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Can you be more specific?

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Can you be more specific?
Post # 1
I've been to a lot of begginer forums and all that, and they all say in a sense, the same thing to start out with. Elements, grounding, visualizing, practice, and meditation. I understand all of that, but how do I do those things? Do I find my element by googling "What is my element?" Because that comes up with a bunch of quizzes. I have NO idea what grounding is, and haven't been able to find it. Practicing seems simple enough, because you just try again and again, but why practice? When you practice a spell, it doesn't work, it makes it very difficult to do it the next time, because you think 'Why should it work this time' Also I don't get meditating, What are you supposed to do? Think of nothing? Everything? Focus on surroundings? Breathing? Blood flow? Can you be laying down? Stand up? Thanks for all the specifics :D
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Re: Can you be more specific?
Post # 2
your element is corresponding with the month and sign u were born under.grounding is a focus exercise you do while meditating. as for learning to meditate i usually just find a silent dark place or a place in the middle of the woods and focus on drawing all the energy i can in while relaxing my muscles. you can do it standing but it helps to be sitting. as for practice all good things and things worth doing take time and effort. read up more on the subject. try the book wiccan beliefs and practices.
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Re: Can you be more speci
By: / Novice
Post # 3
When it comes to meditating. It somtimes helps to get a guaided meditasion. (there should be some free ones on the nett. The one I know of. Would help many. Sins it's in Norwegian)

also the don't think of anything. Well. Your mind will putt somthing in your head In almoste any case.
It's more of leting them just drift away again.

And on the part of finding your element.
In many cases. You have more then one.
For me. I have one that is the 'bace' (that one is in my case the same as my zodiac) and also my 'own' energy. My 'inner'
and also a bitt of my 'general state of mind/being'

Also I have the 'ackting' one. (this is the one most would be looking for, when they try to find theyr element)
wich is more what you 'use' when you do somthing.
And this to can in some cases be related to 'state of mind' but more in the outgoing/reacking way.

One way that might help you find your ellement.
Is ther any of them (or somthing related to one of them)
you find fasinating or somthing like that?

That might be one of your elements that is 'higher' in you.
(sins everyone have a part of all the elements in them. By my belif anyway)

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Re: Can you be more specific?
Post # 4
Ok, here I go...

Meditation is being in the now. You can find any position you want that is comfortable, but is best to find one where you wont fall asleep. When meditating you want to first clear your mind of the clutter. Taking the images of the day or week that pop into your head and either visually putting them in a garbage can, or some other visual technique that involes removing them from your head. Now, there are many different methods to meditation and reasons to meditate. To start with I suggest concentrating on the word "relax". Focus on the word, repeat the word in your head until it becomes so. You can even picture images that give you a sense of calm relaxation. You will get better at it as time goes on and can either focus on anything you need clarity on, or attempt to think of nothing at all.

Grounding is taking your energy and giving it back to the earth while bringing in new energies from her. One technique is to stand outside and imagine your toes as roots, climbing further and further into the earth. You then imagine and feel your energy flowing down from the top of your head into the earth, with each breath in following that, imagine "clean" energy flowing back up through you.

Elements can be found by your birthday, however not everyone has an attraction to the element they are told to have. One way to find it is to meditate "in" the elements. Eg: Meditate in water ( bath, shower, river ), in the sun for fire, in a park for Earth and well, wind is obvious and a bit tricky depending on location and time of year.

As far as practicing...practice these. If you are just starting out, practicing spells before learning how they work, why they work and what you're doing to make them work is going to get you absolutely no where unless you happen to get lucky.

You also will need to learn energy flow/control, tools, days, moon phases, colors, tools and shielding. Each of these, while not always used later down the road, are helpful to the beginner. The shielding and energy portions being of the most impoartant off the bat. The rest are tools you use in spell work to amplify them at first, and either impliment them in normal casting, or reject them years down the road. Again, if your just starting out, theres no need to start attempting to cast right off the bar. It will only drive you nuts.
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Re: Can you be more speci
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Well putt:)

when it comes to days and moon phases. (not that much on the last one)
i didn't looked into any of that until much later on. (I wasn't that 'acktiv' at the time being ether)
I still don't use it that much on a 'consius' level. (I supose)
if it at all enters that even.

Non the less. I'v discovered that even if I didn't plan to do one or another at the time. I some how 'conected' to the day/moonphase/wind direction. And so on.
So somthing worth looking into:)

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Re: Can you be more specific?
Post # 6
what i usualy suggest when trying to work with the air element because as Nevermore suggested it can be tricky is to meditate and focus on your breathing.

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Re: Can you be more specific?
Post # 7
Thanks, it really helps :D I know im not the only one who wanted specifics, so I'm sure this will probably help others too
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