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The outcome of RolePlayer

Forums ► Comments ► The outcome of RolePlayer
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The outcome of RolePlayer
Post # 1
God or Goddess...
And anything else that you can make up...

If you say that your one of those in the top list then your a role player... Now here is why Role Players are bad.

It isn't because they are annoying or won't leave you alone, it is the fact because they say they are one of those creatures.
If someone is new, Pet says that little kids go on this site so lets say it is a kid, and the first person they see is saying they are a wolf... What do you think the kid will do? If the person goes to that kid and say how tough s/he is and so on, do you think the kid will just go off and be the same? No, not really... Most likely the kid will follow their path believing their doing magick.

If you are one of those people that think they are one of those creatures on the top list, then all your doing is lying to yourself and making more people to follow into your foot steps. So your hurting the chances of someone really learning real magick then just saying you can do stuff. Your just human, like everyone else, your just human. If your going as far to drink blood then your more gross then cool.

The other matter is with the Astral Planes... More then 2 3rds of this site can't do it. They still say they can, I mean why not.. No one is going to notice it. And hey if you say that you can and have did so last night, then they are going to go with it. The reason why I bring up the Astral plane is because people say that if your soul is a wolf or a vampire then you are one. Here is a fact... The Astral plane has animal's, well you can call them animal's, that can change their body into a different shape. All they do is they truly believe that they are something and their spirit follows the blue prints. Your spirit does the same, so if it does change into a wolf doesn't make you one, just someone with a open mind that doesn't understand what is going on.

Role players have no right here if their not going to learn anything or not going to try to teach something that is true. If someone does come here looking for knowledge and just find a role player what do you think their going to do? Either leave and write something that saying magick isn't real or become one of them. Have you ever seen King of the Hill? How about Episode #720? Go look up the Episode "The Witches of East Arlen" and see how the role players are showing what magick is...

Re: The outcome of RolePlayer
Post # 2
While your point against roleplayers is correct and this is one big reason why I don't like them, the first part is not entirely true.

There are vampires and werewolves/lycans(some of which prefer to call themselves wolves simply to differentiate from Hollywood's version) who do get on this site. Unfortunately, the majority are most likely roleplayers. That does not mean all of them are, just that most are.

As for "gods and goddesses," I usually just laugh when someone claims to be such. If they really were any such thing, I don't think they would be bothering with the internet. That just seems silly to me.

And for elves, I believe one of three things happened with them. 1) They were human enough that they were able to mate with humans until they were no longer a different race, if they were ever a different race at all. 2) Their culture was destroyed some other way. 3) They managed to escape the material plane and no longer exist on our plane of existence. If any of these are the case, obviously we wouldn't have an elf here.

So basically I agree with all except the bit about vampires and wolves. There are exceptions to that, it's just that the majority of people making the claim are simply posers and wannabes.

Re: The outcome of RolePlayer
Post # 3
In fairness, our Higher Selves can be precieved as god(s) as that is an enlightened, almost all knowing part of us which is pretty much the basis for what makes a god a god, IMO.

That being said, I don't believe the physical embodiment of Thor or Zues is running around the SOM forums.

Re: The outcome of RolePlayer
Post # 4
i completly agree with you about roleplayers. ive had several wee kids mailing me claiming to be demons or powerful gods. you just have to laugh. some people delude themselves so much by watching the vampire daires, twilight, buffy the vampire slayer etc and think because they can see it on tv that it exsists. grow up children. its not real.

Re: The outcome of RolePlayer
Post # 5
To me, the higher self is a god, but if your going out saying that you have a god in your body and so on then it really doesn't matter what they are talking about.

Vampires are not real, those blood suckers that drink blood. Psi vampire is someone that takes energy from other people. Those are real, but just by being one doesn't make you into a hero... More like a stealer.

Wolfs are animals. Humans can not shape-shift into wolfs. They can dress up as a animal to trick animals and humans, but not change their body. It is true that can be done, but to have that much power to do it so easily you have to be a god lets say.

Elves... Am not much of a expert on those things, but I do have a friend that says he is one. Not the one that you described.

But really, even if one of those are real... What are the chances they are on the site saying their secrets? Even to most of the people here are children and will misunderstand what they are doing. Other then the reason to show off, they will have no reason to be here saying they are a vampire or wolf.

Re: The outcome of RolePlayer
Post # 6
vampires are real...thats what we keep saying but we need to add a bit more information about how mortal they are..

One type of vampire actually drinks blood...they may have porferia or it might just get them off who knows.
However, I doubt there are many on this site and they do not have super powers and if you shoot them in the knee, they will go down.

the other types of vampires are psychic vampires, they take the energy from others to give it to themselves, This is the most common type of vampire, I have used thie method of energy gathering for a while but found that I like earthly energies better.

as for werewolves, I think you should just stick to twilight rping sites and be happy they still accept you.

Re: The outcome of RolePlayer
Post # 7
Bledri, what you've said about vampires is something I've been saying for awhile now. As for werewolves, they are too, they are just nothing at all as Hollywood and other media portrays them and thus don't always go by the term "werewolf." You'd probably find more going by the term "otherkin" or by the term "wolf."

I've posted all I really have to say here. If there are any questions about anything I've said, please send it in a message.

Re: The outcome of RolePlayer
Post # 8
personal opinion is that anything is possible if understood right, think about it, various people worldwide (not just on this site) have met their higherselves through various hard workings, and at times they have found their higherself not to be a human, but rather something higher, such as a god, demon, angel etc.
now one also encounters various otherkin, which also same as mentioned before has a link to something higher which is in not way human related.
now, awakening entails basicly a full awakening of the soul into the body through a process of awakenings on smaller levels such as the mind first, then conciousness, then soul and then energy. thus if you were fully awakened then in theory you would be on of the above mentioned beings but within a physical human vessel.
now, biokinesis is possible to do by anyone who has put serious work into it, using it one can change and adapt the body, now what is to stop a fully awakened being from using biokinesis and a understanding of human dna as well as recessive dna called junk dna to change their physical body from human into something more? as with all things nothing happens overnight, nor instantly as in the movies, but using logic, energy and enough time anything is possible, and if it is not possible within your own mind it just means that you yourself have not delved that deep yet into your own soul to see what potential lays hidden.
but this is just my opinion, thus use it or not.

Re: The outcome of RolePlayer
Post # 9
the day i see a werewolf is the day i believe in one...I think last night was their last chance for a while....moon isn't full anymore. Sorry if I anger anyone by saying this but I'm being logical.

Re: The outcome of RolePlayer
Post # 10
Draco is correct, and I agree with him.

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