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i need help...

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i need help...
Post # 1
because of some recent events in my life and some not to long ago i am in a downward spiral of depression the worst thing is i know exactly what causes it and how and why its happening but the thing the only thing i can do to stop it is distract myself with games movies ect... but that has stopped working because i had a dream last night where my view turned to no matter where i go or what i do i will only ever be an obstical for others and that i have no place. ive gotten help about this before i thought i was ok but obviously im degenerate. i dont know what to do... im just lost and i cant find my old self who accepted everything for what it was. im getting desperate because im doing this and im alwase a keep to myself about problems. please help...
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Re: i need help...
Post # 2
Well there are ways to get out of depression, I had to get out a few in my life. Either you want some help with Magick or just do it normal like regular people do (Regular as in the daily person you'll find on the bus). But what you were doing with the movies and games was trying to forget it and let it die down. Like you said that helps but sooner or later it will stop helping. Don't just close your eyes and say it isn't their, if it is getting really bad and your thinking of death. Then you can try this. I did it before and I got right back to my normal self.

If it was a person that made you go into depression, then go to that person and tell that person how you feel. Either it is anger or the person made you sad. This might sound like it doesn't work but it did for me, I won't say trying this until your ready to.

Another way is a bit more harder and might change the way you think. You know that you have that little voice in your head? Yeah that voice that puts you down? Well since you created that voice you can also create another voice, a voice that will say good things and helpful things. No one else understands you better then yourself. To create this voice I just started to think good thoughts when the bad thoughts were coming by, just like having a fight in your own head. Of course this won't make you better right away, it takes at least 2 to 5 days at times for the depression to go away.

Another thing that most people do is make new friends and try to be friendly and look at them as your brother or sister. Kinda like going to the psychologist for help. Either it to be talking to them about what has happen to you or them talking to give you hope on your life onward.

If none of those work then try talk with me again. I hope you get better and don't fall into the Abyss.
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Re: i need help...
Post # 3
I would suggest meditation and chakra balancing ON TOP OF seeking professional help again.

I suggest the professional help because it could be a chemical imbalance and frankly, there is no one here ( that I know of ) who is legally capable of offering anything other than personal opinions on how to help.

There are many hotlines that you can call and speak to people anonymously(sp) who have had similar situations or have helped others in similar situations. While it's not easy to talk to others about your problem, in all honesty...what do you really have to lose?

In my opinion, we all have a place. You are no less important in life than any of us, so don't let yourself or anything/one else allow you to think differently.
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