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just an idea

Forums ► Misc Topics ► just an idea

just an idea
Post # 1
The massive roleplay on this site just can't be stopped. So I thought why not encourage it instead of fighting it?

The idea is for Pet to make a RPG SoM where people could be strong werewolves, goth vampires, mermaids, unicorns etc. It would be fun and it would ease the RPG pressure here.

A chosen group of people that have RPG experience (tabletops, larp, PC games etc.) would work on the rules, gameplay, classes, skills and all the other elements.
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Re: just an idea
Post # 2
A positive way of easing the massive RPG.
Too bad it has a few main cons.

Con.1.Roleplayers will disturb practitioners.
Con.2.We are often being engaged by people who wants to be these few imaginable creatures.And,its annoying.
Con.3.The roleplayers will just insult us,members for not agreeing on what they think they are.

Last Con.We don't want them to mess our learning journey on magick.

These 4 cons are enough to show that RPG is bad...
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Re: just an idea
Post # 3
Yes that's why there would be a site for them to play their roles all they want.
I do see a problem here, some of them don't admit they are a roleplayer and don't want to back off with their nonsense. So they probably wouldn't use the rpg site.
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Re: just an idea
Post # 4
Pet could do that, create another site for roleplayers. But sooner or later some people will get confused with the idea of role playing and using and learning real magick.

Lets take that 2nd site for plan B. Right now we should worry a bit about this site. Those Advertisements are kinda roleplaying magnets, why does pet think it is alright to add those there when he might be against them like some of us here. I understand that they support the site, but am sure he doesn't need that much ad's to do so. Am sure that those ad's will just make a mislead person that sees other roleplayers to become one. Of course that is a small chance but still a chance.

My word is, am not attacking here just saying, that pet doesn't care that much about who makes a account as long as they don't spam. That is why there might be so many ad's about games with vampires and wolves and so on.
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Re: just an idea
Post # 5
The problem, Wudang, is that the roleplayers are roleplaying because they are ignorant. Most of them seem to either think the roleplaying is reality(they really are elves, werewolves, etc) or they think we are all roleplaying by "practicing magic." Many of them, once told this is not a roleplaying site, either become insulted thinking they are only being told that because they are not welcome in our "games" or they tend to think we are the ones who are delusional and continue believing this is a roleplay site either way.

Because of that problem, having another site would simply cause confusion for them. They would not know the difference between the roleplay site where people are werewolves and vampires, etc, and the real site where people are casting spells and learning magic. Most likely, they would think both are roleplaying sites and one is just for the non-humans while the other is for humans.

So this idea does have the potential for cutting back on roleplayers, now that I've written it out and considered it, but it would not be a complete wipeout for them and it would take some work.
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Re: just an idea
Post # 6
aye, a good idea, but kelec, we will never be able to...fairly get rid of the roleplayers from the site
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Re: just an idea
By: / Beginner
Post # 7

I believe the links tend to follow the content. That is to say, the code in the ad space scans the material on the page(eg the spell pages) and then posts a reasonable related ad. So if you were looking up love spells, then it would post something of that nature(and after going through enough of the spell pages I know it changed with the spell category).

Some of them are out there and unrelated, but just check some of the posts with werewolves, vamps, and so on, and notice the trend of rpg like ads that pop up. Then ck those that are about psychic abilities. And I think you'll start seeing it.

All in all, yes it does add to the site to help run it or such, but I don't think these much control on them(unless I'm wrong about the coding, in which case perhaps a change to the code to limit things is in order).
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Re: just an idea
Post # 8
Coding no matter what coding it is, he (pet) can still throw in another coding that stops ads from other sites. Not saying that he can do it and all but at least should try to keep out those worthless ads.

If you believe they are vampires and werewolves and so on, then that is what you believe in. No matter what you say you still can't make everyone believe it so. I do believe there are vampires, not the sickness because again that is a sickness, psi vampire is one of them. But to many people took that title and learned how to be one or semi one. So it isn't anything great or even to be proud of.

Werewolves, not really sure I believe in them. Other animals turning into other animals haven't been recorded or seen (as far as I heard) and the closest thing to a human is putting on a hid or costume. This is what I believe in and I take full responsibility for my believes.

Now for the real stuff, he is right about creating two different sites... It will confuse them and angry them. Pet already made the 2012 site http://itbegins2012.com/ and it isn't that big anymore. Why would you think he will waste more money to create another useless site if they're many many many other rpg sites.

If they really thought that we hated them because we didn't want them to join our "game" then they are not very smart...
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Re: just an idea
Post # 9
When Pet made the 2012 site he made a rule "if you want a 2012 topic go to that site, who uses SoM for 2012 stuff will be gagged".
So why not make a committee that would investigate cases of roleplaying. It's not a big job.
They will be forced to move on the RPG site or to stop their rp here. It's quite simple. The iron hand ruling.
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Re: just an idea
Post # 10
while yes the iron hand would work. however the "rp" would still come in here and do that. which is why i think when they first sign up there should be a letter saying something like. "welcome to som site thank you for signing up yada yada yada yada while you are her we would like to ask you to not to rp,if you do have question look around first odds are some post them first. if you are new check the general info for the basics. that should clear up alot of things. if that doesnt then feel free to post a question." anyway just my 2 cents.
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