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Newb Questions Continued

Forums ► General Info ► Newb Questions Continued

Newb Questions Continued
Post # 1
To for-warn you all, this is long because there is a few articles that I have borrowed from sacred texts that are a bit lengthy but worth the read.

1.)What is Magick? Forget all the fallacies and

stereotypical pre-conceptions
taught to you out of fear and ignorance and approach this

question with an
open mind. You will probably find it is not what you have

been taught to
think. Magick has been defined as "The art and science of

causing change to
occur in conformity with will *1" which could be put

more simply as making
desired change happen; or as "energy tending to change"; a

definition I use
is "magick is conscious evolution through directing

energy". This does not
really explain magick though, so I will try to elaborate

on these phrases
without jargon.

An aim of magick is to train the mind by harnessing and

making more
consciously accessible such higher faculties as intuition,

inspiration and
the creative imagination, and by drawing on the power of

the unconscious -
to try and use more than the 10% of our brain's capacity

that we do.

Magick assumes belief in, or rather experience of, subtle

energies. We can
only see about one seventieth of the light spectrum, yet

what we cannot see
still affects us - such as x-rays and ultraviolet light.

Similarly, magick
is about focusing more subtle, non-physical energies, and

directing them to
create change. To go about this requires experience, and

training to improve
the power of the mind, and specifically, the will.

Acts such as meditation, breath control, voice work, body

visualization, drama, ritual, and others, are all designed

to improve our
body and mind, to better sharpen us and balance us, and to

enable us to
perceive and wield more subtle energies.

In the same way, an individual is as strong as their will,

and the more
balanced and integrated a person is, the stronger their

will (note, this is
probably one of the main reasons why so many magicians

have experience of
counselling and/or psychology, recognising the help these

processes can
give, both through training and experiencing them. This

also acts as a
removal of farcical social stigma often attached to these


Practising magick tends to act as a deconditioning

mechanism and can be a
subtle process, the longer you practice, the more you

change and the
unnecessary inhibitions, stigmas, guilts and sin complexes

that society
builds in are removed. This has the effect of releasing

their energy into
the psyche, where it can strengthen the individual.

The more physical side, such as yoga, bodywork, dance and

massage, also
removes the tension held in the body as body armour, and

releases this and
removes energy blockages which impair full efficiency and

may result in

Possibly the major difference between magick and many of

the religious paths
to spiritual growth is that magick is more dynamic, and

places the emphasis
on you to work for change - there are no gurus in magick,

rather there are
fellow students with different perspectives and

experiences - we learn from
each other, as in other areas of life.

Magick tends to work a lot with symbols, as these are the

language of the
unconscious, and this is an area of tremendous power to

tap. Symbols have
many functions, and one of these, released through magick,

can be the
ability to confound the ego and the censor mechanisms, and

enabling us to
perceive more subtle truths, or experience direct

revelations. Although we
may not be able to fully explain how symbols work, we know

from experience
that certain symbols seem harmonious with certain types of


For example a magician may tell you that if you want to

attract love you
should wear green, and rose perfume, perhaps wear copper,

like a bracelet or
necklace, etc. These are all things attributed with Venus,

who is associated
with love, and so the principal is one of contagion -

sympathetic magick, or
making something happen by working with items linked to

it. This is one of
the oldest and most commonly practised forms of magick.

Working with the
symbols of a type of energy does seem to attract that


A cautionary word here, magick is often seen as a way to

hidden powers, and
entered for the wrong reason, the "I want sex, power and

lots of money"
syndrome. Now there is nothing wrong with these things in

themselves, but
when you do magick you will discover that you tend to get

what you need
rather than necessarily what you want.

When you do magick you generally use techniques to alter

your state of
consciousness and raise energy, and then direct that

energy to create a
desired result. The channel that energy takes as directed

by your altered
state of consciousness is not necessarily the path you

might expect in your
normal everyday state. Magick does bring you power, yes,

but it is power
over yourself, not other people. It is the power that is

important, to grow
and to create positive change.

This does not mean there is anything wrong with using

magick to gain more
physical things, there is nothing wrong with doing a

ritual or spell to get
a job, whereas trying to make a specific individual go to

bed with you would
be wrong. Magick is very much about intent, and if your

intent is to get
work, you are not imposing on people, whereas if you were

trying to make
somebody do something that they would not naturally do,

you are imposing on
their will.

