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A Satanists Code of Ethic

Forums ► General Info ► A Satanists Code of Ethic

A Satanists Code of Ethic
Post # 1
A Satanists Code of Ethics

Life is precious and it should not be taken unless it is in self defense or in defense of ones loved ones and only if there is no other option. A Satanist does their best to respect the life around them whether it is human, animal or nature.

Under no circumstances should a child ever be harmed. This includes all forms of abuse, whether it is physical, sexual, emotional, mental or spiritual. To do any of these things would be to cause great harm and would be an infringement of the childÂ’s free will. The Satanist believes that a child should be treated with love and care and protected against any and all harm.

When calling upon Satan or a demon in ritual, they must be treated with respect at all times. In no way must they be commanded to do anything, but politely asked for help, if help is desired.

A Satanist does not judge or commit crimes against a person because of their race. All races are equal in the eyes of Satan.

A Satanist does not judge a person based on their sexuality. One has the freedom and the right to be heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, asexual, transgender and so forth. A personÂ’s sexual activity is their own business, as long as it does not include forcing another person against their will.

A Satanist questions all things and will not accept blindly someone elseÂ’s truth.

A Satanist does not attempt to convert people to Satanism. Satan chooses his people and he has his own ways of reaching them.

A Satanist does not look down on their fellow Satanist because they may be new to the path and have not been into Satanism for as long as them. A Satanist is always learning and always reaching. Satanists do not forget from whence they have come.

If a sacrifice is performed, what is offered will be something that the Satanist gives of their own self such as their blood, hair, energy or tears. These are the greatest and most powerful of offerings. There is no need for animal sacrifice and Satan does not require it; yet if it is performed, it should be done humanely. The animal should not suffer whatsoever.

A Satanist will always stand up for what THEY believe to be right and true.

It is a Satanists choice whether they live their life or choose to die. Yet the Satanist will contemplate deeply the reasons why they feel the way they do and will come to the conclusion that they CAN overcome anything that comes their way. Before making a drastic decision, a Satanist will first consider the difference they can make in this world for Satan and for his people; never underestimating what they have to offer.

Satanism is against any and all attempts by people trying to force their beliefs on another; as freedom of religion is a right for all people. The Satanist will stand against all forms of spiritual abuse.

A Satanist will constantly strive to be the best they can be.

Satanism stands for respect, freedom, individuality, personal power and honour.
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Re: A Satanists Code of E
Post # 2
Thankyou very much for posting this here Lord_Drhakke.
These are a good general guideline for Satanists indeed.
Anyone interested should take a look at our, Children of Satan, Coven page
Please have a read!

-Samael, Priest of Children of Satan
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Re: A Satanists Code of E
Post # 3
Yes, Thank you very much Lord Drhakke.Many can see we are not so different after all.
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Re: A Satanists Code of Ethic
Post # 4
Very nice guys,just keep up :)!
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Re: A Satanists Code of Ethic
Post # 5
It is an interesting way, not bad. Although I am a Christian, it has many good morals, I just have the problem of the worshiping of Satan, thats all. Its sounds like the Christian God and your Satan sounds the same. So whats the difference and if there is none why choose Satan? Just want to know.
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Re: A Satanists Code of E
Post # 6
Good question.

Realize your "Satan" is not our Satanael. We do not believe in the Satan, how it is expressed in your faith. We do not believe in your Christian God or Trinity. There are theortical similarities between the teachings of Christianity and Satanism true, but they are different at the core.
In a broad sense, Satanael is seen as a God of his/it's own. Not the Creator of everything, typically we do not believe in a single being responsible for "creation". We do not believe Satanael passed down any laws for humans to follow. We do not believe Satanael truly wants us to live our life in a certain way, or to refrain from any acts. Satanael is seen as something of an incarnation of freedom, Satanists can do what they want. Begin to see the differences between Satanism and Christianity? Satanism is devoid of any dogma, any rules and the like. There are guidelines, like Lord_Drhakke posted, but they are just that-guidelines, things to consider, not to set huge store by and obediently follow.
There is no definitive mythos or history for Satanael, unlike for your Christian God/Trinity. Satanists deduce their own theories, work things out for themselves. There is no "bible" or set faith, ideas or histories to believe and follow in Satanism. Satanists ingest all the information they can, and form their own ideas.
There are no traditional laws or beliefs to follow in Satanael. The thing that unites us is Satanael, that great energy we all love to feel and push out to and a symbol and metaphor we use.

As for your last question...if you believed there were no great differences between Satanael and Jehovah, why pick Jehovah:) You answered your own question above..."I have a problem with worshiping 'Satan'"

Hope that cleared things up...if not, I'd love to continue this discussion. Through private messages or a new thread would be a better idea than hijacking this thread though, I think.

-Samael, Priest of Children of Satan
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Re: A Satanists Code of Ethic
Post # 7
I love these, very nice.

where did you get them Drhakke?

I would love to peruse the website.

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Re: A Satanists Code of Ethic
Post # 8
Here is a site with the 11 Satanic Rules of the Earth by Anton LaVey: http://churchofsatan.com/Pages/Eleven.html

I agree with these rules (minus the "destroy him" one, but I doubt that comes into play too often). I like the simplicity.
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Re: A Satanists Code of Ethic
Post # 9
Thank you for the replay. To me it looks like there is no set laws in Satanist. Interestion, anyway the reson I have a problem is that I have spoken to Satan a few times, and to me he sounds like he hates everything. He is also a very intelegatn being that knows how to use everything to convice humans to leave the Creator. So my question is why change or create the idea of the your Satan? What I see in this world (incuding all religons) that there is an evil being that is trying to destroy the conection to the creater. Why do you think this exist?
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Re: A Satanists Code of Ethic
Post # 10
Other Non-Christian teachings see the devil's role here as echoing Satan's role in some parts of the Old Testament, or as taught in Modern Day Rabbinic Judaism where he is portrayed as an angel acting under God's orders as an official "opposing counsel" to test humans on behalf of God. Thus there are two understandings of Satan, the Christian one of a Satan who is a fallen angel in rebellion to God who became evil, and the Judeo one of a Satan who is not an evil fallen angel,but a servant of God carrying out God's will.

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