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Meaning of a spell Part 2

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► Meaning of a spell Part 2
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Meaning of a spell Part 2
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So, I went downstairs where there were our extra bathroom where we kept things we did not need anymore. ( parents divorced that time). I felt like opening all the interior objects that I bought in Montmartre Paris and realized that an art project would go very nice with the new interior furnishing of my room. For my graduation I prepared a 3-dimensional story board named "secret garden". The story board was full of roses also that I hand-painted. The roses of course had some wires. After I brought it back to my room, I was trying to fix the roses which were out of order and something hurt my hand very bad. I looked in and saw some needles. Than, I looked once more and found a RED rope with lots of knots stuck in my project within the roses.It was a about 1mt or longer and I guess it the knots were with 10 cm apart. On each knot, there were needles. I screamed because it was disgusting and run to my dad showing him what I have found. I remember him being also very shocked and scared. Later on,they brought it to a muslim priest( I live in a muslim country and did not go personally) and he could not say much than that we shall throw it to the water along with other spells that I found withing this short time-line.
This was the first spell that I found back than at our ex-house.
.However, in order to sit comfortably in bed, I had to use two pillows. One of the pillow was soft.So I had to bend it. The minute I bent it, something hurt my neck. I tried to understand what was hurting me by touching and squeezing the pillow and thought it shall be a bird feather that they use in these type of pillows.But no, it was something much harder. So I took the cover and decided to open the pillow.Those are fabrication pillow. They put the feathers with vacuum inside and machine-sewn. When I took of the cover, I have seen that someone already opened the pillow and hand-sewn it back in a very amateur way.I ripped the pillow and you can imagine the amount of feathers flying in the air. And I found our famous spell. A muska ( I am not sure how it is written. A triangle talisman which is used a lot in muslim countries.)It was covered again by a very thick transparent foglio in triangular shape and they have even sewn it in order to seal it. I opened it. I found an A4 size white paper composed of 3 columns. Each column was written with a different pen colour in arabic.
Than I found another small paper inside the pillow. On one side , there was written again something in arabic ( dont know arabic) and on the other side it was written in turkish( I know turkish) "put it into the pillow". So I understood very clearly that someone went to a spell caster and this spell caster prepared some talismans and wrote on each item where to put in my house.
Again the same muslim priest told that it was the language of Gin since it was written back wards arabic if he was saying the truth. Gins are kind of entities in muslim religion believed to live in the middle of two worlds.They say there are good ones and bad ones. ANyway, this was the second dream.
I ll continue with the 3rd talisman I found on a new thread.
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