If you did a ritual to attract love without specifying a

person, but opening
yourself to the opportunity to meet someone where love may

arise, and to
feel more attractive and better about yourself, you are

not imposing, you
are trying to create positive change.

Magick is a commitment to yourself, and it requires

perseverance, strength, openness to change and absence of

rigidity, a love
of life (including yourself), and a desire to grow and

fulfil your
potential. It may be that you already have all these

qualities and do this
already without calling it magick - magick is not about

labels, and those
who think and talk as if it is unfortunately put some

people off. Magick is
learning about the natural flows of energy in the

universe, and working in
harmony with them to effect positive change, both in

yourself and in your

Some people ask why magick is spelt with a 'k' on the end.

This is to
distinguish it from magic, associated in the popular mind

with illusionism
and prestidigitation, stage magic. Magick is not about

illusion, it is about
creating real change, and the 'k' signifies this. K is the

eleventh letter
of the alphabet, i.e. the one beyond ten. Symbolically

this is very
powerful, as we work in base ten, and eleven represents

the unseen, or
hidden energies - the subtle energies of magick, eleven is

considered to be
the number of magick.

Magickal training and experience bring forth the energies

of the
unconscious, and so it is no surprise to see that symbols

become more
important as you develop, providing not only the language

of dream and the
unconscious, but also helping create a more flexible

perception grid of the
universe. To grow spiritually, it is vital that you remain

flexible and do
not become dogmatic, rather that you are open to

experience and willing to
question your ideas and beliefs as a result of those


Magick can be a painful process. It is not easy to

maintain the discipline
and honest self-critical approach all the time. It can

also be hard work
dealing with the energy released without being knocked off

sometimes. The important thing in these cases is to remain

honest and keep
at it. Nobody said magick was easy! It takes a lot of

practice and hard work
and pain, but the rewards are spiritual and mental growth,

the joy of life
and the beauty of unconditional love. Beyond the limits

there are no limits!



© copyright 1999, 2000, 2001 David Rankine
This article may be reproduced for non-commercial

purposes, providing that
this original copyright notice stays in place at all


2.) How do i cast spells?Tips

* Spells are only effective if you believe them to be.

If you want your magic to work, you need to have faith in

yourself. It's all about perception and willpower.
* One key thing to remember is to try and stop your

mind from thinking about anything apart from the spell.

* If you are just doing it for fun, don't bother - it

won't work for a party trick. Keep in mind that its a

spirit/will thing.
* If you follow it, remember the Threefold Law when

working a spell. What you put out, be it magical or not,

comes back to you threefold.
* There is a posibility these spells may not work.
* Simple Rule: If you send evil out, it will come back

knocking on your door.

3.) How do I write a Spell?
1. State your intention. Decide on the result you want

to accomplish with the spell.
The Moon is important in witchcraft and, therefore,

has a profound influence.
The Moon is important in witchcraft and, therefore,

has a profound influence.
Time your spell. Timing when casting spells can be

important. The Moon is important in witchcraft, and

therefore has a profound influence upon us. It is very

important to choose the right moon phase for your spell;

magical workings for gain, increase or bringing things to

you, should be initiated when the moon is waxing (from new

to full); when the moon is waning (from full to dark),

then its time for magical workings of decrease or sending

away. The highest energy occurs at the full moon, and

therefore this is the most powerful time for magical

workings. The new moon is the next most powerful time for

3. Work with the seasons. There is a natural time for

starting things (a planting time), for maturing things (a

growing time), for reaping things (a harvest time) and, of

course, a time for rest and planning.
4. Gather your tools. Make sure that you have all the

tools that you need for casting the spell. Your tools must

have no inherent magic. They are to help you create a

mood. You also have to clean your tools. Don't forget to

cleanse and bless (consecrate) your tools before your

begin casting your spell.
5. Understand magic. Remember that magic is the

manipulation of energy, a thought is a form of energy and

a visualization is an even stronger form of energy. Your

visualization can be a method used to intensify further

and direct your will. Your visualization can be the method

by which you control the magical energy you have produced.

