Roach: Discordia Tarot!!!

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> Roach: Discordia Tarot!!!

Roach: Discordia Tarot!!!
Post # 1
The Discordia Tarot is brought to you by
The Roach @ Ven and St.Gulik

If magic were real, it would make the world go. Magic isn’t real, so it
makes the world go faster.

A Description of the Discordian Tarot Deck
as discovered by Max Flax Beeblewax and (boing!) Cnoocy Mosque O’Witz

Card Format: name on bottom. arabic number on top middle. mayan number
on left and right upper corners.

1: The Sacred Cow: a cow. Speech balloon
says “mu”.
meaning: a sacred cow.
2: A Pope: a pope card.
meaning: querent, or anybody really.
3: The Initiate: a hand holding a
book, reading. Letter in book is “T”.
meaning: someone looking for knowledge
or at the beginning of a journey.
4: The Illuminate: a hand writing a
book. Letter in book is “E”.
meaning: someone who has gained knowledge
or completed a journey.
5: The Believer: a sheep.
meaning: someone who accepts ideas.
6: The Skeptic: a dragon.
meaning: someone who rejects ideas.
7: Flower: a five-petaled flower, with
pistil and stamen evident.
meaning: sex, drugs, and hedonic pursuits.
8: The Trout: a fish with a hat on.
meaning: silliness, laughter, surrealism.
9: Conspiracy: silhouettes at a table.
meaning: There’s a plot behind coincidences.
10: Joker: traditional playing-card joker.
meaning: wild card.
11: Net of Synchronicity: lines connect
circles near a mystical face.
meaning: There’s a cosmic force behind
12: Discordian Deck: information about
the deck.
meaning: this deck, or selfreferentialism.
13: The Big Bang: a stylized circular
meaning: Eristic Creation.
14: The Great Pyramid: a pyramid in
front of a horizon.
meaning: Aneristic Creation.
15: Radioactivity: radioactivity symbol.
meaning: Aneristic Destruction.
16: The Tower of Babel: decomposing
rectangle containing Genesis 11:7.
meaning: Eristic Destruction.
17: The Discordian Society: a goldenapple
flag on a slanted forked stick.
meaning: Eristic group or groups.
18: The Bavarian Illuminati: an eye/
pyramid flag on a vertical pointed stick.
meaning: Aneristic group or groups.
19: Greyface: a bearded man in robes
kneeling with a compass.
meaning: someone on the all-order trip.
20: Eris: a wild-haired girl dancing.
meaning: someone on the all-disorder trip.
21: The Golden Apple: an apple with
“kallisti” on it in greek letters.
meaning: Eristic forces.
22: The Pentagon: a thick pentagon,
pointing sideways.
meaning: Aneristic forces.
23: The Sacred Chao: The Sacred Chao
meaning: The Sacred Chao

Card Format: for D, S, C, and A, name on bottom. In upper left and upper
right corners, suit symbol then number/letter.
The suits are named after the five basic Discordian elements. They correspond
to the five senses, the five Aristotelian elements, and every other
five you can find lying around. Try figuring out which of your toes is the
“Prickle” toe some time when you’re feeling inspired.
Sweets: Taste, Water, Pleasure
(a drop of water or tongue, with a smile)
Booms: Hearing, Air, Action
(an ear-shaped cloud)
Pungents: Smell, Aether, Intensity
(a dark circle with two smaller circles
inside it next to each other, like infinity or a snout)
Prickles: Touch, Earth, Conformity
(5 lines coming up off a horizontal
Oranges: Sight, Fire, Bizarreness
(an upward-pointing eyelike crescent)

Z: (zip) blank card except for corners:
A lack of whatever the suit means.
1: one of the symbol.
A good amount of whatever.
2: two of the symbol, one above the other.
Shared whatever.
3: three of the symbol, in a vertical line.
Imbalance of whatever.
4: four of the symbol, in a square.
Excess whatever.

O: Onomatopoeia.
A moment of whatever,
or the sense of the suit.
O of Sweet: MMMMM
O of Boom: whoosh
O of Pungent: O
O of Prickle: thud
O of Orange: wow

D: Day. The days of the Discordian week, and the time of a spiritual day.

A Sweet symbol poking over the
horizon, with an arrow upwards. The
happy beginning of something.

A Boom symbol in front of a circle.
The hectic morning, or the starting
work of something.

Two overlapping Prickle symbols. A
physical afternoon, a siesta, a nonthinking

Setting Orange:
An Orange symbol half-visible over the
horizon, with an arrow downwards. The
end of the day and the cast party
after a project.

A shining Pungent symbol above a horizon. The noon meditation or the
central point of a task or project.

S: Season.
The Seasons from the Discordian Calendar.
Chaos: No illusions
Discord: Eristic Illusion
Confusion: Conflict between both Illusions
Bureaucracy: Aneristic Illusion
The Aftermath: Playing with Illusions

A: Apostle of Eris.
Hung Mung,
Dr. Van Van Mojo,
Saint Gulik,
Zarathud, and
Malaclypse the Elder.
Pics scanned straight outta the
Principia. May mean someone who
embodies the whatever.

C: Cow. A Cow. May symbolize someone
in the midst of whatever, but not actually affected by it.

Pope Max Flax Beeblewax, KSC, DSM, ULC
5-College Discordian Society of Saint Rufus
B. E. T. E. O. P. O. D. H. E. A. H. D. R. A. D. D.

Ref:Apocrypha Discordia De Second Edityon
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