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Empathy Explained.
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This is a short overview of Empathy.

Empathy can be defined as the ability to be in-tuned to others,by scanning their thoughts,feelings ect.
These thoughts feelings can be voluntry or involuntry depending on the individuals empathic capacity.

Empaths are mostly unaware of how it actually works and accept it as they are more sensitive to others feelings,emotions be it future past and present occurrences in life.

Empaths are capable of sensing others true emotions and feelings that are hidden deep below the surface and relate to that person(s).
It's an ability to uncover the truth behind let's say for example cover/barriers people sometimes put up, and relate to that person with compassion and help them feel at ease being able to express themself more freely and not feel isolated and alone.

Empaths can feel empathy towards a variety of things family, friends, close associates, strangers, pets, nature ect.It's an ability to feel from a distance they are highly sensitive and are often compassionate, considerate and understanding of others, it can only be explained as a deep sense of knowing.

There are varied strengths in empaths and these are related to the individuals awareness of self, understanding, acceptance/non-acceptance of those associated with them,family,friends, peers ect.
Most empaths do not learn these tendencies until later on in life.

Empathy is something you are born with it is inherent in one's DNA, and comes from generation to generation by being passed down.
Empaths can sense others on lots of different levels by observing what others say, feel, think and understanding others body language , eye movement ect, and become very proficent in this , communication being a large part of empathy.

Empaths are able to sense others energetic vibrations and frequency by tuning into them, everything has a energetic vibration/frequency and an empath can sense these vibrations and recognize changes undetectable to the naked eye and five senses, this energy is picked up by empaths be it spoken, thought and by feelings.

Empaths are affectionate, great listeners and help others by putting their own needs aside first.
They can also be the opposite and be loners, depressives, neurotic and day dreamers and are often associated with the Bi-Polar disorder and can be withdrawn from others.
Most are drawn to nature and often like nothing more than escaping to the out-doors as a form of release from ones hectic everyday life such as country walks , woods ect.

Empaths are quite emotional people and news broadcasts such as violence, hurt pain, cruelty to animals , earthquake disaters ect, reduce them to tears, i find myself doing this also quite often it's an ability to relate to their pain ect.

Empaths are often people whom draw others to them even complete strangers,i find this alot also i can be shopping on the bus ect and get people just start talking about problems and life in general, it's like we are a magnet to others including animals , people feel at ease and can talk freely and openly about most personal things.

Empaths shielding is very important to block out others emotions, and recognize if they are your emotions or others, i also find meditation helps.

Bubble technique.

close your eyes.
Envision/visualize a bubble of pure white brilliant light,big enough for you to step into.
Imagine/visualize your negative emotions being passed into this bubble and only good energy/ emotions passing through freely.
Visualize yourself standing next to the bubble releasing all your negativity.
Visualize yourself stepping into this bubble of light.
Say to yourself this is my sheild and nothing can pass through it.
Take a few minutes breath in deeply a few positive breaths then open your eyes.

Do this on a daily basis to strengthen your shield it's quite easy to do with practice.

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Re: Empathy Explained.
Post # 2
Empathy or Emotional Perception is the mental ability to feel or experience the emotions of others. One could use this to figure out how someone is feeling, to understand why someone does what they do, etc. This can be used to determine the presence of hidden subjects as well, because the user can sense the presence of emotions, and trace them back to their source (this is called Empathic Tracking). However, sometimes the user can also (or only) project his emotions onto others, to get them to feel as he feels (this is called Empathic Projection), or gain psychic control over subjects emotions and actions after empathic and/or physical contact (this is called Empathic Manipulation).

Should the ability develop, the user might even be capable of seeing peoples hopes, fears, desires and thoughts by connecting with them on a deep empathic level
Empathic Power

Empathic Power, also called Empathic Force or Empathic Influence is the psychic ability to affect nature and ones surroundings based on ones emotions. The user may have Empathic Darkness, which quells lights intensity whenever one feels intense negative emotion, or may make darken lit areas wherever the user goes (does not allow control of darkness); they may have Empathic Gravitation which changes gravity in ones surroundings whenever one feels certain emotions (good emotion decreases gravity, and bad emotion increases it) or the like. This ability may be accompanied by an Elemental Sense.