You must know what you want. You must see it. You must

feel the high energy flow. You must direct it.
6. Write your spoken words. For making your words and

thoughts stronger you can write your spell into a rhyme to

be spoken aloud; this makes it easier to remember your

spell, you can also chant your spell to raise energy.
7. Remember the Threefold Law. Everything that you want

to reach with this spell comes back 3 times, good or



* Before you write your final version of your spell,

you can write on a note what you want to reach with your

spell, and what you are needing.
* Don't forget to cast a circle before doing any

spell, for you are totally vulnerable for elementals when

casting higher powers of other beings.
* Meditation is the key to relaxation, and being

completely relaxed allows energy to flow freely throughout

your body. You should learn how to clear your mind and

focus with whats on hand.


* Remember the very important law: if thee harm none,

do what thou will.
* Remember to always end a spell in "In no way shal

this spell reverse, or place upon me any curse, so mote it



4.) How do i perform a shield?

Start by just visualizing yourself, and then simply

imagine a positive permeable bubble form around your form,

blocking all negative influences allowing positive

energies to pass through.

Although this method didn't work for me at first, you can

make it suit yourself and your ideology, like I made mine

based off a force field tech. Like I said, this is not

guaranteed to work the first time for everyone and it may

take a while to make one that's suitable for you, so as

with everything in life, practice makes perfect.

Another shielding method, is the Mirror Sheild

Focus all energy to your core (bellybutton area), and see

this energy turn white (or some other color you like) and

force it out of your body. Make this orb turn into large

mirrors that surround your body. The mirror can be

whatever type of mirror you'd like for it to be, one

complete mirror, or separate ones. The color has to be a

color you feel safe with, as it will help boost the

protective nature of the shield.

Warning - this will take some practice, and will even be a

bit of a physical drain. After a while, you will be able

to sustain the shield with no difficulty. You can modify

this to your liking, as things like this are different to

each person. Play around with it and see what you can come

up with.

5.) Whats the difference between black and white?

There really isn't a difference when it comes to black and

white magic. True magic has no color as nature is caring

and cruel so is magic. The color classifications are there

for purposes of intent. Ex: a curse can be used in white

magic to help make a person better themselves.

6.) What do i do when spells dont work?

There are several reasons why I spell doesn't work. What

happens usually is that the spell caster is dabbling or

meddling with magic for their first time and doesn't

truely believe that the spell will actually work. This is

an automatic set up for a downfall or a backfire. When

performing spells always keep total focus and know, not

think, your spell will work. Also, meditation before spell

casting is also a really good place to start

7.) Do spells bring bad luck or demons back on the spell


Not all spells do this, there are some that do, such as

curses or jinx's that backfire. In these cases it's best

to smudge yourself with white sage (light white sage and

waft the smoke over your body) or take a purification


8.) Are Love Spells ok to do?
Personally I do not condone love spells, nor do I tell

people they are ok to do as most love spells interfere

with free will and the persons' mind. By doing this you

are going back on the Wiccan Rede "An it harm none, do

what thou will"

9.) What is a curse, Hex, Jinx?
Ever wonder what's the difference between a hex, a jinx,

and a curse? There are specific definitions of the three

in magic and alchemy. As it is not a big deal if you

typically get them mixed up, knowing the difference can

help if you are a stickler for details.

A hex is generally a spell or bewitchment. It is derived

from "hexe", a German word for "witch", and comes from the

folklore of the Pennsylvania Dutch. In folklore it can be

good or bad, but now is generally known by its negative

connotations. Hexes can be made for hire,
with the witch being able to be paid for both inflicting

a hex and for removing a hex.

