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Moving of Spell Bag

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► Moving of Spell Bag
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Moving of Spell Bag
Post # 1
I did a while back a Bring back love spell, and had to bury a bag in my yard till my ex lover returns once she returned I have to throw it into the river or moving water. Now I am moving from where I stay, I would like to know can I dig it up and bury it in the new house garden or just leave the back there and redo the spell or must I just through it in the river although she hadn't returned to me yet?
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Re: Moving of Spell Bag
By: / Adept
Post # 2
Number one, i would re-do the spell for your new location. As a rule, i don't like to ever dig up unfinished spell work. Your goals will be benefited from the re-do as well; it gives you an opportuntiy to refresh and strengthen the work.

Number two, i would bury the new bag under or by your front door. You bury stuff by the front door to attract and draw things in - in your case your lover. You bury things in the back of your home to move things - or people - out, not the case in your instance.

Number three, i'm not really following the whole disposing of the bag in moving water. This is common practice when you want to move somebody out of your life - you throw them in running water to symbolically wash them away. Think of like a move-away spell to get rid of troublesome neighbors or like a break-up spell where you're trying to separate one party away from their lover; those are good examples of spellwork where you'd dispose of the remnants in moving water. I don't think it makes any sense to do so for your situation.

In your case i would bury the bag and leave it there by your front door, even after your lover returned. If you just *must* dig-up the bag for whatever reason, then i would keep it safe in a special box underneath the bed the two of you share. You would the be keeping the successful working close by.

My first inclination would be to just leave the bag there happily underground, and then start another new working once your lover retunred such as a honey jar spell to keep the relationship sweet or other "stay with me" type spellwork.
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Re: Moving of Spell Bag
Post # 3
What happens if the new people that move in find the bag it has a photo, can I at less take out the photo and leave everything else there
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Re: Moving of Spell Bag
Post # 4
thats tricky, its unlikely that they would find it if it is buried, i would dig it up and perform a ritual that annuls the magick in it, i wouldnt destroy the item as instead of destroying the spell it might create an unwanted effect, say... ruining the persons life? so a ritual to break the magick would be good and then go what Ldygry said, as she is correct in what she says.
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Re: Moving of Spell Bag
Post # 5
Can u give me ritual to perform, the bag is buried in the mind of the house, the house has a small garden in the centre of the house, I do fear that sameone, like kids could dig it up.
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Re: Moving of Spell Bag
Post # 6


dig up bag, ensure you do NOT open the bag.


I would bless the bag, purify it, you can do this by sprinkling some holy water on it.


collect some dried botanicals, like lavendar, make sure they are dry so they burn.


if you can get an iron mortar, or a regular iron pan. Drop the dried botanicals in and light it.


this is the incantation part, i would advise you make this yourself, as you know your diety etc.

go along with the guidlines of:

i) asking for the aid of your diety then,

ii) Make it clear you want the spell to be annulled and nothing else and what you are about to do, also make it clear that you do not want any added effect.

iii) thank your diety for her/his aid.


after you have done the incantation, throw the bag into the fire (this wouldnt ruin their life or cause any added effect as you made your intent clear).

7) sprinkle the ashes onto the earth, and after, repay the earth by pouring milk over some tree roots, or giving something back to nature.

I hope this helps.
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