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Healing Magick

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Healing Magick
Post # 1
My stepfather has just been diagnosed with chest cancer. He has a tumor wrapped around his left mammary artery, underneath his ribcage, and surgery is going to be very risky at best. The surgery involves the removal of three of his ribs and a section of artery, and the chance of failure is uncomfortably high with this particular procedure.

What I need is a spell that can heal him. I'm not in to casting other people's spells, because the only ones that have worked for me are ones that I have cast, so I will be making my own. However, I know almost nothing about healing magick. There is some basic information I would like before I even try to create and cast this spell, due to the fact that I could just make things worse.

Firstly, what crystals would be good to help focus the energy of my spell? Please don't say quartz, while it's good at focusing energy in general, I need something more tuned for healing energy. Preferably a stone that I can carve or scribe a healing sigil onto.

Secondly, what herbs are magickally associated with healing? I'm not looking for a holistic medical lesson here, just want to know what sort of herbs I would be looking for for traditional healing magick.

Thirdly, how should I word the spell? I know that one thing to avoid with spells is use of words with negative connotation, such as can't, won't, no, nothing, or never, but I am very new to healing magick.

This is a serious subject for me. Please, if you have the knowledge I am looking for, post it here or PM it to me. I need information as quickly as possible, because my stepdad's surgery is scheduled for the 15'th of january, and at the very least I'd like to have a spell ready that will help the surgery work if nothing else.
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Re: Healing Magick
Post # 2
you're very wise to want to tailor make your own spell and to use a postive statement in a chant rather than focus on the negative, This is a very serious situation so im gonna mail you some info, I hope you'll find it useful, take care ,
blessed be
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Re: Healing Magick
Post # 3
since the part being operated on I recommend a stone for the heart chakra area, pink or green stones, or crystals. reiki would be good too.
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Re: Healing Magick
By: / Adept
Post # 4
Maybe this will help you design your spell, just another healing spell example:


I'm so sorry to hear of your step-father's illness. Be sure to visualize him whole and holy and recovered and rejuvenated.
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Re: Healing Magick
Post # 5
Thanks to everyone who has contributed, I have not finished preparing the spell yet however, so if anyone has any other advice to offer, I am more than willing to accept it.
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Re: Healing Magick
Post # 6
I apologize for the double post, but I have a quick question:
As far as stones attributed to Healing energy, would Bloodstone work? Some people suggested Green and pink crystals, and this one is a deep green with red veins.

Whatever chant I write I am going to sigilize and scribe onto whatever stone I wind up using, and Bloodstone also seems soft enough for this to be done easily.
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Re: Healing Magick
Post # 7
Just want to update this, the spell worked! My stepfather didn't even need surgery, about a week after I cast this spell, the tumor went away.

For the record, here's the spell that I used.

3 white Taper candles
1 1" Bloodstone (Try to get a piece that is dark green, with some red veins/spots)
1 strip (3" by 5") yellow Parchment paper
1 charged inkpen (charged with my own energy)

You'll need to tailor your incantation for your own personal situation, no need for it to rhyme, just be sure to use only words with a positive connotation. Be sure that it's specific for the needs of the spell.

When you finish your incantation, scribe it onto the piece of Parchment paper (I use this because it burns easily with little mess) with your inkpen. On a separate piece of Scrap paper, sigilize your incantation. A good method for sigilization can be found in the link at the bottom of this page.

Once you have finished your sigil, (Carefully!) etch it onto the Bloodstone with your hammer and chisel (I used a small screwdriver as a chisel). You will need to get rid of the scrap paper, because for the sigil to work you will need to forget what it looks like.

Light the three candles, forming a triangle around your now-sigiled Bloodstone, and focus positive energy towards the stone, chanting your incantation, until you feel as if the stone is well charged. Your mind will need to be clear of everything except the Incantation while doing this.

You will need to forget what the sigil looks like, so give the stone to the person you are trying to heal. Ask them to carry it with them. I personally put mine in a small white cloth pouch before I gave it to my stepfather.
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