A jinx is the continual or repeated bad luck. It is

usually the result of a fatal accident. One of the more

famous jinxes comes with the Hope Diamond. In the 17th

century Madame de Montespan, the mistress of King Louis

XIV, owned the diamond and it is during this time that the

stone is said to have become jinxed. She was believed to

have conducted so called "black masses". Over 100 years

later, King Henry the XVI gave the Hope Diamond to Marie

Antoinette. Ms. Antoinette loaned this piece to her friend

the Princesse de Lamballe. Not only did both Princesse de

Lamballe and Marie Antoinette get executed, but every

other owner of the Hope Diamond has suffered a tragic


A curse is a malevolent spell that is purposefully done to

inflict harm upon another. It has been a part of magic and

alchemy since the beginning, and can also be done by

Catholic priests. It is derived from "cursein", an Anglo

Saxon worse meaning "to invoke harm or evil upon". Curses

can be both spoken and written. A famous written curse is

the anathema proclaimed by the Catholic pope to

excommunicate someone from the church.
Objects can also be cursed, and can affect anyone who owns

the object. Cursed objects can affect people with bad

luck, misfortune, ill health, and even death.
Probably the most famous of all hexes, jinxes, and curses

is the Curse of Tutankamen. The Egyptians were firm

believers that if you disturbed a tomb, the spirit of the

dead one became homeless and therefore tombs were

protected by curses. The Egyptian king Tutankamen's tomb

was discovered
in 1922 by Lord Carnavon and Howard Carter and lore has

it that they found a tablet with the tomb that read "Death

will slap with his wings whoever disturbs this pharaoh's

peace". Mysterious circumstances then followed the deaths

of everyone associated with the opening of the tomb, even

though inscribed tablets and the description of death

coming on wings weren't customary in Egyptian times. By

1929, 22 people had died in association with the tomb, 13

of which were present at the opening of the tomb.

In conclusion, next time you think you've jinxed your

favorite team, or been cursed for all eternity, you'll

know the proper term for what you're going through.

10.)What are important days to remember? Important days

are all based on what you are doing. The Holidays or

Sabbats and Esabbats are important to remember as they are

the celebration times of things such as fertility, death

and life.

11.) Why are colours important for different

spells/rituals? Colors are helpful when it comes to spells

and rituals because they help focus our minds, and help us

shift to a higher consciousness

12.) What colours should i use for spells/rituals?

The color you need to use for a spell or ritual varies

depending on what is called for. Usually it's in the

ingredients section before the instructions for the spell.

13.) Why is the moon important?

The moon holds great importance due to the feminine nature

and power it holds. Using the moon in spells and rituals

helps amplify the effects.

14.) What are psionics?

Psionics derives from the word psionic whis is used to

describe various mental abilities such as telepathy,

teleportation, telekenesis and other psychic phenomena.

psionics can be used to refer to multiples or the study of

psychic penomena

15.) what are angels?
Angels are messengers. They are messengers from spirit

allowing us a greater understanding and connection to

Spirit. The word angel comes from angelos which is the

Greek word for messenger. Not only are angels messengers,

they are also part of our consciousness, representing

realms beyond thought and idea. The human mind needs form,

so the Light of Spirit takes on the physical form of an

angel, to encourage direct communion with God. We create a

dimensional blending that enables them to appear in a form

that is acceptable to us.

Though the form of angels changes from culture to culture,

almost every culture throughout the world has reports of

angels. There are angels in Christian, Judaic and Islamic

lore. Angels were reported in ancient Assyrian and

Mesopotamian, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism and Taoism. Ancient

Greeks called them horae, Vikings called them valkyries,

in Persia they were fereshta, to the Hindus they were

apsaras and in the African religion of the Yoruba, angels

were called orisha. Traditionally in Shamanism (which is

the primordial spiritual path of all indigenous people)

there are reports of ascending birdlike spirits. These

half-bird/half-human spirits are called the bird people or

the bird tribes.
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Re: Newb Questions Continued
Post # 2
1.) how do i become a healer?
Becoming A Healer
General Questions & Answers

These are Heart of Healing’s answers to FAQs about becoming a healer. You may want to read What is Healing? as well. If you are already doing some sort of healing practice, such as Reiki, and have questions, you might want to visit our new Healers’ Corner.

There are many kinds of healers who facilitate healing in many different ways. If you are interested in becoming a healer, it will be worthwhile to explore what you mean by “healing” and what sorts of healing interest you. Because we specialize in energy therapy and spiritual healing, these answers are mostly geared to this type of healing. If you are mainly interested in the legalities of energy healing as a profession, see Part 2.
What is a healer?

