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dream after a spell

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► dream after a spell
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dream after a spell
Post # 1
I want to know what others make of this but I feel the need to give a bit of a back story:
So there was this guy in college. When we first met, he was a lot younger than me and after a friend told me he liked me, I said I thought of him as a brother. But over the next couple of years he matured A LOT and my feelings changed and I realized what a great guy he was. But his womanizing man-whore friend whom I despised kind of got in the way of us getting close and we ran out of time as I came to the end of my studies. But I have always regretted not starting something sooner, though in a way I don't think it could be helped much.
So now I want another chance with him as I hate having this regret. But I don't want to just cast a 'Bring Him Back' spell as he is with a new girl and she seems nice (and is a single mom). But I wanted to possibly see how deep his feelings might still run for me so I cast a spell to find out what he thinks of me where you write the name on a piece of paper a fold it and draw an eye on the outside (though I added a heart around mine b/c I want to know his feelings). Then you say a chant and imagine them on the other side of a crowded room with the other people talking about you from a rumor the other person started. But he's the kind of guy who wouldn't say anything bad so I can only imagine the people are talking about the two of us.
Anyway, after I cast this spell, I dreamed of someone else - my first boyfriend from high school. We were back together and married, or engaged to be so, but we had difficulty finding a place to live. Also, the dream was quite sexual. I don't know if the dream and the spell are connected or not - I just found it odd to have this vivid dream after casting this spell but don't feel I have found out what I wanted to know.
Any thoughts on this out there? Sorry it's so long - just wanted to give the whole story. I will continue to cast this spell until I feel I have found out what I wanted to know for better or worse. I will be sure to update if anymore interesting dreams come along.
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Re: dream after a spell
Post # 2
Yes, well, I thought it might be as much. When it's one of those dreams that you keep thinking about, you just gotta get to the root of it. It was just odd that it was that particular ex as he is someone I would not want to be with at all now, and I was a little disappointed to be with him in the dream! But one dictionary said dreaming of an ex can symbolize unfulfilled hopes for love in your present life - which is so true for me at the moment!
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