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Wicca is Hip?

Forums ► Wicca ► Wicca is Hip?
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Wicca is Hip?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 1

So, many true wiccans have seen this phenomenon occuring, somehow wicca is a popular trend, so my question is, who, what, when, where, why, how?

I dont know if many of you would agree with me, but something has to be done to promote the seriousness of our religion, and stop the mob of fashion statement followers. I feel sad when I see so many teenagers, who have literally no idea why, they are wiccan.

-Yeah Wicca is cool, you can do magic, and stuff-....So, thats it, magic is this all that calls to you? Slowly the foundations are being broken into mockery. And to hearing people say -WICCA IS IN-. So that means it will be out?

I am worried, for the reputation of the true, and of our loving ways, I know this is not fashion, or modernity.

So when did this obsurd craze begin. Somehow I analyze that its within the rebellions to look for an out to their taught traditions, but is Wicca really rebellion? It is being portrayed as such, the movement of rebelling goths, and emos, the belief of loonies.
I just hope that the wicca fever shortens, because I do not like the term -Hip, In- Wicca is not a fashion statement, it is not a crazy rebellious movement that has become popular amongst the rioting teens.

Wicca is serious, wicca is love, and peace, and yes it is gaining popularity, but should not be compared, as -In-, clothes are IN and OUT.

Personally I do not like the fake advertisement given to the religion, It makes us look as pathetic followers of a trend that somehow will soon end.

Wicca is so much more than a style, a religion is not a style. It is a doctrine, a guideline, for life, for thought.

Re: Wicca is Hip?
Post # 2
this would make an awesome youtube Venting Video, as well rather educational if you ask me. You go Sesa, very good post here.

Re: Wicca is Hip?
Post # 3
I know at a certain point satanism was IN. I don't know actually. Maybe before 30 years ago Wicca wasn't so advertised, like via the internet, those who meant it knew it.
Today you can access (e.g.) this site and learn everything about the history of Wicca, herbalism, magic in general, deities, etc.
I think the mind of a young "screwed in the head" person works this way:
"oh look a magic site, everybody around me is christian, they hate me anyway, I'll be Wiccan because they dislike witches too, at least I'll have a crew".

Re: Wicca is Hip?
Post # 4
At one point, Christianity was "in" as well. For some people, even ancient Eastern religions/philosophies, such as Buddhism, were "in" at least for them. I know it can be insulting to the real believers and followers of the religion, but I think it's something every major belief system goes through.

Look at it this way, we live in a world of information, where people get curious and do research. Yes, there are many ignorant people that won't look into a topic at all and assume they know of everything, but there are also people who will say "hey, my friend is into Wicca, but what is Wicca exactly?" Off to the internet, he/she finds out it's an actual religion and not at all just a trend, he/she informs his/her friends, and it may continue to be a trend, but at least they'll know something of what they're getting into. Maybe then they'll spread it amongst their friends, their friends will spread it amongst their own friends, and so on. Obviously, not all will become Wicca, but over time the truth will spread.

Making a youtube vent would definitely help since millions of people get on youtube. That is possibly one of several places a search for Wicca may take place, perhaps some of those trendies will see your vent and get a clue.

Re: Wicca is Hip?
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
Deff a nice thread as all have said :).

Just think, one day when the trendies find something new, the true beleivers will still be here doing our thing as we always have.

I for one would wish Wizardry had at least a bit of in period. I find it to be one of the hardest things to actually learn about because there are so few books/sites on the topic. Luckly there is at least Grey School to go to for some information.

But with such a hype that wicca has gotten(and magick in general) theres at least more open and informative books, sites, and other sources out there. After all, it wasn't too long ago people had to keep hidden about magick and such religions as pagan and wiccan.

So all in all, I think its better to have at least a few trendies, then being secret, ridiculed, or even persecuted(i know its dating way bk, but only a couple hundred yrs or so) for what one believes in.


Re: Wicca is Hip?
Post # 6
If wicca is hip where are all the wiccans? It could just be my area because its a strong southern baptist community but I think I might be the only pagan in my area.
However I do agree in the sense that people are moving slightly from christianity, in fact I was talking to a psychic who works at my frequent metaphysical store, she says that we are lucky to live in this area because we are witnessing the fall of christianity.

Re: Wicca is Hip?
Post # 7
Actually, I think the laws persecuting witches were removed more recently than that. I'm pretty sure the ban was lifted after they got rid of the death penalty in England.
I had to explain to my brother earlier that goth is not derived from paganism and that there is no connection. I'm neither wiccan nor pagan, but this is beginning to bug me. Not so much the trend itself, but the people who think they know everything about it when in fact they know nothing. Just one of the many results of the trend.

Re: Wicca is Hip?
Post # 8
The witchcraft act in the uk was abolished in 1951, didn't even know we had one until i stumbled across it during random wiki searches.

Re: Wicca is Hip?
Post # 9
I don't think Christianity will fall. Vatican itself controls 12% of worlds money. And there are other Christian paths like Orthodox, Protestants, Mormons, Baptists, Evangelists etc.
There is a billion Catholics in the world, I don't know the exact number of the whole Christian community.

I've seen here young people get sick of all the do this do that but when they get older they get more and more religious. Religions in general are still IN just not so much commercialized as some.

Re: Wicca is Hip?
Post # 10
lol, sorry, but I kind of think that "fall of Christianity" comment is kind of funny. Yes, perhaps it will have less followers then it has in the past because now there are allot more people freely talking trash about it and allot less people understanding it properly, but it's certainly not going to fall. There are still those who will read the bible, understand it, and feel Christianity is right for them.

Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Wicca, and Hinduism are the five religions I don't believe will fall anytime soon.

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