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Im Sick Of This Completly

Forums ► Comments ► Im Sick Of This Completly

Im Sick Of This Completly
Post # 1
Now I Might Be Very Well Mistaken And Wrong But I Just Feel I Need To Say This.

There Are Older Members Of The Site Complaining.
Complaining About Role Players.
Which Is Now To Be Honest Just Plain Boring.

They Moan About The Good O'l Days When People Came Here To Learn And It Was A Great Site.

Now They Complain About This Site Going Downhill.
Personally I Think This Is Plain Rude As That Might Rather Be Offensive Or Upsetting To Petraca.

They Complain About Kiddies Coming To This Site For Roleplaying And Messing With Things They Dont Understand.
Personally I Only Think That A Small Amount Of People Do That.

Its Offending To The Kids Having To Read That!

Adults Can Role Play Too!!

Look What I Say Is

If You Don't Like It Leave.

x Forgive Me If I Am Wrong.
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Re: Im Sick Of This Completly
Post # 2
hi i am new here- maybe the older ones just want some respect--- according to the younger generation i am old- i am 43, yet i still get carded---lol! i have come here because i am tired of being a solitary witch, and i want to interact, and also share spells and such, and i wanted to be part of a coven-- i am happy to be here and blessed be to everyone!!! posh
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Re: Im Sick Of This Compl
Post # 3
Yes Me Too I Agree!
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Re: Im Sick Of This Completly
Post # 4
but all the kiddies arwe two roleplayingeesh and if they claim sumthin i dun liek they are roleplayers!!!!!

Sorry I couldn't resist
I don't really get the roleplayer 'system'.. Just because it doesn't make sense to someone, its automatically roleplay.
But they fail to put their reasoning to why is roleplay.
And they fail to correct the person claiming the feat.. Rather then help the person learn about the feat there claiming the reason is simply "Its impossible."

I say this from what I've seen, I'm sorry if I offended anyone.
G'day, Blessed be, all that good stuff.
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Re: Im Sick Of This Completly
Post # 5
(And yes I am a hyprocrite cause I've called people roleplayers, but I've still been called one myself, I guess it doesn't matter if you're an oldie.)
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Re: Im Sick Of This Completly
Post # 6
I seen many posts of this... The most extreme example I seen of a roleplayer was the DnD type... Like believing they can summon trees and spirits just by saying words and what not. But their really is nothing we can do about it besides try to banned them or tell them away. If we all just leave them alone, no talking about them or talking to them (remember you can choose to not reply or delete the message they sent you and the priest or priestess can boot them from the coven) then they will find out they can't get anything from here or will just talk to them selves.

But if we can not do that then what else do you think we can do, not pet himself.
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Re: Im Sick Of This Completly
Post # 7
To a degree I disagree, but at the same time I do agree.

To much complaining can get just as annoying as role playing and to some people the two are equally insulting. I admit I complain on occasion, but I try to keep it in until I've reached that point where I just have to let it out. Fortunately, the role playing has died down a lot lately it seems so this site hasn't really been that bad.

Role playing can be considered insulting because it tells people who take things seriously that these people think it's all a joke. With Dragon Magick, for example, many practitioners of that see it as a way of life, a subculture of sorts, and so seeing people roleplay about dragon slaying or being a dragon can be a little upsetting when they are doing so right where the serious practitioners are meant to be studying and practicing. I can understand why those members would complain, and they have. For anyone who doesn't already know, those members have already left to a new site which their most experienced member created.

Complaining can be insulting because, as you said, Florence, some people try hard to make this site a good place and those complaints say it's not good enough. That is rude, it is disrespectful, and although everyone needs to complain once in awhile there are limits.

So that's my view on it all. We went through a time when there seemed to be a new roleplay in the forums every single day, a new vampire or mermaid bragging about their immortality and mastery over all domains, denying that anything they said was in any way made up or stolen from an anime or cartoon. During that time, I was among those who would often complain, but being just a member there wasn't much more then that that I could do except take the matter right to the roleplayers which I often did. Now, however, those role players seem to be gone for the most part and so there is little need to complain.
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Re: Im Sick Of This Completly
Post # 8
look all kids arent role players im 10 and im more adult-like i dont go round saying i ride on a unicorn (they mythical creatures) but yet again who is to say they arent? magick sometimes can be possable and i would think possitively kids are creative acsept me...well im more mature stop that kinda person im not like gigle gigle hehe..but some people have diffrent personalities. My Point proven
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Re: Im Sick Of This Completly
Post # 9
Actually, Destiny, your point is spoken. It isn't proven until solid undeniable proof is set before those who you are speaking to. For example if one person says a whale exists and another says the whale does not the whale will not be proven to exist just by the one who says it exists giving a fancy or detailed explanation of it. The whale would be proven to exist by being flopped down in front of the person who says it does not exist.

Furthermore, if you stick to learning about the knowledge you can find here I think you'll find that there is often more to mythology then many "mature" people would believe.
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Re: Im Sick Of This Completly
Post # 10
I believe that people must consider certain aspects in the future before starting bragging about claimed abilities. I highly doubt it'll impress anybody.. Quite the contrary, I rather imagine it'll only serve to frustrate and give you a bad reputation.
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