This ability may even entail the presence of a storm cloud that hovers above-head and reacts to the users emotions; it appears when the user feels negative emotion, rains when he feels sad, shoots lightning when he is angry, disperses when the user is happy, and the like (called an Empathic Storm Cloud).

Note: This ability causes empathic power to only affect natural elements or biotic subjects (no artificial materials like plastic, glass or artificial chemical elements, and not undead). Sometimes, Empathic Power will just affect the element that is most prevalent in ones current surroundings (sand in the desert, water in the ocean, plants or animals in the forest). This ability never produces a controlled effect (it may only be brought about by certain emotions), and so it is not the same as the ability Naturespeak or Elemental Manipulation.
Note: Empathic Gravitation, if untrained, may also induce gravitation between the user and a person with whom he has a positive empathic connection.
Empathic Resonance

Empathic Resonance, also called Empathic Charm or Empathic Charisma is the ability to psychically establish an empathic link with any subject(s); parties involved can understand each other and become friends or allies almost instantly. The established empathic link is harmless (it may only last as long as needed), but it makes the user nearly incapable of making enemies (unless the ability is suppressed, or the user tries to use it on a perspicuous mind). In some cases, if foes try to strike the user, even complete strangers would come to the users defense.

Fear Sense

Fear Sense, also called Fear Sensing or Fear/Phobia Perception is a variation of Empathy, in which the user can only perceive doubt, fear and phobia. The user can either only tell if a subject is afraid (the intensity of the fear, etc.), or they can actually intuit things that subjects are afraid of (the last, of course, being most beneficial). One with this ability can use it to easily unnerve opponents, or properly interact with subjects, because they also know how to act to prevent aversion (or perhaps even to perceive presences by sensing traces of fear), and the like. This ability may accompany Phobic Vampirism.

Musical Empathic Projection

Musical Empathic Projection is the psychic ability to project emotions based on the songs one hears. One with this ability listens to a song, and whatever emotion that song conveys, that emotion can be projected onto the subject. This ability can make masses of subjects lovesick, depressed, angry, overly-happy, or the like. Not to mention, it also psychically connects the subjects feelings to the song, so they want to hear it more, and when they can no longer hear it, their emotions temporarily short-circuit (the subjects go numb).

Telepathic Empathy

Telepathic Empathy is the ability to perceive emotions, but with the emotions expressed as though they were thoughts. One with this ability can read emotions of any kind, like a normal empath, but they must be expressed through verbal thought wave manifestations (the subject must think something like Im so mad! or I cant believe she did that!). The user can project emotions in the same fashion; instead of projecting emotions (like normal Empathy) the user can project thoughts which convey a certain emotion, and the like.


Telempathy, also called Tele-Empathy is the psychic ability to communicate with another subject via emotion instead of by thought. One with this ability could convey the same messages as one with the power Telepathy (including changing a subjects mind by associating a certain emotion with a certain idea or opinion, receiving/transmitting emotions to communicate, overloading foes with emotions instead of thoughts, etc.), except the message is a bit more vague. This ability may be accompanied by normal Empathy.

Twin Empathy

Twin Empathy is the emotional connection between twin siblings. One with this ability can empathically sense when their twin is in danger, how their twin is feeling, and can channel any sensations and emotions that their twin is feeling, along with all of the other faculties that go along with empathic connection (like their abilities). The user however, may also feel the pains if their sibling is hurt (and might even die if their sibling dies.

Hope this article helps you understand more on empathy abilities.

http://theories.activatingevolution.org/swiki/wi ki/index.php/Empathic

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Re: Empathy Explained.
Post # 3
Thank you I was trying to find out why I was feeling so much emotion from others.
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Re: Empathy Explained.
Post # 4
Great info. :) thanks
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Re: Empathy Explained.
Post # 5
I have known the twin thing, but I didn't know that it was part of Empathy. My mom is a twin, but her twin sis lives far away. But their connection is still strong and even dad can get some of that connection. He gets a thought about her twin and soon after she calls.
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