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Cleansing & Chinese wash
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Hoodoo spring cleaning

Ok so spring is a time of Year when witches and practitioners alike perform cleansing of the space ( households, dwellings and alike ) and themselves, to cast aside all ill and negative energy that might be lingering around.

The Basic structure of space cleansing ritual , designed for houses in Hoodoo is done in three basic steps/procedures

- sprinkling house with Holy water, or Florida water solution
- Carrying candle or smudging with appropriate incense
- Reading prayers, Psalms or words of affirmation, words of power

These may vary , depending on ritual and area or origin , yet this is a basic structure. The rite is preformed going through home wideshrins ( in most cases ) , paying special attention to corners , under furniture and shadowed places .

Another popular way of cleansing in Hoodoo are floorwashes when it comes to space cleansing that is. The most used products for such an purpose are Chinese wash , Van Van oil solution and Household Ammonia, Florida or Canaga water Solutions , Holy water , Salt and Urine.

Chinese wash is considered to be the best choice for purifications as it removes curses , hexes and tricks that might have been laid before You , Crossings and alike. It also attracts good fortune and customers according to many Rootworkers. It is a commercial formula, that is made with essential oil of certain Grasses of same Family ( Lemongrass , Citronella , Gingergrass ) and as such original recipe is kept secret . Yet all ingredients are well known , just not the dosage. Here is how You could make a Household version that is equally effective :

Homemade Chinese wash :
A cup of pine scented commercial wash for floors or sanitary
A cup of household Ammonia
A teaspoon of Van Van oil
Pine needles approximately dozen
Broom straw approximately dozen
Bucket of water , bets use spring water yet tap water can do fine If the previous lacks
Some salt ( approximately a tablespoon )

Van Van oil is a mixture of Five Asian grasses essential oils, with addition usually of some lemongrass leaves and Blessed or Rock salt in each bottle made. The grasses used are : Lemongrass , Citronella , Vertivert , Palmarosa and Gingergrass. If You want to supercharge oil even further and make it luck and money drawing Van Van add a piece of lodestone in each bottle made and alternatively a piece of bayberry root or High John TC root .
Van Van oil has same uses as Chonese wash and it s added to baths for uncrossing and personal purification. Uncrossing candles can be dressed with this oils, and it si one of the best thongs to refresh and empower Your amulets, or mojo hands of any kind.

Another way to purify space is Incenses. Here are two examples

*Pine needles

This is great for general purification. Carry and pay attention to dark places , corners and under furniture. You can even smolder Yourself with this one. After done open door and windows or You could keep them open as You are working.

Now If You suspect a malevolent entity might have taken residence inside Your room , the good type of product to use is popular Run Dev*l Run type or products , incense formulation could go something along these lines:

*Cayenne pepper

With optional addition of Frankincense, Blackberry leaf, Black pepper

Now since this is a foul and heavy smelling incense in all the sense of the words , You should leavi it in closed room close all the doors and windows. When You consider safe run into room and open all doors and windows.

You can alternatively place candles on four corners of room , white, or yellow or white yellow candles dressed with Van Van or some purification oil like this one :

Cleansing and purification oil

-Hyssop in a teaspoon
-Lemon rind in a good pinch
-Some pine needles
-Eucalyptus essential oil 7 drops
-Lemon oil 5 drops
-Lemongrass oil 7 drops
-Some salt in each bottle made

Hope these ideas can serve You . Blessings ! By Obscurus
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