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Legitimacy of spells?

Forums ► General Info ► Legitimacy of spells?
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Legitimacy of spells?
Post # 1
Hi everyone. I'm a newcomer to your site and to magic, and I've come here in the hopes of learning to cast spells. I understand the site says all spells have been tested, and I've really tried to remain open minded, but there are a few things that bother me which I was wondering if someone could help me with. Please understand that this isn't an attempt to mock your beliefs or be sarcastic or anything like that, I honestly just have a few questions about how legitimate some of these spells can be.

I believe in the power of magic, but I've always been told that magic is mostly subtle, like you can cast a spell to make someone love you or give you good luck or things like that, but more Dungeons & Dragons style magic is unrealistic. Yet I've seen quite a few Dungeons & Dragons-like spells on this site. I've seen a spell for casting a fireball out of your hand to hurt your enemy, I've seen a spell to make you be able to fly, I've seen a spell to teleport, I've seen a spell to time travel. In a separate book I bought to learn magic, I even saw a spell to make any woman you want your slave. (Don't worry, I'm not going to cast that one, because it says it's black magic, lol.) And when I looked at the reviews for that book on Amazon.com almost everyone said the spells were legit and that they'd tried them and had a lot of success.

Now I'm trying to be open-minded, and I really do believe in magical energy, but there are a couple of problems I see with these spells. First, the spell for shooting a fireball requires the caster to chant in Latin. From what little I do know of casting spells, I gather that anything done in the spell has to have some significance to the caster, or else it will have no effect. I don't see what significance chanting in Latin would have unless the person actually speaks Latin. And the spell clearly wasn't aimed only at people who speak Latin, because it includes instructions on how to pronounce the words.

But there are more obvious problems. The ability to cast fire out of one's hand would undoubtedly have been an important military tactic prior to the invention of the flame thrower. You would think that ambitious or patriotic wizards would hire themselves out to kings to teach all their soldiers to cast balls of fire at their opponents, yet there's no record (to my knowledge) of anything like that happening in history. If it was really possible for people to fly, you would think it would have caught on and become a lot more common, and in turn have encouraged more and more people to want to learn to practice magic.

Further, if it were possible to make any woman you wanted into a slave, you would expect for there to be stories all throughout history of poor peasant boys with dozens of beautiful women doting on them, or marrying some powerful queen and forcing her to give him all of her wealth or things like that. The time travel spell says it's genuine time travel, not astral projection or something. So in theory, one should be able to go back in time to fix all the things that have gone wrong in history. I'm sure somewhere out there there's a Jewish person who lost family in the holocaust, so why hasn't anyone gone back to stop the holocaust from happening?

Again, please understand that I'm not trying to mock your beliefs or anything like that. I believe in magic, but it's just that some of these spells seem to make wild claims that I find hard to believe. If anyone can help me understand this, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Legitimacy of spells?
Post # 2
Let me start by saying that I completely agree with you, I think when it says that the spells on this site have been tested it actually means that the spells on this site SHOULD have been tested by the uploader and as thus you need to look at them all with a critical eye, for instance I too would surmise that fireballs, physical time travel, flying, teleportation, raising zombies, transforming into a mermaid (or anything else for that matter) is most likely bogus however there are a fair few genuine and good spells if you look for them. Ascot chanting in Latin you are of course right without meaning to the practitioner the spell will be useless but if the castor genuinly believes that the words will take the action then that is ultimately just ad good. As general advice, be critical, if you doubt the authentisity of a spell get in touch with the author and ask for more details, if necessary ask for pictures of the outcome or a video link
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Re: Legitimacy of spells?
Post # 3
For all the reasons mentioned above, most people here will advocate making your own spells. You have your own realm of reality to work with, and personal significance. We're trying to clean up the spellbook to remove the nonsense stuff, but honestly not many people pay attention to it in the first place. It seems to be the newcomers who notice it and inquire about it, and perhaps the coven members who have their own private spells to work with.

You can help out by clicking on the spells, trying out ones that seem believable, and then ranking it 1--5 stars. I think you also have the option to mark spells as spam? Most of the more serious stuff is kept private by the covens, but there are a few decent 'public' spells. I know that it's hard to see them, lol, because of the sheer amount of spam-worthy spells, but they are there.
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Re: Legitimacy of spells?
Post # 4
With regards to the love slave spell, it can be sort of achieved through Hoodoo using a controlling spell.

Many of the spells I read and tested did not work at all, infact one of them went the opposite way and caused havoc, although that could have been the way I cast the spell.

I would seriously try making your own spell, you could opinions on the forum before you test it out.
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Re: Legitimacy of spells?
Post # 5
In all honesty, when looking at any spell that you did not write yourself, a little common sense is needed.

If the spell promises to turn you into a creature, entity, or do something completely illogical....odds are some kid with a big imagination went wild with freedom of expression.

This goes for anything magick related ( or in life in general ). Many times you have to seperate junk from plausible, reputable from insane, valid according to your beliefs and just plain hooey.

It doesn't mean magick isn't real or that people can't do it...it means that some people have a really big imagination and to much time on their hands.

As mentioned, writing your own spells is a far better approach..or even taking a spell you find vaild and changing it a bit to become yours.

Since you are a beginner, learn your basics first. The spell casting will be much more effective once you learn how it works and how to work it.
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Re: Legitimacy of spells?
Post # 6
When I first came back to magic it was because of a love situation I was involved in, my only real concern was to get this person to love me.

I ignored real advice to begin with and went for the strong spells, I was given bad advice on another forum and given a seal to use for my situation, needless to say it didn't go according to plan and I found out later that the seal belonged to a demon that was known for tricking people.

I cannot stress enough, check check check any spells or information before casting.
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Re: Legitimacy of spells?
Post # 7
Thanks for the answers, everyone. I was confused because the main page says to "follow these steps" and then go to the spells section, and it gave me the impression that this was heavily moderated. My limited experience with Occult-type websites has been that they've been fairly small, and I wasn't expecting them to have this much spam on them.

There's one thing that still confused me, though: I understand that most of the outrageous spells are spam, but when you go to the Spells section, there are actually individual sections devoted to the more outrageous stuff. For instance, there's actually a section about learning how to fly, when you click on it it actually says "Flying involves defying the laws of gravity, you have to be careful or you'll never be able to return to the Earth." There's a similar section for making yourself invisible, and so on.

This seems to suggest to me that whoever runs this website actually set up individual sections for these outrageous things, which you all acknowledge are spam. Can someone explain that to me?
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