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from now on this is where lesson questions will go.

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the question arose....Can't Water be Both Male and Female?

The answer to this question is YES it can be both. The most common representation however is female, when the water is calm or in the chalice.

For a masculine representation the waters would have to be stormy, or rough...

Thought I should clear this up, and Thank you Ravagon for pointing out my unmodified mistake.

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By this point in time you should all be looking into things that interest you. I'm sorry for the delay on the lessons and I will be back tracking and working on them. Here is a lesson for some of you who have asked about scrying.

What is Scrying?
Scrying is the ancient act of divination for the purpose of clairvoyance. It is usually achieved by concentrating on or staring (gazing) at an object having a shiny surface until a vision appears. Scrying is one of the earliest forms of Divination in recorded history, appearing in China in 3000 BC, Egypt in 2500 BC, and Ancient Greece around 2000BC.

Scrying comes from the English word "descry" which means "to make out dimly" or "to reveal." There have been and are many purposes for the activity; to see into the future, to find lost objects or persons, and track criminals, among others.

Although the object used for scrying usually has a shiny surface, such as a pool of water, innumerable objects have been used for the practice over the centuries. Mirrors are often used. Nostradamus is said to have used a black obsidian mirror. Many such means have been employed to see visions, read mystical signs and divine the future.

Most scrying is done at night in order to receive better psychic vibrations. As a general rule most scryers work at night in order to avoid the excessive psychic vibrations that are generated in the day due to the confusion of everyday living.

The methods of scrying differ but after a period of concentration on the speculum visions, mental images, or impressions appear. Frequently the visions are symbolic and the scryer must meditate on their visions to interpret their meanings
How to Scry

1. Gaze into the scrying surface in a comfortable setting and with a relaxed frame of mind.

2. Time will pass and you will begin to see various shapes and images in the surface. Your eyes will eventually begin to pick out clearer images.

3. The mind will then zero in on the images on the surface. The images will no longer be seen on the scrying surface. This is when you shift your attention to the mental images forming in your mind. This is the point when the scrying surface is no longer of consequence to your experience. Do not allow the scrying surface to absorb anymore of your attention.

4. Background information regarding the images you see will surface in your mind as the images become clearer. Pay attention to the images you are seeing in your mind because they will tie into things, places and people you already know.

5. It is important to focus on the mental images that appear. You will be basically combining the mental images with the visual cues you will see while scrying.

Hope this satisfies your curious palet.

Love and Light,

Priestess Lady SilverVixen

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