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Vision Help?

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Vision Help?
Post # 1
Hey anyone reading this,

My name's Anaid, and I have visions. Lately everything has been acting out. Normally when I have visions, I'm fine. But not too long ago I had a vision that only lasted a few seconds, and it hurt my head. As if someone took a hammer and smashed it against my temple. I've never felt so much pain at once.

Then last night I think I had another vision... but I don't remember it. I just remember grabbing a pencil and paper, and my hand twitching. When my head went back to normal.. this is what I had written...

"She takes her left hand and puts it on his forehead. Images flood into his mind, and he feels them as if they were his own. Suddenly, a blood-red sky appears before him. Pitch black clouds are scattered. Feelings that are hers, become his. A sense of destruction, death, and fear. Next, she's standing in a dead, deserted area. Barefoot, in a simple red-orange dress that looks like fire. Her long, dirty-blonde hair blows to the side. A giant, Chicago-like city use to be where she stands; two others stand behind her. One in a similar, but green dress. It looks like leaves blowing on a giant oak tree. The other wears a light blue dress; water still in the air. A sense of sadness, failure, and uselessness emit from the girl in fire. Suddenly, her voice is heard in his head...

This is our future, and there's nothing we can do to stop it. This is what's going to happen, but because of people like you, we don't want to save it. You feel and see what I do, you see now. Are you afraid?..

The boy opens his eyes and stares at the girl. He knows now that it's the truth."


Reading this.. I try to picture what I saw at the time, but no matter how hard I try, I can't see it again.

I'd be very grateful if anyone can tell me what might be going on, and why this might have happened. Thanks.

-Anaid :)
Blessed Be.
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Re: Vision Help?
Post # 2
wow, thats really interesting, almost eerie
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Re: Vision Help?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
You're a medium. And that spirit can sure write! It was creepy. But I think that's what he was going for. Kudos to him.

You may want to learn how to prevent being taken over when you don't want spontaneous things like that to happen. A necklace that hangs at your solar plexus that a protection spell has been placed on should work just fine.

You are TOO open. You need to get a hold of that before the wrong spirit gets a hold of you.

When you are too open it means you have an uncontrolled, wild gift. Some people don't have to try to be open, they just are. They don't understand it, so the gift controls them instead of the other way around. No need to close any chakras. You don't want to limit your gift unless you CAN'T control it once you've tried.

There are tons of books on mediumship, mediums, safety, etc.
Pick a few up at a local library and start educating yourself on it.

Also the writing thing is called automatic writing. You're lucky this one wrote in english. Last time I tried, half of it was in French! Took me forever to translate, especially since my first guess was Italian. Learned a valuable lesson...the two languages...very different.

Words of wisdom, most spirits don't make sense. Whether they are playing around, they're scarred/restless, they like speaking another language....or they're just plain lying for giggles. Don't let what they say or do bother you. If you are given a warning, make precautions and keep going on.

The spiritual side of the physical world in cities and towns is the ghetto. You have a lot of disgruntled spirits, people that died and deny it, restless spirits that have had scarring lives, and then the negative vermin that likes to feed on it all.

Of course, like any ghetto, you still have the outsiders coming in and out. The ones that are there because they're waiting on a loved one or watching over a child, etc as well as your normal nature spirits.

There are some spirits who actually use uncontrolled mediums to mimic being corporial again and then that person can start becoming addicted to alcohol or drugs and can't stop. Its sad, I knew a witch that was like that but she was states away and there was nothing I could personally do. She got involved with the wrong people.

Some just get weird cravings or a strong desire to go someplace they've never been to. They'll say things they don't remember saying, write things they don't remember writing...yes, uncontrolled mediums can be afflicted with a semi-possession anytime, anywhere. No its nothing like the exorcist.

When you establish a set boundary on your home that doesn't allow beings in who have any harmful intentions. Then you'll start noticing more normal visions and messages. Don't forget a protection when you're out.

I'm not trying to scare you, and I doubt its gotten that far yet. I'm making sure you understand exactly why you need to protect yourself and learn to control your gift.
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