A healer is someone who facilitates healing in another. No one heals anyone else. The healer does not “do” the healing. “Nature” does the healing. The mind-body-spirit has a natural, self-healing capacity. The healer simply plays the role of a “catalyst”.
Is a “special gift” required to be a healer?

Healing is an extension of a natural human capacity. Some people may access it more easily than others, but everyone can develop this natural capacity. Not everyone, however, has the same kinds of healing abilities. Some may be more effective with physical ailments, some with psychological and emotional issues, while others may help people with spiritual growth which plays a part in their healing. There are many different forms that healing abilities take.
Can anyone become a healer?

Acting as a healer is simply an extension of a natural human ability. When someone complains of pain and we reach out to touch them, or when a child cries and we sweep them up in our arms, we are exercising an automatic “healing response”. By exercising this natural ability, it can be developed further. In this sense, yes, anyone can become a healer. It is important to note, however, that what being a “healer” means can vary quite a bit from person to person — the kinds of healing and results can be very different.
How can I develop my ability to heal?

The most important way to develop the ability to heal is to exercise it. Perhaps you’ve already found that people feel better when you listen to them, or touch them, or pray for them. Continuing to practice these skills enhances them. There are also many different programs for learning. Some are for learning self-healing and for working with friends and family, while others are geared to those who want to do healing professionally. The first step is to identify what kinds of skills you want to learn, and what kind of healing seems most natural and suited to you.
How do I become a healer as a profession?

If you’ve spent some time developing and using your healing abilities, and want to begin to do it professionally, there are a number of steps you need to take. First, you need to decide if you are ready to start charging a fee, or do you feel you need to develop your skills more or have more experience? If you feel you need more training, you need to decide which kind of program suits you. (If you are interested in energy healing specifically, see Types of Energy Healing for some insights into how programs differ.)

Acting in the capacity of a healer as a profession entails learning a lot more than simply how to practice a healing modality. It involves communicating what you do to others, defining and maintaining professional boundaries, creating a place to do your work, learning the legalities applicable to your practice on the Federal, state and local levels, and much more. If you have not had previous experience as a professional service provider of some sort (such as nurse, counselor, etc.), then you will probably need help with developing a practice. Some programs will provide this as part of their training, and in other cases you may need to find a mentor or another way of gaining the necessary skills and knowledge for having a professional practice.

....What is a healer?
© 2006, Neva J Howell, All Rights Reserved

Question on spiritual healing: I am very interested in how a person becomes a healer and what that really means. Do I have to have a healer work on me, to heal?

Healing facilitation response: The Spiritual Journey of the vibrational healing facilitator may seem mysterious but it is really just the remembering of who we are at a higher level and offering that knowledge to others. "Healer" really is not even the best word to describe this vocation because the power is not with the facilitator but with the person seeking healing.

The human body is a marvelous creation, with all sorts of natural alarm systems to let us know when something is going out of balance, away from homeostasis. Yet, we often ignore those suble warnings until a more serious condition has developed. At that time, depending on our belief systems, we may go to a doctor for help, or a healing facilitator, or both.
What makes a good healer?
An effective healer, or healing facilitator, is someone who has consciously allowed the partnership of consistent, unimpeded healing energy and a human body, for the purpose of lending energetic support to others who are struggling in some way.

In my awareness, healer is not the best word to use but it is still the word used to describe this type of energetic partnering with Source on behalf of another.

The person who has chosen to allow that partnership in greater levels than those surrounding them are seen as healers. Factually, they are healing facilitators.

Do you have to see a healer, to heal?
In reality, we are all healing facilitators. Some of us just made a choice to hone that natural gift, do the personal work required to get the little self out of the way and to heal wounds within. However, I believe the question being asked is do we have to go to such a person, someone dedicated to helping others heal themselves, to heal? Well, the obvious answer is no but there are times when the value of a clear energetic support is unquestionable.

Each being is sovereign master of their destiny at all times. However, there are times when we are less connected to God, Universal Lifeforce, Spirit, than others. During those times when we have drifted from our truth in some way, a healing facilitator can hold Sacred Space and transmit a clear frequency of support that can assist us in healing ourselves.
How do I become a healer?

