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Contacting Higher Self

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Contacting Higher Self
Post # 1
How does one go about contacting their higher self?
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Re: Contacting Higher Self
Post # 2
the higher self is not a separate being apart from you, the higherself is you at a more advanced/developed consciousness. this can be achieved by practice of virtue and chakra meditation
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Re: Contacting Higher Self
By: / Adept
Post # 3
By listening to the still, small voice within, and creating mental space conducive to such. Learn how to pray, meditate, quiet your mind to its incessant chatter. Then from that empty, receptive space, your Higher Self can be heard.

Sounds easier than it is. All meditative techniques require a lengthy period of study. Many would be surprised, though, in the ways in which our Higher Self communicates with us daily.
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Re: Contacting Higher Self
Post # 4
by Barb Huning, MA

The Higher Self is part of us- and many of us have had moments of feeling that connection in the course of our lives. Perhaps it happens as a sudden deep, quiet loving feeling coming through for us, a feeling of peace within a difficult situation; or an awareness during quiet times that we are much bigger than we realize, more loving, more powerful, more wise.I teach a process of connecting with the Higher Self using self-hypnosis. It is similar to, but slightly different from the meditative state- a state of clear inner awareness and complete control.

Once you learn to connect with your Higher Self, you will find it easier and easier to make this connection while in any situation. For example, when I first learned to channel the Higher Self, I went through a self-hypnosis sequence that took me about 10 minutes to reach, sometimes more. Now, I connect in a couple of seconds, and can channel with my eyes open and heavy traffic screaming in my ears- it makes no difference.It's a matter of locking into the exact ''inner space''- once you know how to get there, you can go back. Once you've gone there many many times, you can simply center yourself and go there. This way, you can go about your daily life feeling your Higher Self with you, asking questions in your head and actually hearing the answers! This is the intermediate step of integration with Higher Self.

When this becomes such a daily habit that you are constantly in tune with your Higher Self, so that their thoughts become your thoughts, their guidance becomes simply how you feel you want to proceed in a situation- then you are almost there. At this point, you will probably find that your life takes on the peaceful, flowing quality that you always wanted, and for many people, events seem to arrange themselves in a harmonious way to facilitate their divine self-expression in life. I offer the invitation of reconnection with your Higher Self as a gift from all of us, to all of us, here in this wonderful place called Earth.

Here is a self-hypnosis exercise which you can use to connect to the Higher Self.

Find a comfortable place and position yourself comfortably, either sitting up, or lying down (if you can meditate lying down without falling asleep).Place your thumb and one of your fingers together; this will become your body's ''cue'' to help you ''get into state'' in the future.

Relax your body and breathe focus on your breath, feeling your breath entering your body, filling you, and as you release your breath at a natural pace, let any tensions, concerns, worries, slip away as you relax, feel your tongue lying loose and limp on the floor of your mouth, and you begin to feel a floating sensation in your body.Breathe this way, and begin counting from 1 to 21 1, 2, 3,4 going deeper, feeling in your mind's eye that you are moving through a tunnel of loving light?5, 6, 7, 8, going deeper still, conscious, calm, aware, fully in control?9, 10, 11, 12 traveling through this tunnel of light, deeper still, aware and in complete control, yet there is nothing in the environment which can distract you 12, 14, 15,16 nearing the perfect state for doing the work you've come to do, you feel clear, aware only in your mind's awareness, your body completely limp 17, 18, 19, 20?and 21.

If you are willing, by the time you've reached 21, you will be deeply relaxed and ready to do the work you've come to do. You will remain in control. Your ''inner wisdom'' will guide the choices you make while in this state.Know that while you are in this state you may access, if you wish, whatever information, insight, or assistance for whatever loving purpose you desire from those operating in the highest levels of Light and Love.

Now, say to yourself, ''Connecting with my Higher Self''.Imagine that appearing in front of you, is your Higher Self. Take a moment to notice what this person looks like. If you see an image of anything which appears to represent an issue you are working on at present, acknowledge that this is where your Higher Self wishes to begin the conversation, and ask to see Him or Her in ''true form'' see yourself in full beauty and power. Take in your Higher Self in detail what are they wearing? What is conveyed about their personality and character in their dress or appearance? Be open to your Higher Self taking any form it might take, and know that you will understand what the message is.

Now, you may ask, if you wish, any question you like. Spend as much time as you wish with your Higher Self, communing, receiving guidance and support.

When you are ready to return, thank your Higher Self and bid them goodbye, knowing that you can return to this place any time you choose, simply by placing your thumb and fingers together and counting begin counting back now, from 21 to 1 in a slow and gradual manner. 21, 20, 19 departing now 18, 17, 16, 15, moving back through the tunnel now 14,13, 12, 11?feeling your consciousness shifting now, slowly 10, 9, 8?feel the energies in your bodies balancing 7, 6, 5, 4 becoming aware of your surroundings, and feeling completely relaxed and refreshed, as if you have taken a wonderful long nap 3, 2 coming aware, now, gently move your fingers and toes as you reawaken into normal consciousness..1 and open your eyes, feeling revitalized, peaceful, and remembering in detail your conversation with your Higher Self.

http://www.globalpsychics.com/listening-to-you/spi ritual-advice/higher-self-how-to.shtml

I would also suggest working on your chakras before hand opening them up and clearing them.

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Re: Contacting Higher Self
Post # 5
I loved your post. This is exactly what I have been searching for. The self hypnosis part was well written. I am sad to see your account was deleted. I hope you are still around somewhere :)
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