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How/why does magic work?

Forums ► General Info ► How/why does magic work?
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How/why does magic work?
Post # 1
How is magic possable? What within existance is its basis. Whats the formula. How does us wishing something make it happen. Im interested in hearing your theories and to incite conversation here is my own. Its a bit long and complex but bear with me.

Imagine an object. Any at all. Could be a shape, an apple, or a pink flying elephent. Now point to where that object is located in space. If your pointing to your brain I can assure you it isnt there. No cat-scan, x-ray, brain surgen, or nanobot will be able to find whatever your imagining for you. If you imagining it somewhere in space around you I assure you its not there either. No other observers (inless they are psychic) could see it either. You want to know where it is? Not in the physical dimension thats where and probably not even in any sort of space at all. The whole mind exist seperate from physical and spacial reality even if you think the brain created it.
Now our minds are connected to physical reality through our brains. They are mostly concious of the body and what happens to the body and the physical brain effects them greatly. Now whats the difference between the brain and nervous system then any other part of the body. Electricity. Your nuerons (brain and nerve cells) shoot electricity through themselves. So obviously electricity is what is influencing our non-physical mind.
You know what else has electricity? Everything! Every particle has an electric charge to it. Since the mind is nonphysical and likely nonspacial it would make sense that if the mind really has an influence on the body and we are not just a bunch of peices of conciousness who are tricked by the body into thinking we are making decisions (which sound very illogical to me) then we should be able to hook up to other people's minds and to matter and influence them.

That is how I beleive magic works.
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Re: How/why does magic work?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Personally I think magick works by asking nature/elements/spirits whatever you call it for help, you could say by a sort of non-material connection, and the effectiveness is a mix of the capabilities of yourself by how powerful a spirit you can call which has to do with your own knowledge and comprehension of this process along with natural ability, but of course I suppose theres no real way to know for certain, after all people still dont even understand how our own minds work, haha
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Re: How/why does magic work?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
What we call "magic" is often something we do not understand; knowledge that we do not have.To many people the internet is "magic". How about eye surgery?
If you don't know how a tree gets water to the topmost leaf it would seem to be "magic".
The first post talks of imagination, and in some sense,that is correct.
A spell is mainly imagination; visualisation. A spell is a "ritual wish". Very much like a prayer. The difference being that a prayer is "asking" a higher power for help. A spell is a Do-It-Yourself operation.
If you have ever blown out the candles on a cake, and then made a wish, you have cast a simple spell. Pulled a wishbone? That is another spell.
Serious spells take a lot more effort, and energy.
Do spells work? Yes, very often they do; but not every time.Much as prayers are sometimes answered, sometimes not!
But, it is not necessary to cast spells to believe in magic. There is magic all around you if you look for it. The healing magic of herbs and potions. Plants of deadly poison.
Most modern drugs were first made from plants. Many still are!
The most used drug in the world is Aspirin. Humans have used it for thousands of years. They didn't call it Aspirin, of course.
To a witch it was just the bark of a Willow tree.It "healed", and it still does. In fact, it is magic!
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