so there's the basic aura rainbow. There are obviously infinite potential combinations of colors. If you look at someone's aura and it seems like a light blue gray, you will have to figure out for yourself if that gray comes from a combination of blue, white and black or does it come from a combination of blue white and a tiny bit of orange making the blue duller but not precisely grayer. This is the really difficult part of aura reading. Learning to see them is only the first tiny step.

I welcome any additions to this post with other people's observations about aura colors.
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Re: Auras
Post # 6
This thread has been moved to General Info from Misc Topics.
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Re: Auras
Post # 7
black is not a color, the outside sources u mention are small creatures that u pick up when u go outside the house, they latch on to your aura and drain energy from u, so clean ur aura before u go and do any type of magic.
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Post # 8
I have found black to be a very important color in aura sight. The creatures you are talking about are there and it is true that they can be problematic for people who take in a lot of energy from outside sources, but that wasn't what I was referring to. I was actually talking about residual energy build up from various places we go from day to day. Interacting with our environment causes an energy flow that leaves traces on your aura if you aren't well shielded. Obviously you should always keep your aura cleansed and I find the best way to do that is to have good shields around yourself so you don't get the energy build up in the first place. I am sure there is information on shielding somewhere on this site for those who need it.
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Re: Auras
Post # 9
i know a very effective shield but u have to renew it every now and then.
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Re: Auras
Post # 10
I'm glad green means loving; is it bad that when I first read that, my first thought was "Oh good, so I'm not going to die?!"

I read another color interpretation guide that said green, especially light green, means sickness, and I was seeing that all over my aura... ;u; but I'm glad I'm not sick or something.
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