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Commonly asked questions
By: / Knowledgeable
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Curiosity is nature, thats what I always say. but when it comes to Wicca there are many questions to be asked, just from curiosity, or questions from people who are learning, who want to learn. These are some of the question many begginers to wicca, and other magickal practitioners ask, and not only for newbies, for other people who by reading reinforce, or find knew knowledge.

What is Wicca?

To some it is a modern religion, to others it is derived or is in fact an ancient Pagan religion. It is based in the art of witchcraft, recognizing as sacred, the world in which we live, and all the cratures in it. Being a pagan religion means that, divinity is not sepearate from the world, instead we find that it is one with it.
Magick plays a large role in this religion. Believing that the Universe is not soulless, but instead it is alive, and flows with diverse energies.

Do Wishes Worship the Devil?

This is the most common question, I say this is because of the ignorance that rules this world. But still this is MY opinion on things. Witches worship old Gods of nature and do not bleive in the devil. Wiccans that is, remember this creature was created by christians.
(I do not wish to offend anyone by this)

Do wishes worship God?

Unlike christianity and some other religions, that worship one god, that they claim is the only true god. Wiccans are not atheist, they are not devil worshippers, and infact do worship a God, a variety of gods and goddesses in fact, rather than a Supreme diety; some wiccans believe that all gods and goddesses are different aspects of the same GOd and Goddess, other believe these are all seperate. What is important to point out in Wicca is the acknowledgement of both Male and Female divinity, and not the superiority of Males.

Do Wiccans have rules to follow?

As a matter of fact we do, but we have only one ¨commandment¨(if I may word it like that), it is inside the Wiccan Rede, it has all the rules we need for life -Eight words the wiccan rede fulfil, an ye harm none, do as ye will-. Even though many would say that this is too simple and 'liberal' in fact it really isnt, because harming none paints the whole picture. I mean, you cant harm anything, anyone, even yourself, this controls so many aspects on our lives, even the way we talk.

In magick and life, we follow another law, known as the Threefold, in which everything we do will come back, trippled, or more. Depending on what we do, hence Karma.

Do you have to be in a coven to be a witch?

Though many wiccans would argue that unless you have been initiated by coveners, or are yourself in a coven you cannot call yourself a wiccan, many also disagree. From this comes the term, hedgewitch, or solitary practitioner. In a way many feel comfortable in groups, other do not, or simply do not have the possibilities of being in a coven.

Do wiccans have priests?

Yes and we also have priestesses. Unlike other religions, wicca does not view males as superior, there is not divition, and all sexes are able to fully function spiritually like the other.

These are just examples of questions that you can ask, if there are anymore wiccan related questions, or you wish me to post more questions and answers, please do ask. Blessed be.
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