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Energy Working Exercises
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Preface!: How to Create and Manipulate energy
I almost ran the dangerous assumption that those of you who would read this already know how to work with energy. But, for those of you new to this practice: Hold your hands about 5 inches apart and rest your breathing. Relax your body and get in tune with it, feel the energy in your chest as you breathe and channel it down your arms, into your palms. Hold it there for a moment and focus it, creating a pinhole-sized bead of energy between your hands, channel the energy from your palms into the bead while moving your hands back and forth (in and out) you may feel the pulsing of the energy, or you might see the energy. Either way keep channeling energy into it until it is about the size of a softball.
Congratulations, you've done it. This may take lots of practice to get the hang of it, or you may be a natural at it. Don't sweat it if you can't get it the first few times
SIDENOTE: it is extremely advisable to do some form of protection ritual or chant before preforming this, or any of the exercises listed below!

The first is a somewhat less complicated exercise, but a bit more dangerous if you have hard floors.

Energy Control - Morphing energy
Stand in the middle of the room and close your eyes, picture yourself surrounded by inky darkness, raise up energy from your chest (In the visualization, all 'actions' here forth are inside the visualization) and project it into a soccer-sized ball in front of you. From here, shape the energy as you wish, growing more and more complicated but NEVER allow the energy to touch your skin until you are ready to reabsorb it. (Now at this point you are extremely liable to lose sensation in your legs, or become dizzy. Thus resulting in a possibly very painful fall. So it is recommendable to place pillows or something soft behind you, because you cannot break the visualization until you are finished) One of the hardest and most rewarding 'morphs' is to turn the energy into a mist, surrounding you but never touching you. Put it on the brink of touching your skin, then pull it away. This will make you extremely dizzy.
Reabsorbing: Form the energy back into a sphere in front of you and pull it into your chest. Black out the visualization, open your eyes and regain full consciousness.

Elemental Fusion
Sit down comfortably and hold your hands together, palms facing each other. Create a faceted diamond of energy and hold it tightly together. Focus and connect to a certain element: for this example I'll be using Air. When ready, breathe on the 'diamond' and focus the element through your breath. You will see the energy reacting as the element fuses with it. For other elements, just focus the energy and send it into the 'diamond' through your hands. Experiment with multiple elements or singular elements as much as you wish, the energy will react in very different ways depending upon what is added. For example, mixing fire and air I can turn the energy into an astral whirlwind with minor electrical currents. Quite a furious energy force when used correctly. Good for offensive or destructive spells.

Prophecy Coin: Energy Signaling
This can be done by yourself, or with another person (each of you using the others coin and keeping track of the colors chosen and the success rate of the other person)
Take any normal coin (though I had a special one I used that was very dear to me) and 'coat' both sides in COLORED energy, both sides must be a different color, (for example, pink on heads, green on tails) the objective here is to flip the coin, grabbing it in midair and hiding the result. Then looking through the energy of your hand, to find the top 'color' and guess the result correctly. Which can be tricky, this is designed to develop your sight and help you sift through different energy layers than the one you want.
So, once both sides are coated. Flip the coin and catch it, cover it with your other palm and gaze into your hand, see past the energies of your own hand and to the top side of the coin, trust what you see, you may see a small shine of the other color- this is natural and is part of the challenge. I like to do this during my spare time. It is an enjoyable exercise.

Phase 2, mental and psychic exercises
both are two-player and in the format of games. Fun to practice with children, friends or students.

First off:
The Game or Remote Viewing Game
I've played this on many occasions with my rather psychically gifted friend Sabrina. It can be done with two people in different rooms or separated by a blind of some sort or between two people communicating via computer.
Taking turns as the questioner, one person asks the other to describe something about them or their surroundings (hence why computer is more favorable for the outcomes) and the other uses a method of remote viewing (I'm not sure how my friend does it, but she is extremely accurate. I believe she just meditates on it until she finds the answer) to describe the item. For example
"Questioner: What color shirt am I wearing
Answer: Black
Questioner: incorrect
Questioner: What kind of ring do I have on
Answer: silver with trinity circles
Questioner: correct"
so on and so forth.

Tarot Three Card Monte or Psychic Three Card Monte
This is somewhat self-explanatory if you've ever played normal Three Card Monte. Take a deck of tarot cards, draw three (or any amount as specified by the players). Designate one card as the "treasure" card. the Shuffler tells the Diviner what cards are there and the name of the treasure card. The "Diviner" closes their eyes tightly and the Shuffler shuffles the three cards, laying them face down. The Diviner then opens their eyes and must find the Treasure card. When this is done (correct or incorrect) the players exchange roles.

I've practiced and used every one of these exercises in my own study, and in my teaching. They've been proven extremely effective and powerful when done correctly, I hope those of you who practice them will find them rewarding.
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Re: Energy Working Exercises
Post # 2
i`ve done elemental fusion before.Its pretty much a great exercise.It both works in astral and physical plane which depends on your willpower and determination.:)

Can you elaborate a little more on energy morphin...i`m confused as the examples and facts are mixed up together.:O
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Re: Energy Working Exercises
Post # 3
Meditate a bit and focus on your chakras, let them bloom and spin clockwise for a few minutes to help get everything in balance, as well as that. Feel the flow of your body's energy through your veins and sort of feel the circulation ease up and such.

That always helped me. =p
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Re: Energy Working Exercises
Post # 4
i find i can push and pull energy to parts of me, it feels sort of like that really excited feeling in your stomach before something youve been looking forward to hahaha,except its not really excited (except the first few times you do it lol) but i cant get any farther than that unforunetly, i need to learn to push physical boundries
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