To become a healer, one has to allow an energetic resonance within them that isn't about words, ego needs, opinion, judgment or fear. A healer in fear is useless in a real crisis. Spiritual concern, on the other hand, leads to spiritual surrender of the vessel (the healer's body) to Godforce energies.

Most healers make their work a lot harder, in the beginning. They believe they have to impart great words of wisdom or that they have to personally be aware of the healing process and direct it every moment, for true healing to occur. New healers typically get too attached to results, with favorable results being the desired outcome. Learning to walk in grace as a healer involves a release of need for accolades and a release of fear of judgment when healing does not occur as the person seeking the healing would have wished.

When I was conducting Reiki classes, I would often tell my classmates that they would know the ego was in it's proper place when they could hear either extreme of feedback and be unmoved. If a person said they had experienced miraculous healing or if they said their condition was worse than before the healing, the healer would know that whatever the result, the person seeking the healing was responsible for their own path of healing.

Sometimes, people need their pain more than they need healing. It takes time for the Spirit of such a person to agree to let go of pain that has been, in some way, serving a strong ego or personality self need. The healer must be patient and know that each soul is in command of it's own destiny.

2.) do i have to have an altar?

No you do not have to have an altar. An altar is just a focal point and place to safely store your magical tools.

3.) what is the use of an altar?

Besides keeping your magical tools safe, it is commonly the focal point of spells and rituals. It is usually found in the center of your circle or to the north of the circle.

4.) Why do we use herbs?

Herbs are used for many different reasons such as, healing, spell work, rituals, and "Sacrifices" to the faye or lord and lady.

5.) how can i scry for someone/something?

Scrying - Oracles of Divination

Scrying is a method of divination and takes on many forms. Information received varies with the type of scrying one is using to get answers. Information can be objective, message given that are independing of the scryer - or subjective, determined or influenced by the scryer. Scrying can also be viewed as a form of mediumship, messages allegedly coming from another realm. This all goes to the scrying tool used and the interpretation of the symbol shown. A dream dictionary is often helpful.

As consciousness is evolving, so too are the meanings of the symbols.

Scrying comes from the Old English word descry meaning "to make out dimly" or "to reveal." Adding the prefix/suffix 'be' (often 'gye' in Germanic languages), gives us the modern word 'describe'.

Art of Scrying

Scrying can be an auto-deepening trance process that progresses in stages using tools such as a crystal ball, or other medium. Initially, the medium serves as a focus for the attention, removing unwanted thoughts from the mind in the same way as a mantra. Once this is achieved, the scryer begins a free association with the perceived images suggested, for instance in a crystal ball, by the tiny inclusions, web-like faults and/or the cloudy glow within the ball under low light (i.e. candlelight).

The technique of deliberately looking for and declaring these initial images aloud, however trivial or irrelevant they may seem to the conscious mind, is done with the intent of deepening the trance state, wherein the scryer hears their own disassociated voice affirming what is seen within the concentrated state in a kind of feedback loop. This process culminates in the achievement of a final and desired end stage in which visual images and dramatic stories seem to be projected within the mind's eye of the scryer, like an inner movie. This overall process reputedly allows the scryer to "see" relevant events or images within the chosen medium.

Scrying has been used for thousands of years by different cultures. Ancient Egypt used scrying in their Initiations. This included water scrying, dream scrying, oil scrying, and mirror scrying. One legend states that the goddess Hathor carried a shield that could reflect back all things in their true light. From this shield she allegedly fashioned the first magic mirror to "see."

Ancient Persia -- the Shahnama, a semi-historical epic work written in the late 10th century, gives a description of what was called the Cup of Jamshid, used in pre-Islamic Persia, which was used by wizards and practitioners of the esoteric sciences for observing all the seven layers of the universe.

Ancient Greeks and Celts practiced scrying using beryl, crystal, black glass, polished quartz, water, and other transparent or light catching bodies. Nostradamus is believed to have employed a small bowl of water as a scrying tool into which he gazed and received images of future events. Alchemists Edward Kelley and John Dee employed a form of scrying using a small crystal ball or shewstone - a piece of polished obsidion. The crystal ball and wax tablets used by Dee and Kelley are on display at the British Museum in London.

