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Banishing Ritual

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Banishing Ritual
Post # 1
I have been working on a perfected version of a banishing ritual for the past few years. It does combine certsain elements that amny may have already seen but, in formulating it into one whole has taken me some time and a lot of meditation to finalise it. However there may still be room for more exploration.

We begin with the basic structure of the Kabbalistic Cross.

The Kabbalistic Cross
This exercise connects you to the Tree of Life, balances your aura and
acts as a protection against unwanted intrusions to the aura. It also
Grounds and Centers you! Pronounce the words very slowly and stretch the vowels. Feel the vibration of each word. Put as much will, energy and imagination as possible into your performance.

1. Stand facing East. Calm yourself and relax. Center yourself and let
the cares of this world fade away. Take a deep breath and exhale
completely then breath deeply and slowly. Stay mentally alert and let
all your thoughts fade away. Stand erect with your hands at your side
then reach above your head to a sphere of bright white light
approximately 9 inches across. (some say 6 inches)

2. Touch your forehead (midway between or slightly above the eyebrows) with the first two (or index) fingers of your right hand (you can use your left hand if you are left handed as it will still work the same, as it is your power hand). You may also use a dagger. Visualize a line of shining, white bright light from above entering the body and
creating a light sphere at that point. As you advance try this about an
inch or two away from your forehead and feel the vibration.

Vibrate: 'ATEH' (pronounced 'ahtah') = 'for thine'

Be aware of the innermost self residing within you *

3. Lower hand to the chest area - point and visualize the line of bright white light extending down through your feet and below.

Vibrate: 'MALKUTH' (pronounced 'malkut' or more like Mal-Cooth) = 'is the kingdom'

Be aware of your body and, feel the vibration in the groin and below.

4. Raise your hand and touch your right shoulder, visualizing a sphere of light emerging there.

Vibrate: 'VE GEBURAH' (pronounced 'ver geboorah') = 'the power'

Be aware of your power. *

5. Draw a line of light across from your right shoulder to your left
shoulder and visualize another sphere of light emerging there.

Vibrate: 'VE GEDULAH' (pronouncd 'ver gedoolah') = 'and the glory'

Be aware of your love energy (Gedulah is another name of Chesed). *

6. Cross your two hands over your heart right over left male left over right female (sign of Osiris risen). Visualize a shining, white cross of light inscribed through your body - head to feet and shoulder to shoulder.

Vibrate: 'LE OLAHM' (pronounced 'le ohlarm') = 'for ever and ever'

Be aware of exactly where you are (here), exactly at this moment (now). *

7. Extend your arms above your head and clasp your hands and bring them down to your heart.

Vibrate: 'AMEN' = "So be it"(Truly)

Also a modified version can be used very effectively here:
Using the forefinger and middle finger of the right hand (sword position). Facing East, in the center, touch the forehead with the blade , and say "Ateh", Touching the Solar Plexus, say ?Heleyl, ben Shachar?, the genitals, saying Malkuth, Touching the right shoulder, say "ve-Geburah. Touching the left shoulder, say "ve-Gedulah, Clasp the hands upon the breast, say "le-Olahm, AMEN."

Then we structure the Pentagrams:
Advance to the East.

With the sword, dagger, or fingers of your power hand trace the Aright Pentagram of Earth, Invoking or Banishing as appropriate, (visualize this Pentagram as molten gold); next trace a circle about the Pentagram 1 times (envision this circle as a serpent devouring it's tail), then trace the appropriate Averse Pentagram of Earth (envision this Pentagram as molten silver).

Inhale through the nose, raising both hands to the sides of the head, sword, or dagger, pointing forward.. Step forward with the left foot. At the same time, thrust the hands forward so that they point at the exact middle of the pentagrams vibrate the formula, ShMAT Bring the left foot back to its original position. Pull the right forefinger back to the lips in the sign of Hoor-paar-Kraat (Sign of Silence). Point to the center of the pentagrams with the blade or fingers. Now trace a line in the air at the height of the center of the pentagrams moving clockwise around the edge of the circle.

Stop in the South. Repeat as before, but vibrate the name, "ADNI."

Move to the West as before; repeat vibrating the Grand Word, "AHIH."

Move to the North as before; repeat vibrating the notariqon, "AGLA."

Complete the circle back to the East, return to center. Visualse a sphere being formed from the ring that surounds you. Extend your arms in the form of a Cross. Now visualise yourself standing as a giant Black Cross with a Red Rose at the center of your chest.

Extending the arms in the form of a cross vibrate melodically: "Before me Raphael; Behind me Gabriel; On my right hand Michael; On my left hand Auriel; Above me Metatron; Beneath me Sandalphon; Now assume the star position step to your left with the left foot now say 'For about me flames the Pentagram', and 'Above me shines the
six-rayed star' (imagine a shining hexagram - a Star of David - above
your head and crowning the circle of the Pentagrams, feel energy
radiating down from the Star through the column of your whole body). and then say, "my Father's Face, in Stars of Force and Fire!"? Imagine six rays of light shooting from your center (above, below, front, back, right, and left). Now Cross the arms stepping back in the sign of Osiris Risen, And say, "in the secret center dwells the Ruach El Chai", The Living Breath of God?.

Now we spin the sphere start rolling the sphere down the front up the back, then the horizontal from left to right and finish off from the top down your right and up the left. It will then spin so fast that it becomes a vibration!

Seal this by Repeating the Kabbalistic cross.
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