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Teleportaion Spell

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► Teleportaion Spell
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Teleportaion Spell
Post # 1
I'm a beginner in magick and I already remember the spell for teleporting. But I have a question about it. I try hard to consentrate, build the enery inside me, and to stay calm and relaxed. I'm doing that and I'm trying to be patient while doing magick, but it doesn't work. I need some help. I also read the 'Newbie Central' but it helped a little bit. I also read the tips section too. Just please give me any advise because I really don't want to get stressed out over magick.

Re: Teleportaion Spell
Post # 2
And sorry if I posted this in the wrong section.

Re: Teleportaion Spell
Post # 3
Teleportation is not possible..sorry but true.

If your new i suggest working on your basics..Meditation,grounding and centering,visualization,energy flow and control,shielding,moon phases,days,colors,tools,elements,circle casting,spell casting.

Good luck and welcome to the site.

Re: Teleportaton Spell
Post # 4
Thanks ginseng.

Re: Teleportaion Spell
Post # 5
haha who said teleportation is not possible.. clearly you dont know what you are talking about, ask me the power of babylon

Re: Teleportaion Spell
Post # 6
It is not impossible, but highly improbable. Teleporting without a vast knowledge of the craft under your belt is near suicide. Some believe it to be impossible because they themselves cannot do it and those who might have the skill have no intention of trying. Its pretty simple why they don't. Teleporting involves moving your body, spirit, and soul together simultaneously through space, matter, and time to reform perfectly at a desired location. If your just a little off in your calculations, you die. For those who are skilled enough to make this calculation, they are knowledgeable enough to know that it is not worth the risk.

This is the same dilemma that makes egotistical people think that shapeshifting is not possible. Mind you, shapeshifting is far more dangerous, and you will never find someone on here who will honestly tell you how to do it.

For both of these extremes, you have three type of people who will say something about it. The people who want to say they can do it to sound cool, those who say its not possible because they lack the discipline, knowledge, and modesty to admit its possible, and those who can actually do it, but will never give its secret away either to protect new practitioners from killing themselves and/or because they are greedy with these very valuable secrets.

My advice; don't try it. Not because its not possible, not because you could die, but because one of the most simple things possible. You don't truly know how. This isn't meant as condescending, but merely as a simple truth. Also, if you intend to ignore my advice, I implore you to ask yourself this question truthfully. "Is destroying my entire existence worth destroying over something that you can do just by moving through normal means? "

Re: Teleportaion Spell
Post # 7
My compliments Wolftrest as I probably could not have said it better myself , see Quantum physics clearly states that both teleportation and shapeshifting are possible, so does Occultism in general.

It is the New Age viewpoints of magick that do this , corrupting minds and ancient knowledges , leading humans to forget the ted bits of tradicionalism we keep alive.

Take a look at "Black pullet" for ex. There is a talisman and ring for teleportation in this famed Grimoire. If one was to tale their time and effort to saw the talisman , than create the ring , and carve it , I myself think that spirits would be more than ready to "carry" ( teleport ) that person

Besides particles had been teleported already in laboratory ( experimental conditions ) , and Spirits teleport each momentm, so I would hardly call it "impossible"

And to one that started the thread , magick is not toy , nor a substitute for transporting vessels

Good luck in Your work :)

Re: Teleportaion Spell
Post # 8
Teleportation breakthrough made

By Paul Rincon
BBC News Online science staff

In the past, teleportation has only been possible with particles of light Image: Rainer Blatt
Scientists have performed successful teleportation on atoms for the first time, the journal Nature reports.
The feat was achieved by two teams of researchers working independently on the problem in the US and Austria.

The ability to transfer key properties of one particle to another without using any physical link has until now only been achieved with laser light.

Experts say being able to do the same with massive particles like atoms could lead to new superfast computers.

This development is a long way from the transporters used by Jean-Luc Picard and Captain Kirk in the famous Star Trek TV series.

We are able to teleport in a deliberate way - that is, at the push of a button

Professor Rainer Blatt, University of Innsbruck
When physicists talk about ''teleportation'', they are describing the transfer of ''quantum states'' between separate atoms.

These would be such things as an atom's energy, motion, magnetic field and other physical properties.

And in the computers of tomorrow, this information would form the qubits (the quantum form of the digital bits 1 and 0) of data processing through the machines.

Atomic dance

What the teams at the University of Innsbruck and the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (Nist) did was teleport qubits from one atom to another with the help of a third auxiliary atom.

It relies on a strange behaviour that exists at the atomic scale known as ''entanglement'', whereby two particles can have related properties even when they are far apart. Einstein called it a ''spooky action''.

The two groups used different techniques for achieving teleportation, but both followed the same basic protocol.

Click here for a graphical explanation
First, a pair of highly entangled, charged atoms (or ions) are created: B and C. Next, the state to be teleported is created in a third ion, A.

Then, one ion from the pair - let's say B - is entangled with A. The internal state of both these is then measured and the result sent to ion C.

This transforms the quantum state of ion C into that created for A, destroying the original quantum state of A.

The teleportation took place in milliseconds and at the push of a button, the first time such a deterministic mechanism has been developed for the process.

'Great potential'

The landmark experiments are being viewed as a major advance in the quest to achieve ultra-fast computers, inside which teleportation could provide a form of invisible ''quantum wiring''.

These machines would be able to handle far bigger and more complex loads than today's super-computers, and at many times their speed.

''In a quantum computer it's straightforward enough to move quantum information around by simply moving the qubits, but you might want to do things very quickly, so you could use teleportation instead,'' said Nist's Dr David Wineland.

Professor Rainer Blatt, of the University of Innsbruck, told BBC News Online: ''This is a milestone.

''We are able to teleport in a deliberate way - that is, at the push of a button. This has been done before, but not in such a way that you can keep the information there at the end.''

Professor Blatt's team, an Austrian-US group, performed the teleportation on calcium ions. The Nist team in Boulder, Colorado, used ions of the element beryllium.

Despite this and some differences in the experimental methods used by the two groups, both teams reached similar values of fidelity - around 0.75.

Fidelity is a measure of how well the quantum state of the second ion after teleportation resembles the original quantum state.

Commenting in an article published in Nature, physicists H Jeff Kimble and Steven Van Enk said: ''These two experiments represent a magnificent confluence of experimental advances, ranging from precision spectroscopy and laser cooling.

''The fact that such diverse procedures performed so superbly in two separate laboratories attests to the flexibility and great potential of ion trapping for processing quantum information.''

I still disagree that human teleportation is possible!
I would also persume if it was infact possible..that someone would of actually recorded this happening as proof..even the fact that most ancient forms of magic are passed on to others..teleportation would of somehow been let out of the bag so to speak!

Re: Teleportaion Spell
Post # 9
Oh so this is a science site now ? Ok then
Besides humans do not necesarily need to induce the phenomenon themselves, they can rather be teleported by spirit willing or compelled to do so.
Or of course bu extremely advanced psychokinesis where one would compress it's own mass to minmal volume so it could like all small particles move much more faster.

Re: Teleportaion Spell
Post # 10
No offense but where is the proof! only the scientific proof i gave.

While Psychokinesis is the metaphysical manipulation of all four forces through particles(semions) unified force, most will only major in one kinetic ability and minor in a few others,while communication with the body and mind would be understood by the particular force,particle,chemical,element oject or matter i would still say not possible to teleport.

Enough said by me nothing more to add.


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