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Stories... Fun...

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Stories... Fun...
Post # 1
Just me going to post some stories, not all are real but they are fun to read.

There was a man living in a village with his wife. He works all day and his wife just stays home to clean up and make food. One night he had a dream. He was underwater but can breath just fine. When he turned his head to scan around he saw something swim in the far. He woke up in a sweat, only to find out his bed is wet. His wife asks if he is alright and not tired from all the work he did, he said that he is alright and was only a nightmare. The next night he had the same dream. Underwater and something swimming around him. He tried to swim away but he felt as if he wasn't going anywhere. When the thing got closer he woke up once again in a wet bed. His wife is now worried that something is happening and goes to the villages witch doctor. The witch doctor says that he should stay away from water for a week or you'll never walk up with him besides you again. So she tried to find out what was making his bed wet when he goes to sleep. All day she search for holes in the roof, water table to high, or something. But when the sun was setting she found none. When her husband was about to go to bed she said he can sleep on her side of the bed. He, doesn't know she went to see the witch, asked questions on why he should. She said that she is worried and scared about his dreams and wants him to feel a bit closer to her on the night. He agreed and they went to bed. He had the same dream where he is underwater. After so many of the same dreams he got sick of it and tried to swim after the shadow fish. He got close to it to see it's face and it is a half fish and half women. He fell in love with it and she took him away to her shell. The next morning the wife's bed is wet. Worried that he is gone she turned to see nothing but a necklace and water.

This is a story I made up using the creature Nhang. I know that they don't go into dreams but that wasn't a dream he was having. The Nhang is a water spirit female that drags men into the water and sucks their life. The Nhang somehow put water over him so she can pull him into the water into her realm. Whenever he gets scared he just came right back out of the wet bed. If you guys have any good stories or like to make some up I don't mind it if you post it here :D
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Re: Stories... Fun...
Post # 2
This story is about some road predators...

A boy that just became what he dreamed of, a traveling salesman. His mother warned him to not walk in the night, that you'll get hurt and so on. The boy knows that if you want to sell and buy you have to get to the town as soon as you can so your supplies don't go bad or they don't need them anymore. Even if knowing that he listens to his mother. A few months later he got some rare herbs. Fear of them being stolen when he sleeps in the night, he just kept on walking. Has his dagger around his belt just in case something does come by to attack him for the herbs. A hour later, he heard something behind him. He stopped to hear what might be behind him. No noise. Scared to turn around he just kept on walking on the dirt road. 20 minutes later he heard something behind him again. Stopped and did the same thing again. He heard something slowly backing away. He slowly turned around and saw nothing but darkness. He made a touch with the stuff in his bag. It glowed bright and it made his path easier to see. He still isn't sure if the sound was in his head or something real, so he went back were he heard the noise. Seeing his foot prints and something else, like claw marks... Freaked out and landed on his back the touch gave out. He took his dagger out of his belt and started to swing it around him. After getting tired he thought the thing ran in fear so he went off the road and made camp worried for his safety. He woke up hearing a animal or something big... He looked at the path of the road and saw 7 pairs of eyes. They are getting slowly closer. All he could do was run, leaving behind his stuff. Lucky it was about 40 minutes of day break and he was close to the town. He told the buyer what happened to him and hope he and him can go back to get his stuff. He agreed too. Went back to the spot were he was sleeping they found his bag ripped and covered with some kind of ooze. The rare herbs are no where to be found but everything else was still at the spot.

Hope you like this one, sorry if it is a bit long but it is scary and could be used for night times with some friends :D You can even change it so it gets really scary.
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