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Planet X Facts

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Planet X Facts
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Planet X Facts
Post # 1
Planet X seems to be a subject with lots of opinions, some think is exists, some dont, some believe this is the cause of 2012 (which we all no is NOT going to happen). In this thread i want to bring you the facts about Planet X.

Planet X or what the sumarians called Nibiru is believed to be a planet even lager than jupiter in a large eleptical orbit, on a collision course with earth, or a very close pass causing the destruction of mankind. It is said the planet has a large magnetic core so big it clashes with the electromagnetic fields of other planets in the solar system. It is suposedly to be part of a big coverup by nasa and the goverments who know of its existence.

Now for the facts, it is imposible for a planet of such great mass to have such an eleptical orbit, Jupiter is the biggest body in our solar system and has an effect on all the planets, and keeps the astroid belt between itself and mars in a constant orbit, the extra gravatational energy from another large body would impact this belt causing stray astroids, especially on the outer kuyper belt, also If there was another body as big as this the gravitational pull of this body would throw the entire solar system out of sink.

The eleptical path of this planet x veers so far out of our solar system that there would NOT be enough gravatational force from the sun to hold it and it would get cought up in the gravatational pull of another solar system or star.

Planet X is not real in the sense that people portray it.

Astronemers refer to all new planets as ''planet x'' on discoverey. When pluto was first discovered in 1930 it was called planet x until it was given a name. now days you will find its the bodys in the kuyper belt that are refered to as planet x's until they are named. The last known planet x was again a discovery in the kuyper belt, it was a dwawf planet bigger than pluto, but like pluto as it is part of this deep kyper region it has not been classified as a planet but refered to a kuyper belt object, as the objects here consist of rock and frozen methane and have no planet characteristics.

This object was named xena the tenth planet by astronomers as they wanted to keep the X. Now it has been officially called Eris, the dwawf planet in the kuyper region.

There is still debate wether to call the kuyper belt objects planets, but that is still ongoing, but if they did that would only re-clasify pluto and eris as planets, as the other objects are smaller than pluto and pluto seems to have the minimum size and mass to be deemed a planet.

So at the moment there are NO planet x around, and there wont be until another discovery is made, then it will only be called that for a short while until the International Astronomical Union decide on a name.
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Re: Planet X Facts
Post # 2
very nicely put darkermaster, many kudos :D
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Re: Planet X Facts
Post # 3
Glad you found it intresting allegra :)
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Re: Planet X Facts
Post # 4
Its nice to see someone laying out the facts rather then spreading the lies ;)
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Re: Planet X Facts
Post # 5
dark nice one at least the truth is out,
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Re: Planet X Facts
Post # 6
As for planet x i have not been really paying mind to it at all,
for 2012 the world is not going to "blow up" and we all die, when the Mayans and other civilizations say end of the world, it was meant the end as we know it, we will be going through a transition for indigo and crystal children.

who are these children?? these are children( human beings) that were sent here to earth to help raise the consciousness of this present society, there will be two main phases, time of the indigo children who have already been born, children who were born from since the 1970's to 1995. They were identified by their powerful indigo auras and the energies they give off, apparently it has been said that since 1990 to 1995 the production of indigo children spiked to 90% chances are you may be an indigo child.

These children came here to rid the present society of its barbaric and "silly" ways of thinking racism, sexism , senseless liking for murder etc. indigo children came before in fewer batches in the 1960's and earlier, they helped raise the consciousness one step at a time, this present society is at a more advanced pace of thinking than before but its time for us to move on.

By now with this you are thinking, are indigo children "better" than those who are not indigos , i say NO!! indigos are just born with their heightened consciousness , and you can achieve the indigo consciousness and greater.

Crystal children, these children are the what are called the "new children" beside indigos, they are being born now!! they are the next step after indigo, these children have clear auras and speak to mother telepathically in the womb, hence they are born "autistic " cause they had no need to speak with words.
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