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St. John and Marie L. day
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In New Orleans the 24th of June is perhaps one of the most important time of the years.

The time of cleansing and purification, and as Snakes shed thier kin, and waters appear more transparent and clean ( both symbols of cleanisng, reberith , rejuventaion , life circle, renewment ) this is good time for You to leave negativity behind.

On this day famed Marie Levaeu, the New Orleans Voodoo Hoodoo queen preformed ritual dance with Zombi ( her snake and incarnation of Le Gran' Zombi ) around fire to cleanse oneself of all bane and then instruceted people in need how to do that themselves
A nice rhyme remains recordrded she would chant as she was dancing

Green is gold
Fire is wet
The future is told
And dragons met.

Around St. John's Eve, the sun begins to turn the green wheat to gold, the fires are lit on the water, people gather for divination and communion with the spirits
and they experience the power of the snake (or dragon or alligator, if they're
not careful). Many New Orleans Voudous, both from Marie Laveau's time and now,
believe that since the city is below sea level and at the end of the Mississippi, it
''holds'' and condenses all of the magickal energy that flows down the
river. According to some, the collected power of the city draws people in and
is largely responsible for the prevalence of spiritual and occult activity
there. ''

Unfortunatelly Marie Levaeu is no longer among humans in physical sence , but after deceased she has been elevated to Lwa, we commonly reffer as Mam'mazel Leveau or Just Mamma Marie , or simpy by full name sometimes ( respectfully )

This means we can have her assistance just like old folks of New Orleans did , when ones in pain and suffering , ones tormented , abandoned and so on would come asking her for help .

But we must come to Mam'zel clean , both physically and spiritually and after that we can pettition her for advice in certain aspect of our life. She will let her presence know and via some mean , she will instruct us what to do.

Here is what one needs for the bath

For this ritual you will need 3 white candles, incense, white flowers, Florida water, coconut rum, white ribbon or hair ties, a snake (either a real snake if
you have one, or something that represents a snake such as a toy or v?v? of
Damballah Wedo), comb, white head scarf, a white cup, perfume or cologne. You
should also have some music on hand with heavy drumming and an image of Marie
Laveau. Feel free to print out a copy of my painting of her if you need her

Set up your altar to Marie Laveau. Line the three white candles along the edge of your bath tub. Light the incense. Set up the images where you can see them and
place the offerings accordingly. Fill up your tub with warm water and pour in
an entire bottle of Florida Water in the tub. Pick off some of the white flower
petals and throw them in the tub as well. " ( by Denise Alvarado , all credits to the author and many thanks for her kindness and sharing )

The rest of the ritual I can not reveal here as it is not my propriatary formula but was courtesy of Denise Alvarado , one of the leading experts on Conjure and Voodoo in States.

You just need to know that after the bath , standing naked You pettition Marie Leveau for guidance and then dress new white clothes , wrap new white fabric around Your head and sleep in new white sheets.

If done properly ( following ALL instructions and LITERARLY ) one will wake up feeling renewed and blessed in the morning , and all the jinx , bane , hexes , curses , pain , disease , misfortune will be lifted and one shall be free , if of course the G'd will's it. Meaning You need to repent for ills that You may have causen, and not simply see this as as a nifty practical ritual to cleanse all mealeficia, that You have no one to blame for but Your self . The great point being :

Do it with respect and humility !

Many Blessings to all reading these lines and I apologise for all the spelling mistakes and typos as I have been typing this very fast , right out from me silly head , except the two quotted parts :)

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Re: St. John and Marie L. day
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Good to know shadow, im still ashamed u know more vooodoo than i do lol
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