Scrying is the occult practice of using a medium, most commonly a reflective surface or translucent body, to aid perceived psychic abilities such as clairvoyance. The media often used to "see" are water, polished precious stones, crystal balls, or mirrors. Scrying, in this context, uses a "visual" process. There are some who believe the art of scrying is not limited to the use of "reflective" or "translucent" bodies only, but includes other media. Scrying has been used in many cultures as a means of seeing the past, present, or future; in this sense scrying constitutes a form of divination.

by G.W. Fisler

The first step in scrying is to pick out the medium that you wish to scry with. There are many choices. They range from the simplest (a clear glass filled with water) to the expensive (a large, clear crystal sphere). There are many variations in between.

You may have read other articles on scrying either on the net or in a book. Let me state that all of these writings are wrong, or at least partially. wrong. Every article that I have read states the author's preferences. In other words they champion what worked for the author. You may, and probably, are different. I can not over-emphasize that you should do what feels right for you. We are all individuals who have a different psychological makeup.

The following is a short list of what I have read:

* You must use an absolutely clear crystal
* You should use a crystal with inclusions (defects)
* lead crystal will not work
* lead crystal is the only reliable medium
* The crystal sphere should be 2" in diameter
* the crystal sphere should be at least 3" to 4" in diameter
* stare at the crystal without blinking
* do not focus on the crystal, but look "past" the crystal. Blinking is all right

This list of contradictions could go on and on, but I think you get the idea. You need to get what feels right to you. I personally prefer the scrying mirror for several reasons, the first being cost. If you do not want to make your own please e-mail me to discuss a custom made scrying mirror. This does not mean that I would not or could not use another medium. It is just that the black faced scrying mirror is what I feel most comfortable with. The following is a list of mediums that have been used. There are more possible variation than I have listed here:

* Crystal sphere
* Crystal skull (carved)
* Mirror (could be a black mirror or a silver mirror)
* Glass of water
* Bowl of water colored with ink
* Candle flame
* Coals of a fire
* fire smoke
* Pool of water
* Fog or mist over water

Various disciplines mandate a consecration ritual before using the scrying medium. On a purely psychological standpoint this makes sense. The subconscious mind must be convinced what you want it to accomplish. This may be accomplished through ritual or meditation. Polishing the crystal or mirror while thinking about what you want to accomplish will be enough.

Anything that will induce a state of altered awareness should be done. For beginners dim lighting is a must. Incense may be burned and/or meditation music may be played. Do what feels right for you. A side note is that in past centuries incense played a more important role in inducing altered states than in the present time. The reason for this is that the incense was inhaled. This decreased the amount of oxygen in the blood stream. The brain will enter an altered state during periods of oxygen deprivation. I do not recommend this procedure due to possible health risks. It is only mentioned as an historical note.

The actual procedure for scrying is simple and straightforward:

* Get the room ready - dim lighting, incense, music, etc. that you want
* Place the scrying medium on a table at a convenient level
* A dim light (candle or?) should be behind the viewer. To start out this should be the only light in the room.
* Perform the progressive muscle relaxation exercise
* Look at the mirror (or crystal) in a relaxed manner, focusing about 5" past the surface of the mirror (this may or may not work for you so try other methods)
* You will blink but do not be too concerned about it
* Keep your mind blank except if you have a specific question to ask
* Do not scry for over 20 minutes at first

The images may appear in different manners. They may just appear or they may be preceded by a "cloud of mist" forming first. The mist could dissipate or morph into the images. The images could be symbols of the subconscious or may be actual pictures of events, past, present or future. As an example of each person being different, the first visual impression that I receive looks like flying insects rotating on the reflective surface of the mirror.

This is the basics. Your success at scrying may take days, weeks or months to accomplish. You may be successful the first time that you try. Practice will make perfect, so keep on trying if you do not succeed at first. If your feel that you are at a dead end, try something different. It may help. Keep practicing. Remember that nothing worthwhile in life is easy. Happy visions!


Mirror scrying is an evolved form of water scrying. When it became possible to build mirrors they were regarded as being like water that was fixed into one place.

The early mirrors were made of polished copper, brass, marcasite, tin foil or mercury behind glass, polished silver and obsidian. All types of mirrors may be used for scrying and the size is not important.

Because mirrors are linked to the moon mirrors should be backed with silver. Try and use a round or oval mirror instead of a square mirror.

