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Tarot Magick

Forums ► Fortune Telling ► Tarot Magick

Tarot Magick
Post # 1
the symbolism and ideas portrayed in the Tarot are sacred. they are a way to meditate on life and all its many facets..their use is magickal and the cards themselves over their time of use have acquired mystical power..You can use the cards in your spellwork.
Ritual with tarot cards
1 ground and center , cast a circle and call the quarters
2first choose the cards you feel are appropriate to the situation for which your spell is being cast.
3.slowly lay out the cards indicating aloud what each card is for.
4. when you are finished blow lightly on the cards and visualize their energies swirling with power. then draw an equal armed cross in the air over the cards.
5.the cards should remain untouched until the desire has manifested.
protection spell..the emperor, the chariot , strength , the 7 or 9 of wands, the knight of swords
family happiness..the sun, the empress,the emperor, the star, the ten of cups, 4 of wands 10 of pentacles
physical healing strength , the sun, temperance,9 of wands 3 of cups six of swords.
career or classes- the sun,the world , the star,ace 2 3 4 of wands 9 of cups ace of swords ace 3 6 9 4 or 8 of pentacles
emotional healing the star, the moon ,the sun, 9 0f cups. six of swords, ace of cups, 4 of swords,
decide for yourself, if you know the deck and the tarot which cards represent what you wish to happen. lay them out and cast your spellwork.
this spell also works with runes, lay out which runes you feel are appropriate to the desire of your spell..Runes are very powerful writing their very symbols on something can have magickal effect....some believe just writing the symbol empowers it without any addition empowering spell.
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Re: Tarot Magick
Post # 2
My personal opinion, and you don't have to think this way (just saying), is that tarot isn't really magic. Tarot is a tool used to look within one's self and communicate with your higher self. Your higher self is the part that has most of the psychic information and it guides you in this. The higher self knows the path you're taking and what you need to do. It's basically a psychic tool. This is what I believe.
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Re: Tarot Magick
Post # 3
I think anything can be magic... why limit, say, a crystal ball to scrying (and ONLY scrying) when you can also use it to store psychic energy when you need to, or even knock out a burglar if it comes to that.

There's a fine line between respecting tradition and setting up a mental block... many mages who aren't very powerful can still get an edge using creativity. If you're willing to use a ballpoint pen for a wand (*waits for the horrified screams of ceremonial magicians to die down*), jell-o for scrying, ordinary playing cards for divination... or tarot cards for spells (all the correspondences are in one picture, so it's perfect,) sudden psychic attacks won't be the least bother.

These spells are awesome, Gothabilly, thanks for posting them! :)
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Re: Tarot Magick
Post # 4
Hum, I've never really thought of it like that. Perhaps you've swayed my opinion. :)
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Re: Tarot Magick
Post # 5
I used to own 3 decks...but they where unfortunetly burnt N e ways there powerful tools i think its best to store them outside of the house because the cards do carry spirts with them.
I used to use my cards to preform spells also or have the hermit card to help me consentrate during my rituals.
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Re: Tarot Magick
Post # 6
Oh hey can someone here plz help me with e reading i have trouble with...it is kinda complicated! pm me plz, im just a newbie so i have a limited understanding. What i know i get from instinct. And right now there is no instinct.
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Re: Tarot Magick
Post # 7
To be honest i've never had much interest in divination(even though i have practiced it). I mainly use my tarot cards for pathworking. Mental projecting the image then using it as door way to explore its meaning( a truely fasinating thing to do), by passing through said doorway.

I do the occasional reading for friends and myself. Thankyou for posting this gothabilly was very insightfull

Blessed be LadyO
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Re: Tarot Magick
Post # 8
I think anything can be magic if you ask it to be blessed. I have a tendency to agree with the post where someone said Jello can be used for scrying. It all goes into intent...if you intend an object to be blessed with a spirit, it can be. I use Tarot cards to cast spells because the Tarot is a perfect tool for common spells that are requested (such as love, happiness, success, money, solution of a problem, etc.)

I know there are many rituals to bless an object; however, here is one that I am passing along that I hope everyone finds helpful to bless their Tarot cards with.

Blessing For Tarot Cards by Vonnie Deak
Tarot cards, cauldron brew,
now be changed with magick true.
With intent I speak this charm,
all be blessed and none be harmed.
Ever minding the law of three,
this is my will, so mote it be!”

Put your new tarot cards in a black bag under your pillow and sleep on it then feel the spiritual presence enter the cards as you visualize while you are going to sleep the energy being transmitted into the cards. Never use someone else's Tarot cards...make sure that you are the only person who has ever used them because you empower them with the spirits that you call to them.

I have worked several Tarot spells where the person has come back to me and said that they had results the very next day (my spell starts at midnight the day it is performed). I have also found that Tarot spells seem to last longer than the other spells I have performed.

The Tarot is definitely a tool of divination to me. I hope this ritual of blessing the cards helps someone.
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Re: Tarot Magick
Post # 9
My opinion. Tarot is not a magick.
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Re: Tarot Magick
Post # 10
This is a very good post, i have always beleieved that the tarot has its place in spellcasting, and i believe that tarot most certainly is a magickal tool. calling on divine and elemetnal energies to fortell events of life, i mean the magick is in the name DIVINation that means your using DIVINE enrgy doesnt it? arent we drawing on the divine any time we use any divination tool,and like the runes,crystals and pendelums cant any divination tool be used in speeelwork?
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