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Paying for spells/items
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Every now and then we may run into people online who offer spells or items in exchange for money.

It is STRONGLY encouraged to NOT send anyone you meet online money. By this, it means no credit card numbers, no banking account information and do not send cash.

It is tempting when you are in dire need to just pay someone to do it for you. However, on this site there are people who will help you learn and even in some cases help you cast without ever requiring payment.

When you send someone cash, credit card information or banking information, you are setting yourself up for trouble in a few ways.
1. You don't know that you're actually getting anything done.

2. They now have your name and address.

3. If it's a credit card, they now have access to charge whatever they want to that card, and continue to charge what they want until you and the credit card company are able ( if you are able ) to stop it. In some cases, the credit card company may still hold you accountable for the charges.

4. If you give out your personal banking information, these people now have the ability to wipe out your bank account, and gain certian private information about you. Again, the bank may hold you responsible for the charges.

5. With your private information, collected through these methods, a person can steal your identity. This means they can take lines of credit in your name (which you will be responsible for) as well as use your identity for anything they can get away with. This will cause problem for years, even if you are very young now, identity theft problems can affect your future.

This warning against money for services extends to people you meet through this website, or even in pesonal e-mails.

There are websites, such as SpellsofMagic, which use a secured online payment method to pay for items. When purchasing items through the store on this site, you use paypal, which not only secures your information..but protects you as a buyer.
Whenever visiting a website that offers services or items for money, please check them out as well as their payment options to ensure you and your information are protected.

Please, NEVER give out personal information or send money to anyone you meet online. If you encounter someone on THIS site asking you to do so, inform one of the Mod's so we can look into the situation.

Re: Paying for spells/items
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Upon mentioning this warning to members it should be known that if a member is asking for money of other members for spells, items, or anything as such it is indeed a gaggable offense.

If you are asking around for money for spell castings, do not act surprised if you end up gagged.

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