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Some Uncommon Divinations

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► Some Uncommon Divinations
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Some Uncommon Divinations
By: / Novice
Post # 1
Divination through the element of air. It can be as simple as writing two choices on a piece of paper and letting them free fall from same height, so the one that first hits the ground is interpreted as answer.
There are however many sub-categories of Divination inside Aeromancy ( Aer – air , and mancy – divinations; knowledge; skill ) such as :
• Ceraunoskopy divination by lightning or it’s appearance on the sky, direction where appeared, duration etc
• Anemoscopy divination according to direction where wind blows
• Neohomancy is divination by the interpretation of the clouds, also a nice method of scrying well know to many of us that like laying on the ground in the nature and watching the sky, great for introspecting unconscious mind.
And others .

Is an ancient Divination method that old Babylonians and Greeks were know to use. The method employs arrows and sometimes specific feathers attached to the arrow shaft.
One arrow was inscribed with “G’d orders me” other with the phrase “G’d forbids me” while the third was left with nothing inscribed blank.
One than says the question at loud at sends the arrow away. The one that flew away furthest was considered an answer. If it was a blank one the procedure would be repeated.
Another version called for arrows to be placed quiver worn on backs and the arrow was then randomly taken/drawn put of it. If the blank arrow was drawn the procedure was repeated.

Divination method that uses Books alleged to hold the Truth. Specific passages acquired by such Divination could later also be used as a medicine or apotrophoic charms.
Among Christians, Hoodoo and even many Voodoo practitioners Bible is used. Standard procedure would be :
• Choosing a Book
• Placing a Book on it’s spine until it opens on itself ( balanced on spine )
• Picking a passage with eyes closed

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Re: Some Uncommon Divinations
Post # 2
Thanks for the info Obscurus! :) I've used Bibliomancy, though not with any particular texts. I consider the process of picking the book part of the answers (and I don't own any religious texts, shh!). Do you use a particular book, anyone?
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Re: Some Uncommon Divinations
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I once used magazine :D I think any book can be used, spellbooks included ( particularly when the issue is of supernatural nature ).
Oh yes and two more methods here:


Also ading this one ( because it is rather fun )

In this method person spins around inside or walks the circumference of a circle drawn on the ground, the perimeter of which is marked with the letters of an alphabet. The divination is inferred from the letter at the position where the person either stumbles or falls across the circle’s edge. The person would repeat the practice "...till he evolved an intelligible sentence, or till death or madness intervened."
I however doubt anyone needs to go so far. Let strong fatigue be the sign that You got Your information and letters You needed.

and this one because it is very wizardry like :D

Dactylomancy is method of Divination that employs ring hung on string, that acts as pendulum over some written document or collection of letters. The indicated letters are consulted and arranged into messages.
In the Middle ages it was done with 78 plates of bronze ( each letter of alphabet was used three times ) which were laid on table. The String was then burnt and the letter consulted were the ones over which the ring roll over and the one on which it hold. However in middle age it was required that the ring was made out of metal correspondent to the planetary ruler of the day on which the divination was preformed ( for example Monday silver as it is Moon’s metal ). I am sure that in modern says when we can not so easily obtain plates of bronze inscribed with letters parchment or common white paper should do fine.
Spiritualism practitioners use ring hung on string or yarn to get yes and no answers, counting the number of swings or hits over some solid surface, or they right yes, no and maybe answers and suspend/hold the ring above them.

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Re: Some Uncommon Divinations
By: / Novice
Post # 4
at the end of the text *write not right , just poked my eye sorry for bumping :)
Those are still working versions of a document I am writing on divination methods so I apologise for all the spelling, grammar and typo mistakes
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Re: Some Uncommon Divinations
Post # 5
so far i have done aeromancy.
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