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Tree Meditation - basic

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Tree Meditation - basic
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Stand in a relaxed manner, feet at shoulder width. Close your eyes and find your center, visualize this as a glowing spark. As you concentrate on this spark, it grows larger and larger, until it is a good sized sphere. This is the ‘seed’ of your life, your very own energy with its own color and its own feel. Watch its movement, as it swirls around, pulsating with light and warmth.

From this seed, send down roots, through your legs, down through your calves, through the bottom of your feet. Past the floor, past the foundation, reach down with these roots, through the soil and rock until you find the hot, liquid core of Mother Earth. Secure your roots in the core, and draw the warmth of this core into your roots, back up through rock and dirt, up your feet and legs and mix this warm, red energy into your sphere.

Reaching out of the top of the sphere, send out branches out of your arms, the top of your head, even. Send these branches up through the air, through Earth’s atmosphere.
• If it is day, send these branches up to the Sun. Take in the Sun God’s bright yellow energy back down into yourself.
• If it is night, draw down the cool, white energy of the Moon Mother.
• If you would prefer, draw only on the energies of the Sky.
Once you have secured your branches into these energy sources, then draw the energy you have selected, back down into your body, sending it into your energy sphere.

Swirl the energy from above, with the energy from below. Visualize how these new energies change your own, the golden energy from the Sun, the silver-white energy from the Moon, the red energy from the Earth’s core. When all of the energies are mixed, and your energy sphere is pulsating with energy, form it into a cylinder around you like the strong trunk of an oak tree.

Visualize yourself in this cylinder, the trunk of a brilliant tree between Mother Earth and Father Sky. You are perfectly centered, balanced and at home here. All the energy you will ever need is available to you. Draw up noticing how the energy from below is different than your own. Pull down noticing how the energy from above is different from your own. Keep drawing up from the Earth and down from the Sky through your branches and roots, use this energy to patch up any hurt places within you. Heal any dis-ease, shore up any breaks in your foundation. Fill in wherever there are cracks.

When you are ready to finish this meditation, pull your trunk back into the sphere. Or alternatively, you may choose to leave your tree trunk in place growing on the astral plane awaiting your next visit.
Follow your roots back down into Mother Earth, then draw them back up into the sphere.
Follow your branches up into the Sky, then draw them back down into the sphere.

When the only energies in the sphere are your own, visualize this sphere dispersing back into your body where it waits for you. When you are ready, open your eyes.

You are finished.
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