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need a very special spell

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► need a very special spell
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need a very special spell
Post # 1
Hello all,

I have a bit of a serious concern and I need to find the right spell for the job. in 04 i had a small legal problem that forced me to give guardianship of my son to my mother. since this goes back a long ways i will just give you the basics. My mother lied to the court to get guardianship when i tried to get my son back from her before she filed anything with the court. well she lied and got the order and has had my son since. She has continued to lie to the court and seems to hate me and will never tell me what happened for her to be like this. My legal problem was not over drugs or alcohol or really anything bad, it was not even a felony. Given that my sons bio dad has never been in his life my mother was my only choice for my sons well being.

I have tried over and over to get my mother to tell me when my son will be comming home but to no avail. I have been trying binding spells but i need something stronger.

I have no desire to hurt my mother and that has never been the focus, i just want my son back and need a lot of extra help with the court and with my mother. She has always been a natural witch as it runs in the family since the dawn of time but she has ignored it to try to be a good mormon. I think she is a bit more powerful then i am and i could really use all the help i can get.

The problem is that because she fabricated a document and gave it to the court twice as well as had wrong information which she knew the right info and she is a paralegal and has been for 30 years. If the court looks into this matter more she will go down for perjury and because she is an officer of the court she will lose everything, her job with the law firm, her home..... everything. she will be charged with welfare fraud for getting child support for my son as well as medical benifits, ssdi and it can be considered kidnapping as well. I have tried so many times to point this out to her in total shock since she does know the law very well as to why she would do something like this, but again to no avail.... she just ignores me and acts like she has done nothing wrong and i'm the one who is the problem. she has even tried to turn my family against me too. I really don't want her to go down for all of this, i don't want to see her hurt, i just want my son back. I don't want to get a lawyer and take it to court because of what will happen to her. Yes she has deeply hurt me more so then any mother should ever hurt her child but two wrongs dont make a right and i live by harm none no matter what! She just needs a huge push in the direction of giving my son back the right way without the court getting involved for her big fat lies. by the way i have documented proof that she lied not just once but several times.

I would love to know what kind of spell i will need and all the items that are needed as well. I just can't seem to find a spell that seems to fit best and would love some help.

Well wishes to all, Blessed Be!
Thanks so much, Jenn
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Re: need a very special spell
By: / Adept
Post # 2
First off, do you have enough money to hire a reputable worker to help you with this? Legal and custody issues are often very complicated and are long-term workings, so hiring a professional is often very helpful. I could point you in the right direction if you'd like a refferal. Problem is work of this sort usually costs $200+. Some workers will do pro bono work if it's a truly justified cause.

Let me suggest copying your exact forum posting onto this other forum:
You will most likely get fantastic, practical advice from some of the best rootworkers out there, plus you'll get no judgements.

Here's another binding spell for children that you may want to check out from my blog:
You'll need to make some adaptations specific to your situation.

Some other ideas:

~ A honey jar spell to sweeten your mother to you and to sweeten her to the idea of you taking on a more active role in your child's life.

~ The Angelica Root binding, for which i posted the link, to keep your child close to you and well protected.

~ Some "Just Judge" work to have the court system favor you, including any attorney you may hire for help. Also take a look at spells designed for "courtcase work." I would start an altar and burn candles and pray at it every day.

~ Command and Control work to gain the upperhand.

~ Peaceful Home work to create a more conducive home environment to successful mothering.

~ Some success, healing, and blessing work for yourself to really help "set" all the self-improvement work you've been doing on yourself. Take a look at this one:

~ Some blessing and protection work for your child since any change - even good change - is stressful, and all children deserve the best we can offer. I really love this spell from my blog when praying for others:

You can find all sorts of info on www.LuckyMojo.com. Take a few hours, click around on that website, and you're sure to find all the information you could ever want. Another great site for spells and magical techniques is:
Between the two sites, you'll have enough reading material for months.

I'd also do some serious soul-searching to really examine your current state. Congratulations on getting your life back on track and being in a better situation now and being able and ready to take back care of your child. Still give some serious thought, though, on anything else negative that may still be kicking around: finances, mental health, instability, etc., any loose ends that need to be tied up (and i truly mean no offense by insinuating that these conditions are still lingering; forgive me if they're not).

I say this because i find that the Universe will bend over backwards to provide for a person when their heart and soul is truly ready for what it is they say they want. I feel that the same applies to you; that when you are ready and when your environment is ready, your child will be reunited. Best of luck to you.
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Re: need a very special s
By: / Novice
Post # 3
On the legal part. If there are documents and other evidens that would win the case for you in a court. A lawer would contacting her with you're case and what would happen if it have to go to court.
Would tell here that you realy mean it.
Also that you won't been push over.
Or also telling here, that you don't realy want her anything bad.
But it's your child. And if you have to chose.

Well. You gett the point.

To spell part and so on.
I don't know where you can find it. Sins Iv never neded it myself. (partly sins I have a variant of it as a ability)

but a shame spell would not been to bad ether.
It's a spell/ability that "forces" someone to trouly se what they do to others.
That they se theyr own bad sides. With nothing that shields it with "selfconserving" Lias.

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