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Condition oils

Forums ► Herbalism ► Condition oils

Condition oils
By: / Novice
Post # 1
Just to share few of my own condition oil recipes :)

Be gone police oil

Oregano either 10drops ( e.oil ) or 1 teaspoon
Tansy ( 1 teaspoon )
Fennel seeds ( a good pinch )
Licorice root ( 3 pinches of chips )
Powdered eggshell , ( small pinch, added in each bottle made )

Add the Herbal blend in 30ml of oil , leave it to stay atleast for a week, and best if sits for a month. Strain, and in each bottle made add a tansy flower, few licorice chips and pinch of eggshell powder.

If You can obtain Major celandine add some of it's orange color juice to finished oil to color it ( orange color for situation or event controlling ) and because it is said to keep law officers away , Only If You have it , oil shall be equally efficient without , this way would be just fancier ( de lux version )

Cut and clear oil

Lemon leaves ( 9 of them )
Lemongrass ( if oil nine drops , nine pinches if herb, or nine chips )
Lemon verbena ( teaspoon )
Lemon mint ( teaspoon )
Some pine needles ( approximately dozen )
Eucalyptus essential oil ( just a few drops )

Top all with oil .
Leave Lemon leaves in each bottle .

Fast Psychic oil

7 drops of anise essential oil
7 drops of jasmine fragnance oil
7 drops of lemongrass essential oil ( optional )
Yarrow flowers ( teaspoon )
Flax seeds in each bottle of oil made ( teaspoon aproximately )
Base oil 20ml
If You are going to dye this one use purple or blue dye .

Mind that these are mine own formulations , therfore not the oils You can purchase online. However that does not make them less effective , base ingredients are used according to Hoodoo tradicional oil recipes and others are added according to Hoodoo herb magick correspondences.

If You would do something different You may state so , post a reply , but as long as it is consistant with Conjue tradition .
If You have any other suggestions , or any advice , remark , complimet , comment etc . please feel free to post it .

Blessed be!

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Re: Condition oils
Post # 2
So if I was growing a few pot plants or cooking meth and police were investigating...would that oil save my stash??? lmao (just curious...I don't do drugs personally)
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Re: Condition oils
By: / Adept
Post # 3
Yes, Wolf, that's exactly what Law Keep Away products are used for. Hoodoo is wonderfully void of institutionalized ethics - these judgements about what's right and wrong are best left to the decision of the user, or so us rootworkers think.

Thanks, Obscurus, for sharing your recipes. Rootworkers are also a reluctant group to part with their proprietary formulas, so i thank you again for your generosity.
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Re: Condition oils
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Yes We rootworkers do tend to keep our Condition oil secret . But I can reveal a recipe as long as I wrote it . I have many tradicional formulas but I would not give away those unless it is indeed a reliable and discret person interested in subject.

Miss Cat has few formulas on her website , but You have to read to find those ;)

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Re: Condition oils
Post # 5
Yay Sharing time ! lol
Lemme share one of my formulas :

Piece of mind oil


Oil to be used to dress Your third eye , sternum area , hand wrists to calm Your mind and fends off the confusion, end intranquility.
To 2 oz of base oil

Few drops of Wintergreen essential oil
Few drops of Lavender essential oil
Few drops of Rosemary oil
Add s spring of Mint
Add a spring of Lavender
Add White Rose / or White rose bud
Add few Grains of Frankincense to each bottle made

Let it sit at least a week , best for month . Recipe based on Hoodoo correspondences ,
By me M.V. aka Shadow

Explanation on ingredients :)

Mint gives mental strenght in times of need ( among other things a for which Mint is used in Hoodoo like uncrossing ) , Lavander and Rosemary give serenity and purify all bad thoughts , White Rose is a symbol of Peace in Hoodoo , of blessing and well being , Wintergreen add's a touch of luck and strenght to this oil , while Frankincense brings vigor and light of the Sun to destroy depression and apathy , and emprovers Codition oils , also an ingredient of Blessing oil .

Confusion oil ( also by me , this would be like basic formula , meaning You could add up ingredients in this for "specific" confusion )

Black mustard seeds , half of teaspoon
Poppy seads teaspoon
Rue plant in each bottle
If You have add Cayenne essential oil but diluted
All in 1oz of dark colored oil , such as almond . Some people would use mineral oil , but I am not particulary fond on it .

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Re: Condition oils
Post # 6
Thanks for sharing these recipes! As LdyGry said, rootworkers are so very secretive! So thank you for sharing.

I'll add one of my own:

General or Protection Anointing Oil

1 cup cold pressed grape seed oil (or substitute for the oil you prefer to use)
1/2 tsp frankincense resin
1/2 tsp myrrh resin
1/2 tsp dragon's blood resin

Mix together and keep in a dark place, shaking every couple of days. Strain after three months, and voila! Use for protection, anointing during ritual, etc.
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Re: Condition oils
Post # 7
here here ! share athon : ) im not particularly good with
oils however i know that van van oil is made up of vervain lemon verbena lemongrass lemon balm lemon mint and lemon
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Re: Condition oils
By: / Novice
Post # 8
Thanks dear MIss , though I've never heard of such Van Van oil formula. Main ingredient is Lemongrass , thann Citronella and then three more grasse in form of essential oils .

Hoodooists would ussualy add a piece of Lemongrass and Blessed salt or Rock salt to each of the bottles made.
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Re: Condition oils
Post # 9
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Re: Condition oils
Post # 10
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