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Elemental Energies

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Elemental Energies
Post # 1
Hi, so I was going to my dads. We weren't going to be there long, just to pick some stuff up. While going there I was going I was playing the ipod that I got. I didn't want to leave it there so I left it in the car. He doesn't live in bad neighborhood or anything, I just felt paranoid. So I closed my eyes and imagined the air around it to form a shield(using air/wind energy, it was white and clear), then I used the humidity and imagined water condensing from it and forming a shield around it(it was transparent light blue/turquoise), then since fire can be created I imagined fire forming a shield around it(different shades of red and orange, kind of transparent), then I imagined energy flowing from the earth and a rock shield forming around it(transparent brown). I felt drained after that. I did the same with the car and doors of the apartment.

I also used it for a cough. I absorbed the elemental energies through my hands. Then I spread throughout my body. I had a cough, so I moved the water energy into my throat(because water is full of healing energies), then I moved the fire energy to my throat(healing flames), then I moved teh earth energy and saw(in my mind)green winding around it and a flower bloomed(healing herb), then I moved the air/wind energy and used it to direct air flow more smoothly, and it worked. My throat felt a little better and I stopped coughing for the time being and it started again like an hour later, when I was using the eneries again.

I want to know if there is a name for that(so I know what to study), or if I was just imagining. I dont think I was imagining it. Also (assuming its real) is there any way to train this besides just using it all the time, because it makes me really exhausted.

Also after I made the shields, I decided that no matter how exhausted I was I should use some more energy for my shields. So I used my chi, psi energy in the shields. Also I used a blue energy(I dont know what it is, its a different color than water energy, I always thought of it as magick energy). Just thought I'd ask if anyone knew what the third energy could be.

Please and Thank You
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Re: Elemental Energies
Post # 2
I'm going to say that you were using ice engergy, it is a different color that water and usually a brighter blue.
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Re: Elemental Energies
Post # 3
I wasnt using it from the earth though, it came from my body an dI've used it before in spells. It is a deep blue and I see it as a thread of energy running through my body and I use it in spells and sometimes shields
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Re: Elemental Energies
Post # 4
you were using psionics lil wiz, also known as energy manipulation. you sound like a natural, message me if you want help with it, I too am a natural at it, so i could be able to help you quite well.

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