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Picking Up Thoughts?

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Picking Up Thoughts?
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Picking Up Thoughts?
Post # 1
I am picking up the thoughts of someone (or something), or it is trying to communicate with me. Unfortunately I am not very skilled in psychic communication, nor do I have particularly strong abilities, and so I have no idea who it is or what they want. All I pick up is random words, ideas, and glimpses of emotion or impulse, but nothing that's coherant.

My very modest divinatory skills with a pendulum told me that yes, it is male (which I had sensed), and no, it is NOT a Spirit Guide. Most startlingly, when I asked the question of whether he was a part of me or separate, the immediate response was to have the glass candle-holder crack in half, which I take as very blunt "separate"!

I have received no answer or even glimmer of recognition when I try to speak to him directly. Most days there is zero contact at all.

What can I do to find out more about this being? Is there something I can do to make myself more receptive to picking up these thoughts or messages? Will I have more luck simply continuing to interpret with divinatory means than trying for direct contact?
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Re: Picking Up Thoughts?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
From personal expariens: it might be a subconsius conecktion.
And the best way to learn more about how to use it. Would be to lett it out. (when you can freely) and putt it down on paper.

Also. (in most cases) when you work with "higther/spiritual" things. The first thing you think of. Like an answare to your question. Is the right one. ( many use tarot and so on, to confirm what they picked up)

here is one thing you might can try.
And it's partly to you. And partly to "it"
this is how you say it. (or pretty close, use the speeking that seems right)
also. Remember. Don't lett doubth stopp you to answare.
The first thing you think it means. It's also a way to help you in comunicating with "anything"

use one and one. And don't sensor yourself in any way. (one main problem for people, is that they do....)

aywa sili tha corock tu.

Ista iris ilack tulo.

Namo dalai siva naku lim.
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Re: Picking Up Thoughts?
Post # 3
Due to my divinatory responses, I don't believe it is a part of me or my subconcious that I'm picking up. I'm not sure if it's a living person or a dead one, or some other kind of spirit, but I'm quite certain it's separate from me.
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Re: Picking Up Thoughts?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
The part in subconsius conecktion was out of not knowing 'more on the case' kind of thing:)

but sins it dosent seem that that is the case.
What or how do you think of the "thing" that gives you this information?
Good/evil and/or so on.

I gett part or hole "mesages" from things/beings or somthing I can't explain.
(my personal tought about it. Is that I'm a itersepter. [sins some sounds theyr restrickted mesages] or that I'm some how tuned in special or somthing. [I don't think to high of my self. Nothing like that] or maybe I'm just plain crazy. [in sine parts. I would prefer the last one:) lol] )
to be continuide. [maybe] hir hir.
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