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Subtle body healing.

Forums ► General Info ► Subtle body healing.
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Subtle body healing.
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Physical body layout

Tourmaline is a crystal with many varied uses in healing. One of its most useful attributes is its ability to help repair the physical body, particularly structural problems in the bones or muscle tissue.
Black tourmaline grounds, protects, and integrates personal energy, use eight black tourmaline crystals, tumbled stones or fragments will work almost as well. If the stones have natural terminations, they should be placed pointing toward the body. Create two intersecting rectangles. The first is made of four tourmalines, one above the head, one below the feet, one midway down the body next to each side. If you lie down with your head to the north, the stones are aligned to the north, south, east and west.
The second rectangle is made with the remaining four crystals placed about 20-25 degrees clockwise to the first stones, making a slightly offset rectangle. A green background will enhance the effects of this layout. Initially there may be some increase in aches and pains, but these will diminish quite rapidly as the body gently realigns itself. If there are chronic skeletal problems, regular short exposure to this layout will prove most effective. Leave the stones there for approx ten minutes again and remove in the order you placed them. Leave the stones there for approx ten minutes again and remove in the order you placed them.

Etheric Body Layout

Giving healing energy to the etheric body will greatly accelerate the repair of physical tissues and may prevent other imbalances from gravitating into the physical body. Any period of illness or recuperation would benefit from this layout.
Six Carnelians are needed. One is placed at the throat and one above the top of the head. At the level of the sacral chakra, a carnelian is placed on each side of the body, The remaining two stones arte put on the midline of the body, one between the legs at about mid-calf level and the last one near the ankles. An orange colored background to lie on will accentuate this layouts healing potential. Orange the color of the sacral chakra is the ideal vibration for repairing shock to this system.

Emotional Body Layout

The emotional body is the next vibratory level beyond the etheric. The etheric body holds the pattern for the physical body, the emotional body contains the volatile and changing energy of our moods.
Visiting somewhere beautiful can change how we feel quite dramatically, but the opposite is also true. A beautiful scene can mean nothing to us if we are in a bad mood. The same street can be threatening and dangerous if we have just lost our money or the happiest if we have fallen in love. Music can provoke the deepest-felt emotions almost against our will or better judgment. A color, scent or word can provoke intense irritation or melt our hearts. Emotion is the weather within us. It comes and goes, changes and flows continually. It hardly seems trustworthy or stable enough to base any decision on emotion, and yet with most people, no matter how rationally important issues may be considered, the final choice is frequently made by following an emotional preference.
Emotions can play a huge part in our health and well being. Emotional balance is not an unfeeling, neutral state, but a centre point to which the system can return between extremes of happiness and sorrow. Without this balance or axis as a neutral resting place, the emotions can get stuck in a way that is inappropriate and deleterious to the whole body. Holding onto a particular sort of emotional energy disrupts the whole body weather system. Damaging emotional storms and unseasonable climate can create unhealthy conditions for the individual
For balancing and healing the emotional body, 12 Smokey quartz crystals with their points directed outward are evenly spread around the body. The simplest way of doing this is to place one stone at the to of the head and one below the feet, Then space five crystals evenly on each side of the body. An orange colored background will accentuate the cleansing, flowing and stabilizing qualities of the stones.
This emotional body layout is useful for increasing the healing potential of the body. It will also help reduce the effects of both trauma and stress. Leave the stones there for approx ten minutes again and remove in the order you placed them.

