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Shielding 101

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Shielding 101
Post # 1
Today my lesson will be on shielding and types of shields.

What is a shield?

A sheild can be a wall, sphere, dome or convex layer or any shape that protects you from either negative forces or another witch's powers, Eg. Protection from hexes, charms, jinxes, demons, illusions etc

How are these shields created?

These shields are purely your personal energy working for you. When an enemy chants and brings forth a hex, your working of chants, visualization (very important ) and belief can construct a shield.

Note: A shield is only as strong as the caster can make, so regular practice of meditation and cleansing of blockages and grounding and centering keeps your powers from "rusting" since your energy system needs to be maintained from time to time.

eg of shield creation instructions.

1) create a solid compressed blue coloured psi ball
2) let it be almost weightless yet solid in structure
3) let it expand across the whole body into a sphere

so by now you should understand that visualization is the main key to this as well with any spell. Even you are chanting words or not visualization is the key

Types of shields

Basic shields

Diffusion shields

These shields are the most common of all shields, they are used in normally in almost any shielding spell. Not because the shield is common does not mean it has little use in protection. This shield when encountered with foreign energy will split the energy waves into two parts and neutralize it on spot at a weaker state.

Absorption shields

Absorption shields absorb foreign energy struck at it, it seals the energy with in its self which in some cases may even strengthen the shield providing the opponent spells are not strong enough to break it. It will only be broken when its absorption tolerance level has surpassed its limit.

Reflection shields

Reflection shields will reflect the spell back to sender in most cases. But will not harm anyone else innocently if done properly if done properly and there is no unforeseen variable. These shields should be visualized as shiny in the visualization process, this is to act like a mirror. once again basic shields are just as strong as advanced shields if done properly and conjured by a strong practitioner.

Intermediate shields

illusion shields

These shields cannot protect you from actual energy effects physically but more in a mental form. Illusion shields are used to trick the opponent into seeing something else or what you want them to see. You project practically anything you wish to project. You can place it to confuse or dis-co-ordinate and attack.

Elemental shields (basic element)

Elemental shields uses the various elements for a shield and converges them with any given shield. In a basic elemental shield you only really the four basic elements. just simple additions to a diffusion shield etc.

Counter shields

Counter shields are special shields which are practically an specialized form of a reflective shield. In which it reflects attacks before it reaches into your vicinity. These shields contain a special aura which reflects the attack and prevents damage even being dealt to the shield.

Advanced shields

Elemental shields (advanced)

unlike the basic version the advanced elemental shield uses all elements, and differs now because one's understanding of the elements should be different now. For eg. you no longer see fire as its physical form alone, you know fire is healing, cleansing, and purity. Advanced elemental shields are constructed out of the environment's energy and sometimes your own personal energy in combination.

Polymorphic shield

These barriers/shields are one the most complex shields, these shields change structure and form when struck. They can either reflect, absorb, diffuse or altogether at once. Think of this shield as a rubbery shield that bends and twists.

Mental shield

A mental shield protects you from mental type attacks like illusions. This shield block telepathic attacks as well, things like the witches hands shake etc are ineffective when a mental shield is put in place, once again a shield is only as strong as its caster. A mental shield can prevent distractions of intimidation methods used by others to scare you into submission, even the greatest witch can't be too careful with another in a duel so one needs any advantage they can get. But mental shields help to level the floor board. Unfortunately mental shields do not protect you from physical magickal attacks.

Negative shields (ne-gay-tive)

Negative shields also may be knows as negatus spheres, practically ne-gate an attack, countering with energy of its own and grounding the opponent energy gradually reducing its strength.

Etheric shields

Etheric shields are special spirtual barriers that operate similar to a diffusion shield just naturally at a more powerful scale. it also grounds energy as well.

Note: when i spoke about magickal attacks please understand they are as physical as you may think they are. Its not like knife and bullet but never the less it is protecing your self against demons, hexes and jinxes that can destroy family life ,job, mental condition etc.
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Re: Shielding 101*updated
Post # 2
Auric shields - These special shields that work in conjunction with our aura. It is vital to know your aura colour when using auric shields. These shields normally are like specialized diffusion shields that can very useful if one does not want to become a beacon (shining magickal target). However you can make that shield reflective as well if you like. Auric shields are best used to protect against negative energy, hexes etc. But must be used with caution since this shield's strength is linked with your OWN aura's condition. If you have a poor aura your shield will not be as strong.

How can you improve this?

* Be more positive in your behavior and actions to people, negative energy in your body depletes the aura hence that shield will be weak also.

* wear more colours, this is the number one reason why Females live longer than males, males tend to wear dark colours which depletes the aura and you energy system and in conjunction makes you "sick" literally.

* Chakra meditation practice this mediation to significantly improve the aura. with this practice all of your overall magickal abilities will be enhanced in due time, more abilities will be added on to you and it will be easier to keep positive day by day

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Re: Shielding 101
Post # 3
This is a great post, well done
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Re: Shielding 101
Post # 4
thank you ! :)
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Re: Shielding 101
Post # 5
don't forget to maintain your shield regularly or else it will breakdown. more info coming soon
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Re: Shielding 101
Post # 6
yes, this is very valuable information! i shall take it and study and examine it more ^_^ thank you much!

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Re: Shielding 101
Post # 7
your welcome
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Re: Shielding 101
By: / Beginner
Post # 8
Serpent, you made a comment that you need too maintain a shield regularly or it will break down, and this is true, however you can put some programming in and have it work in a way so that your shields maintain themselves, repair themselves and grow stronger with time. All you have to do is program the shield to take a certain amount of the energy from attacks and then add it to the shield. Depending on the type of shield you are using will depend on how much energy, and the way you program it, but this can be done for almost every shield I have come across. When doing this with your shield you will need to check on them occasionally, to make sure no one has managed to do anything unexpected to your shield, but they will be much more efficient and less likely to fail you
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Re: Shielding 101
Post # 9
wow, great, demen, didnt know that ^^
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Re: Shielding 101
Post # 10
This is a very detailed post, and it is obvious you have spent a lot of time writing and researching it, but from where have you learnt and experienced these different shields?

The shields I have learnt from the Wiccan teaching are quite 'basic' compared to the advanced shields above, but I have found these shields to be very effective, and have, allowing for all mindsets, always found them sufficient against all negativity I have faced.

I do agree that personal power is the key to spiritual self defence, and that meditation is the key to a powerful being effecting self defence, I only ask if people are learning the vast array array of shields available, to get a perspective of how to construct them, or at least a very starting point, as this is a vast resource, which in even the enlightened can become lost within

If this message seems disrespectful I apologise, but there is a vast amount of information upon the web pertaining to be true spiritual wisdom which is not true, or merely unfounded. I would love some references or experiences if possible please.

Love and light brother.
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