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Advice For Everyone

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Advice For Everyone
Post # 1
First, let me say that mankind isn’t inherently good nor evil, I say this because the ideas of good and evil don’t exist. The reason they don’t exist is because good can become evil and vice versa, so nothing can be either one of them. However, there is a perfection of what we call good and I refer to it as Light. Light cannot be corrupted to its opposite state because it is perfection, a perfection that we cannot ever achieve as humans because of our nature. The perfection of evil I refer to as Dark, it also cannot be corrupted or achieved by humans.
However, in between Light, Good, Evil, and Dark, is what I refer to as Gray. Imagine a line with Light at the very far left end, good to the right of it, and in the very middle, Gray, then evil, and Dark at the far right. Gray represents being neutral, which I believe is the state that we are born into. We are born neutral, but we choose our path and we will always lean one way more than the other. Yet everyone will make good and evil decisions in their life, and if anyone claims otherwise, then they are truly delusional.

Now, with all that being said, let me get to my main point in posting this. If you look at the world today, there are so many people who fall victim to ideas that are considered evil. By falling victim to ideas, I am not referring to leaning more toward evil tendencies, but letting your own perceptions of being evil consume you to the point of being unhealthy physically or mentally. A person shouldn’t feel that they are evil and that they shouldn’t exist anymore just because they look at themselves in a particular way. A person’s perception of evil is nothing more than what they think is evil and reflect those thoughts back upon themselves. It is because of this reflection upon ones self that they are consumed (granted, you can also be consumed by good, but this thread isn’t about being consumed by good).

Some people know which path they are meant to take and lean toward; however, the vast majority of those who become consumed by evil and are pessimistic, cut themselves, or are suicidal are actually just confused. The confusion likely comes from the idea of evil that they have so greatly reflected upon themselves that they feel no one can be as evil and unworthy as life as they are. Granted, everyone’s circumstances in life are different, I realize that, but remember this, You cannot control the circumstances that happen to you, but you control how you react to them. You can either let them consume you and tear you down, or you can let them strengthen you and build you help, it is up to the individual.

What I am trying to prove here, actually goes for everyone (including myself), but it goes double for the people who constantly battle with this on a daily basis. You see, everyone and everything on this planet is unique in some way, even if we cannot see it with our own eyes. It is this uniqueness that makes us each an individual. However, if you believe me here or not, there is always somebody, somewhere, who will share some of your beliefs with you, so you are never truly alone. There will always be someone to listen to you if you need that, but you will never find that person while you are throwing a pity party. It truly does help to have someone listen. The reasoning behind this for me, when you keep things inside of you, they are in the darkness of your mind, heart, and soul. Now, the thing about keeping evil inside of you and not expressing it is that it keeps on feeding, growing, and then consuming you because it is in the perfect environment, one that is hidden inside. If you put a flower in complete darkness but still water and take care of it besides its need for light, will it grow correctly? Apply the same idea to keeping evil inside. As long as it is in its preferred environment, it will continue to become stronger. So you must simply take it out of its preferred environment, bring it to the light, and the best way to do this is with the power of your spoken voice to another. Just as a flower grows in the light, so does the ability to overcome your own demons as you expose them. Everyone is going to have demons that they go to their grave with, but a lot of us are clinging onto perceptions of ourselves that we should not, odds are that the things we cling onto are negative perceptions.

In conclusion, we all are forced at some point or another to deal with society and the impressions that they make upon us. However, the individual has the final say so on what impressions they receive. No matter what impressions that we receive from society as a whole, an individual, or from ourselves, there is one impression that everyone needs to consider because without it, there would be utterly nothing. This critical impression is that of life. Life is in itself a miracle and a work of magic, and if you are reading this, I am most likely to believe you practice magic than not. At which point you should be able to respect the power, awe, and mystery of magic. I have always strongly believed that we are all created for a reason, what each of our reasons may be, we may never know during our time here. However, if a person ends their time before it is meant for them by suicide, they will never complete their reason and purpose in life. Your purpose, like I said, might not be clearly visible, but you could unintentionally influence a complete stranger to make a change for the better and you would never even know it. I hope that this has helped everyone, especially those who needed it. And if you choose not to attempt to take the suggestion of bringing the dark into the light to help you heal from being consumed by evil, at least take the suggestion of respect for magic and the gift of life that came from it. Also, if anyone ever needs any one to talk to send me a message, as long as it is true. A lie that causes a person that needs help to not receive the amount that they needed will surely come back on the liar. Que Sera Sera.

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Re: Advice For Everyone
Post # 2
Thank you for this post, it will be very helpful.
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Re: Advice For Everyone
Post # 3
I think that too..
Nothing is really good or evil.
What is evil anyways??
Isn't society the only ones who made these concepts??
and I believe that everything has a positive and negative sides..
Like love for example, sometimes it makes a person better or a person greedy..
Greedy-immediately we think it's bad, but if it wasn't there
then how do you think human kind would have survived this far??
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