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athame and mythology?

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► athame and mythology?
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athame and mythology?
Post # 1
Okay I been thinking for quite a while know and keep on reading many books on 101 about Wicca and this might sound a silly question to you guys but it been stuck on my head. So here it goes: traditionally the athame has to have a black handle so when closing the circle the black handle absorb some of the energy. Now what if the athame handle is made out of wood. Would it still work or it really doesn't matter as long as you feel comfortable?

I just ordered a book on amazon it is called "The Mask of the God: Primitive Mythology" by Joseph Campbell. In all the books I read so far it always recommended this one. Right now I want to study about the Gods to see which one I like because of course you guys know they mention about the deity and I don't want to rush it so fast and call any gods who I don't know to call on when casting a circle. So I was wondering if I read about the myths of the gods would I find one that I will feel comfortable to call on them. So tell me your opinions if that idea sounds good or not. And if you know any other goods books to read about more on myth.
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Re: athame and mythology?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Traditionally the athame handle was made of black wood. My own athame has an ebony hilt. So to answer your first question, yes a wooden hilt will work just fine to absorb energy.

In response to your second question, are there any particular cultures or mythologies that appeal to you? Rather than simply looking up Gods in a book it is better to see what you feel drawn to in terms of culture and myths. Remember that we don't so much pick a God as we would an item off a menu. It is far more a matter of them revealing themselves to us as we study and making it known that they wish to work with us.

A book that you might find very helpful in learning how to develop a personal relationship with a God or Goddess is "Devoted To You" by Judy Harrow.

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Re: athame and mythology?
Post # 3
Thank you for answering my questions. The two of them have been stuck in my ming for quite a long time now. And I felt shy to say anything now I feel silly. As for a particular culture and mythologies that appeal to me would be the Celtic, Greek and Egypt mythologies. And I would have been picking a deity off the menu so thank you for the advice.

And the last question I have is how would the God/dess reveal to oneself. Would you feel something or do you just know?
Again I want to thank you for the advice and I will check out the book you recommended to me.

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