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Post # 1

I am not really new to this. I visited a similar website(which still exists) when I was 13 or 14. Me and a friend of mine performed the 3 hell candle night spell on a person my friend hated. I took part in the ritual/performance because I simply needed to know if magic really existed. True magic.

It didn't work. Since then I attempted dozens of spells with 0% success. I was very young and this was really sad because I'm a very imaginative person really. I'm deeply rooted into music(my guitar especially), and have another deep interest in computers(programming, hack-related, web developments).

It is necessary to sort of explain my personality. I am a believer. I always believe first then analyse and then come to a conclusion. But now, at this age, websites like these are simply amusing. Most of the "spells" showcased on the website are sadly fake. Calling a dragon, ability to see fairies, levitation, conjuring demons and Lucifer himself... These are all fake as long as they don't work for a person right?

Of course it worked for you. And you must be a millionaire. You must be really happy you could fly or ride your dragon? Sadly I don't see you doing that.

I see people have made covens for fun. Chatting all day on ridiculous topics that don't even relate to the topic of concern. While the moderators or the people who have some "experience" seem to be rather discussing "What" a particular magic is rather than the physics of its processive structure. Do you guys use google for these information? Is anyone out here with answers? Is this real? I want to know how real this is. The maximum potential.

Please don't tell me that I need to start believing. I believe in the devil more than the God, basically because I've suffered evil more than joys of being under the mystical blessings of God.

I read a spell about conjuring a demon to aid you in your life using an onyx stone. I look forward to what comment you guys will post to this as well apart from all the above things I mentioned.

The owner of this website doesn't seem very rich to me though. Use of Advertisements, and then an online store(of course it's to help but oh well)


P.S.: I look forward to having conversations with someone who is truly experienced and willing to share his knowledge of the unknown arts. Me and My family are in a state of depression because of all sorts of problems. Any success would be would bring immense joy.
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Re: Reality
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Comments from Site Spells Discussion.
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Re: Reality
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Well, first I must ask, how old are you. I mean you're clearly older then 14 from what you said, but if its by only a couple years, not much progress.

As for spells go, spells are not a fix all, spells are not ment to be used just to see if they work, spells are more likely to not work if you don't believe they'll work, etc. So if you're just looking for spells to fix your problems, stop looking now, stop wasting your time. Most problems are fixable by mundane(non-magickal) means, many will tell you this, and it always holds true.

Now, for learning, I'd say say start with the basics, after all thats what they're there for. That is to say, you have to learn how to read letters before you can read a sentence(english analogy). There are plenty of posts on this site about the basics, so just do some research and put some effort into it and you'll get results. If you just want things spoon fed to ya, well you won't be finding many to help you with that lol.

And for those that go boosting about things they can do, clearly they don't understand magick(unless you're specifically asking them what they can do, then thats different) for if they think they're impressing people by showing off, they're not. They're just proving how little they actually know.

And for the record, yes dragons are real(or at least the archtype), yes the elements have power, and yes a lot of other things are true. You just have to come to learn them and feel them for yourself to truely understand and be able to do them.

Glim :D
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Re: Reality
Post # 4
On here, like in the society in which we all must exist, there are loads of bs claims, tons of stories told, some people believe for themselves, some they try to make others believe.some lie to escape their reality, some just to entertain themselves. if you are looking for falsehoods then that is what you will find. no one with any sort of experience on a path of knowledge is going to give you the answer, because you must find it on your own. The process of discovery is where the magic lies.
there are many beliefs on this site. what is true and what is false is not for me or anyone else to tell you, it is for you to discover.
i can tell you this. for a long time now, i have stuck to a regimen of prayer,meditation,ritual, and scholarly upkeep of my knowledge. in the morning i bring down energy from a visualized source, i vibrate and intone names, i give thanks for all i have learned and all i have been blessed with, i perform my rituals,i run 3 miles, and i go about my day. in my heart of hearts i can tell you with all sincerity that i am a much better person, both physically and spiritually than i was before i began on this path.i have personally been witness to things that i never would have thought would be anything more than a visualization or manifestation of fantasy. they are real for me. i will not be so arrogant to tell one person that my path is real and theirs is not. but i will tell you looking for your path is an experience you will not regret. the search for meaning is what is the true meaning. i hope i never find the answer for then my search will be over.
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Re: Reality
Post # 5

I'm really thankful to the two of you for your replies. Sadly Glim seems to be fighting against in an eager urge to prove something is real.

I am 20 since you asked for my age Glim.

Thanks for your reply.

Thank you for such a beautiful reply. I'm really encouraged to lead a similar life as yours in terms of searching for the answers.

Have a Good Day.
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Re: Reality
Post # 6
it is really all my pleasure:) i am glad to have lent you some comfort. feel free to mail me anytime.
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