Mental Body Layout

Since our emotions are translated into thoughts and we seem to respond to most stimuli emotionally it can be difficult to define the difference between the mind and the emotions. The mental body however does have distinct and discrete properties. The emotional body reacts, the mental body records, categorizes and files these reactions. The mental body from birth constructs how we perceive the world and the way it seems to work. The mental body creates our core beliefs and then attaches all other experiences around those central truths. Because these structures are so fundamental to our sense of ourselves, they can be difficult for us to see.
Core beliefs can exist in complete contradiction to each other so when a certain issue arises, these conflicts can cause great stress. This stress very often translates into muscular tension and physical rigidity. Easing mental body issues can allow relaxation at many different levels, from posture to tolerance of others beliefs, to flexibility in problem solving and finding positive options.
The layout that helps to balance the mental body will also tend to improve all types of communication skills, speed of thought, clarity of mind and coordination. A citrine quartz is held in each hand with its point facing down and away from the body. A third citrine is placed at the solar plexus, also point down. This stone will help activate the central nervous system, while the hand held stones balance brain function. Clear quartz crystals are taped onto the top of each foot between the second and third toes, again pointing down helping to anchor the mental energy into practical areas of life
A clear quartz is placed on the forehead, pointing up toward the top of the head, energizing the brow chakras perceptive abilities enabling it to re-examine old truths in the light of greater understanding. Leave the stones there for approx ten minutes again and remove in the order you placed them.

Casual Body Layout

To balance the casual body, which can be seen as the projector that puts our image onto the screen of physical existence, lie on a blue colored cloth and then place a sodalite stone on the brow chakra at the center of your forehead.

Astral Body Layout

Within the astral body are all aspects of the individual personality. It is the container that allows us to recognize ourselves as unique beings. The astral body filters and tones down all other sources of energy and information so as not to overwhelm individual consciousness. Weakness at this level can create great confusion in our perception of reality. Too closed an astral body prevents useful information or other dimensions of energy from integrating into everyday consciousness, leading to feelings of isolation and loss of direction.
This layout is enhanced when laid out on a cloth of deep pink or magenta. This helps to access the underlying universal flows of energy.
Twelve crystals are used in this layout six tumbled pieces of milky quartz and six of black tourmaline. Milky quartz is a translucent white variety commonly found among river and seashore pebbles. The pebble form accentuates the gentle expansive sphere of protective energy emanating from this stone. The black tourmaline anchors the energy of the self together these stones can balance the polarities implicit in the functions of the astral body. Put one tourmaline above the head, one below the feet, and alternate the remaining quartz and tourmalines evenly around the body. Leave the stones there for approx ten minutes again and remove in the order you placed them.

Soul Body Layout

The soul or celestial body, the sixth subtle energy envelope that interpenetrates all the other levels including the physical, can be brought into greater balance with seven small clusters of Celestite. Celestite or Celestine is a beautiful pale-blue mineral that forms clusters of soft heavy crystals. It is wonderful for lifting dark moods and bringing a subtle bliss to perceptions. Only small clusters of Celestine crystals are needed. But it may take some hunting to find suitable pieces. Most people find this layout enjoyable, although it often requires considerable grounding afterward.
A white cloth will amplify the ethereal effects of the stones, which should be placed as follows - One cluster above the head, one beside each shoulder, one at the side of each thigh, one beside each ankle, if possible facing toward the body. With this layout it is easier to attune to fine levels of inspiration. There can be relief from worldly pressures and a sense of spiritual uplift, fulfillment and cleansing. Leave the stones there for approx ten minutes again and remove in the order you placed them.

Spiritual Body Layout

The finest level of which we are aware, the spiritual body encompasses our whole existence in and outside of time and space, so no single method is likely to bring balance to the whole
This layout helps to bring conscious awareness to the multidimensional reality and timeless nature of the self. It can access information from the very deepest levels of consciousness and from different parts of the universe, helping to integrate knowledge of our true direction, and increasing our overall sense of purpose. Often this profound information will take the form of dreams, ideas or inspiration.
This layout is best done on a white cloth and needs three clear quartz, four amethyst, and five pieces of Moldavite. Large pieces can be expensive, but small fragments will work just as well.
Moldavite is put in both hands, on the corner of the forehead and taped on top of each foot between the first and second toes. The clear quartz makes a triangle, one piece on each side of the body, about level with the solar plexus, and one below the feet all with points inward. The four amethysts form a rectangle around the body, two above the head about shoulder width apart and one on each side of the legs just bellow the knees. Leave the stones there for approx ten minutes again and remove in the order you placed them.


Thank you to Simon Lilly for this information.
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