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Very intersting.

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Very intersting.
Post # 1
So today I have been looking around on websites about spells and such. Im wondering. How does it work? or DOES it even work? See, as I look through the spells, I see..... things for money, for somebody to fall in love with you, or even to kill somebody. I don't understand, how that could possibly be. No, im not a christian if thats what you're thinking. Actually, im nothing, because if I think on religion, my head spins with questions. Anyways, how can this actually work? And if so, wouldnt you all be rich with lovers and perfect bodies? Im sorry if this sounds ignorant. I just need somebody to explain. I was also wondering... whats up with the ouija boards. They never work for me. Ever. How come? And why is it that somebody always ends up moving it on purpose. I can never trust anybody that im doing it with. Its pointless.
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Re: Very intersting.
Post # 2
For one thing, Real Magick is a lot different from Tv magic. On Tv, they just blink their eyes, or wiggle their nose and there you are, a spell is born!
Real Magick takes a lot of energy. It is exhausting. Its much easier to do things the mundane way then with Magick. Thats one of the reasons an experienced Witch will tell you to use Magick as a last resort and only after you exhaust all the Mundane avenues available to you.
Another reason, is not everyone is MEANT to be rich, or beautiful or in love. (so remember, all you beautiful people out there, you'd not be nearly so beautiful without all us ugly old crones around. Instead, you'd be merely average, lol.)
Also, these are very shallow values, true beauty is whats inside you, True riches are not always monetary, etc. Someone whose values are so shallow or or who is so unconfident as to be so caught up in appearance and such is unlikely to be very good at Magick.
Magick takes confidence, both in yourself and your Magick.
Remember, this is my opinion, only. Not something written in stone. Others may not believe this. Take everything with a grain of salt and decide what YOU believe for yourself.
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Re: Very intersting.
Post # 3
on the point beautiful people taking the male perspective whats is beautiful in todays world this probally means visual looks and appearance but was this true say 600 years ago think about it did good "looking" women bathe or showers as often was soap around in the middle ages or hairbrushes all day in the fields and tending animals no factories or offices remember all hard manual toil plenty of sweat but little washing is it to hard to venture that that beautiful women of that day actually appealed to the nose and not the eye
magick is divide into 2 types of magick (1)arcane magick this is magick derived through knowledge such as spells and herbs which is handed down through th ages all magickal systems are of this type the second (2) is divine magick this is far rarer more unique because this come from a none human source god ,goddess deities e.t.c the bible gives 2 examples of this for us king solomon given the gift of wisom and knowledge to rule israel odd then he lost favor by allowing himself to fall for a woman bethsheba this was arcane knowledge which was later attributed to demons that solomon force into his service by the knowledge given to him by god the other was moses who according to the bible was made gods right hand on earth and thus was able to do the feats the bible says he did to free the israelites in conclusion as salamander says seek what you can from the mundane or ordinary world through knowledge this in itself is magick
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