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The Sacred Pentagram
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The Pentagram, the five pointed star, is an icon of
Magick and the Occult. It is a powerful symbol, and one held
sacred by many.
The Pentagram is comprised by a proportional formula
called "The Golden Mean." This rule states that an
intersection which divides a line, makes the two parts
proportionately the same length. To clarify, a line is
divided by another line, making two parts. These two
segments will be the same proportional size to one-another as
the greater part is to the whole. The Golden Mean is called
"The Divine Proportion." It is this rule that provides much
fascination to Occultists who revere the Pentagram.
There are two types of Pentagrams: The Upright and the
Inverted. Both symbols are sacred, and both have been
maligned by the ignorant.
The Upright Pentagram traditionally symbolizes mankind.
It is the figure of a man (or woman) standing with arms and
legs spread, representing the Microcosm. Man and woman are
tiny universes within themselves, and are representative of
the Macrocosm (the greater Universe, in which we live).
Each point of the Pentagram stands for one of the
elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The uppermost point
represents Spirit. So, therefore, the traditional
interpretation of the Upright Pentacle is "Spirit over
The Pentagram is sacred to many religions and cultures.
It is a positive symbol. Unfortunately, for those who are
ignorant about the Occult, and who are especially biased
against it, the symbol means "evil."
The other type of Pentagram is the Inverted, sometimes
called "The Pentamorph." This symbol is regarded as
representing evil to both the Occultist and the non-
Occultist. The reason for this is that many people, seeing
that the symbol is now reversed, automatically assume that
"Spirit," at the top in the Upright, is now at the
bottom, with the other elements reigning above it (matter
over Spirit). This interpretation is purely subjective on
the individual's part. The symbology of one does not necessarily
apply to the other. An alternate interpretation suggests that
the Inverted displays "power being poured back into the Earth."
Another aspect of the Inverted is the depiction of the
"Sabbatic Goat of Mendes." Mendes is a city where ancient
Egyptians worshipped the Goat, which symbolizes fertility.
By having the Pentagram in the Inverted position, one can
inscribe a goat's head in its outline, with the uppermost
points being the horns, the lower two points being the ears,
and the lowest representing the beard.
Neither of the above representations of the Pentagram
appear in an "evil" context by themselves. Originally,
Wiccans (and many still do) used the Inverted to symbolize
the 2nd degree of the Craft (while the Upright symbolizes the
Craft itself). Due to the rise of modern Satanism, via Anton La
Vey, and others, who have adopted the Inverted Pentagram as
their symbol, it has now taken on a more sinister aspect.
What is interesting about non-Occultists is their
inability to discern the difference between either symbol.
To the mundane, both represent "Satan" or evil, whether
Upright or Inverted. It's as if they are "blind" to the
perception of whether the symbol is Upright or not. All they
see is the "evil" star, and that automatically conjures up
all the other connotations along with it.
It's unfortunate that due to the rise of Satanism,
Wiccans are hesitant to use the Inverted Pentagram, in fear
of being identified with that religion. The Inverted
Pentagram is a sacred symbol, representing fertility, and
being a fertility religion, Wicca is being persuaded not to
use a pertinent icon.
Another revelation that may prove surprising to some is
the supposition that the Inverted Pentagram is actually the
proper "banishing" Pentagram. If the Upright is used to
"Invoke", wouldn't it make sense that its counterpart be used
to "banish?"
Yes, the Pentagram is a sacred symbol. It represents
power, protection, mankind, and a host of other definitions.
If someone has a doubt to the legitimacy of the Pentacle as
a symbol to revere, then look to the American flag. There
are fifty of them on it!

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