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Astral Projection Basic

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Astral Projection Basic
Post # 1
To truly master anything in life, you must first start somewhere in your journey. This starting point, is typically called a foundation because it is upon this starting point that the house that holds all that you have learned within stands. With a weak foundation, you have a weak house, and a weak house will not stand for long. The most important thing that you should know about laying down the foundation for any task you wish to master is that you may not always seem to understand the relation of the foundation to the house, or how the foundation will help you accomplish your task. I assure you though, with each thing I write, it will make more and more sense.
First, let’s start out with dreams. Answer these questions. Do I Dream? If so, what can I recall from my dreams? Did I realize they were dreams? Now, if you answered no to the first question, this is the section that you truly need to focus on because everyone does dream, some people however lack the ability to recall dreams at all. Recollection of your dreams is essential if you ever plan to achieve AP, at least by this method. Your first step, is to get you a journal in which you will record your dreams. Anytime you wake up from a dream, if it is in the morning or middle of the night, immediately write down as much of it as possible. The expression of your dreams onto the paper will trigger your brain over time to recall more and more, it is a subconscious programming almost. With your dreams on paper it also allows you the ability to reread them and interpret their meaning, but that is for a different time ~.^ I would personally recommend keeping a dream journal during the entirety of your journey, it definitely could not hurt! However, once you feel comfortable in the amount of dream recollection that you possess, you may move on. I would personally say do not rely solely on the general feelings of being comfortable that you will receive, because that would be false comfort that would result in failure. The best way to see if you are truly comfortable in moving on to the next step is whenever you get that feeling of readiness, take out your dream journal and read. I would bet money that the longer that you have kept this journal, the more growth you will actually see in your abilities, it provides the necessity of intellectual comfort needed to truly go forward. I would recommend a minimum of 15-30 days of this step before moving on any further.
Next, is another idea based on the ability to subconsciously program yourself. This time, the programming is done all throughout your regular day while awake. It is as simple as saying “Is this a dream?” multiple times during your day. I would say to do this at least 7-10 times per day. The purpose of asking yourself if you are dreaming while actually awake might sound kind of crazy, but once again refer back to your dream journal and you will see something interesting. I am sure that you can find instances in your dreams where the thoughts that you were thinking right before you nodded off to sleep are present in your dreams. Dreams are the product of your subconscious and when you dream of the thoughts that you have before you go to bed, those thoughts are the products of your conscious mind. Asking yourself “Is this a dream?” will eventually teach your subconscious to ask this question even in dreams. You might at times find yourself asking that question in dreams, only to answer it with a no. If that happens, then you have not programmed this deep enough into your mind. Practice this technique until you have a success rate of at least 75% in realizing that you are dreaming.
In conclusion, if you follow these two basic teachings and master them, then you will be one step closer to your ultimate goal. I do plan to further expand on this, but I did not want to post it all at once because if everything is posted, people will surely read ahead! So be on the watch for my next writing on AP!

Written By: Pariah

“The heart has reasons, which reason does not know” B. Pascal
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