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poppets or dollies

Forums ► Magic Items ► poppets or dollies
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poppets or dollies
Post # 1
Poppet magick can be simple and fun... The use of a poppet in magick is referred to as sympathetic magick. Now , just think, when so much of magick involves visualization, what could be more powerful than something you can sympathize with. AN object that you create, that you can relate or project your emotions to..
Poppets can be made from a variety of things,
wax, clay, wood, or cloth, even corn dollie or aplle dollies have been created.. a poppets is pretty much anything you can create or shape into the form of a human figure. the type of poppet I will discuss here is one of cloth. It is what I am most used to working with.
to make a cloth poppet first find a piece of cloth. If it comes from an article of clothing the poppets target (who the poppet is mean to represent) that works well. but any cloth will do. it can be white. or it can be of a color that has a certain magickal use.
2 next draw an outline of a human like figure on the cloth for a pattern. then place the cloth on another peice of the same cloth and begin to cut along the lines of the pattern so that you have a two sided cut out of a dollie.
3 sew the two pieces together to make a dollie form..you don't have to be a seamstress or use a sewing machine. most dollies i have ever sen look primitive and the important thing is that You the witch or magician has made this with your own two hands . and the time you spent making it is time you have spent forming a bond with your magickal tool.
4. now you have your dollie put together and almost ready to be filled. but first this is the time for little details to personalize it. your dollie by no means has to be any type of "spitting image" of its target, but you may place symbolic marks on the dollie that your target may have. the same hair color. or you can place a mark on the dollie to represent a birthmark or tattoo the target has. use the same eye color has the target, you may even write the targets name on the dollie in English or in the magickal alphabet, some witches even suggest you place the symbol of your targets zodiac sign on the dollies abdomen. when it comes to marking your dollie , you can use paint, or even a marker, you can always add beads for eyes or just use the marker, be creative, as this is a magical tool you will use...and remember for this as well, you don't have to be an artist. this is a tool of sympathetic magick.
5 now that you have your dollie all cut out sewn and marked you can make an a cut in the back of the dolie or a cut just beneath the abdomen that you will use to stuff your dollie with.
5b now when it comes to what to stuff your dollie with see any book of shadows or this web site to find the magickal uses for herbs, stones, woods( because you may wish to place twigs inside your dollie esp where its arms and legs are.) these are the things you cna stuff it with. herbs twigs stones woods flowers or money if it is a money poppet. you can anoint it with oil..what you use will need to match the intent of the spell you use with your dollie or the magickal use of the dollie.
5c you can also include a letter of intent inside of the dollie, a piece of paper you have written a charm on or a spell on with the intent of your workings written on it..once again be creative. and remeber have everything consecrated that you stuff the dollie with.
NOw for the spell, withen the magick circle
6 "out of the darkness came the birth of creation as I will create (state your purpose for creating the doll) this night (or day)"
7 now carry the dollie to the 4 quarters saying earth links you to(persons name0 air links you to (persons name) fire links you to (persons name water links you to (persons name)
8 after the quarters have blessed the doll. hold the doll in both hands and say
the bond is forged the doll and (the person) are one, the link cannot be broken until I choose or in the spirits eyes the work is complete.
9 now breath slowly on the doll or at its lips three times saying "the breath of life is around you the breath of life is within you.
as I said sympathetic poppet magick is very powerful and it is best not to do anything to the poppet you feel would be unethical or unwanted by the target, if you do so the magick is evil ...and wrong...but poppets can be used for almost anything magickally, you can keep the poppet and place more spells on it over time as it is needed and remember store it in a very safe place. you may use your wand to direct energy to your poppet now and then or to add more spellwork to your poppet whenever you wish. it is now a tool of magick that holds a link to its target. you can make a poppet of yourself even to cast spellwork to enhance or improve yourself. You can give the poppet to the person it is bonded with and it makes an excellent gift.
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Re: poppets or dollies
Post # 2
Thanks for this, I planned on making one and just needed some tips. This helped a lot.
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Re: poppets or dollies
Post # 3
I was taught poppetry in a similar fashion. You can also add personal items to their creation to increase the effects. The more time spent on them the stronger the connection. You can bless or baptise them before starting to work on them. It gives them a symbological form of life. Stating their name is also important to some. They can be used to lift curses or draw negative magics away from a person by telling your poppet that this is its purpose. Always keep your poppet safe and free it from its charge when it has served its purpose.
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