For the frame try and use a mirror that has a silver frame. Old mirrors also seem to work better than new mirrors.

Most seers prefer to use a black mirror. Because this is difficult to buy you may have to make one.

Just simply take out the glass and paint it black. You may have to give it a few coats of paint though. When you put it back in the frame make sure the glass part is to the front.

The use of black mirrors may be traced back over the centuries. John Dee used a black mirror of obsidian.

When using the black mirror for scrying you do not want to see your reflexion. The best is to leave the mirror on a table and look at it from an angle.

Look into the depths of the mirror as though you were looking into a bowl of water. At first it may appear grey than colours will come and go.

With time and practise you will be able to see scried images like still photographs or moving film images. Spirits may sometimes look at the scryer, talk to the scryer or even touch the scryer.

The visions may even exist outside the mirror and surround the scryer on all sides.

You will need a large, deep bowl made from glass, brass or silver. It must have a smooth and even rim.

You must set your base on some sort of tripod for best results. A tripod made of laural boughs is the best.

You will need to do your own testing to find out which bowl works best for you and how much water you should use. Do not use water from a tap. Get clean, fresh water from a stream.

The ancient Greeks believed that nature spirits dwelled in fresh water. The water may be stored in a vessel and used again.

However it is a good idea to replace your water once a month. Never collect the water of a day time. Water should only be collected at night preferably on a full moon.

To make your wand use a branch from a bay tree, hazel tree or the laural. The end of the wand should be covered in dry tree sap or resin.

Dip the end of the wand into the water until it becomes wet. Wet the rims of the bowl.

The best time to scy is at night when it is quite. By gently drawing the rim of the wand around the bowl it will cause it to resonate.

The action of the resonating basin will cause circular ripples to form in the basin. The water seems to breathe with the sounds.

It is the harmonics that seem to whisper forth predictions of the future. These are interpreted with the help of a gaurdian angel.

You may also recieve visual impressions which Nostradamus likened to that of a "burning mirror".


Hydromancy is another ancient form of divination that goes back thousands of years and involves the use of water to bring messages. Water is a metaphor of creation linked to the flow of the collective unconsciousness, also known as the Hall of Records, Akashic Records, Grid Harmonics, matrix of experience within our reality.

Ancients would sit by a calm body of water and watch its flowing motion create patterns that they would interpret. Often a spirit would appear within the water and bring a telepathic message.

Great myths were created about sea creatures who live in the water.

The ancient Greeks believed that nature spirits dwelled in fresh water.

In ancient Initiation ceremonies one would spend hours gazing into a sacred pool of water, or large sacred urn filled with water, to receive messages from the gods. This generally involved time and focus, and the abilities of the initiate to focus within. This brought visions of gods and the future.

Many indigenous people use some form of water divination to receive messages. It was mostly subjective, but often more defining.

Nostradamus practiced Hydromancy as a means of receiving messages and predictions, through the movement of water in a bowl. He recorded what he saw, combined with psychic messages, with amazing accuracy. Unfortunatley most were too cryptic, as we still reference his quatrains to this very day, tyring to fiure them out as if encoded messages.

The more you learn to focus your mind while gazing into the water, the more quickly you open yourself up to receiving messages and understanding their meaning as most messages are cryptic.

Hydromancy Techniques

In Nature

Hydromancy is best done on a calm day alongside a body of water, such as a stream or lake, where you will gaze. Sit down. Relax and look within this natural body of water. Wait and observe. You can also drop a pebble in the water and read the ripples as they form. You might see an image appear in movement as water is always in transition, a metaphor for the flow of our reality. Some people prefer to gaze into water at night in the light of a full moon as lunar energies are linked to the goddess.


Find a quiet area, free of distraction, as you will have to focus your mind.

Select a bowl in which you will place the water. It should not have a pattern on it.

Singing crystal bowls used for harmonics, may be used, but please be careful not to harm the bowl, as most are attuned for other purposes.

Otherwise, simple select a large, deep bowl made from glass, brass or silver. It must have a smooth and even rim. You may have to change bowls several times to find the right one for you. Remember, metal bowls carry harmonic frequencies.

Set the bowl in a dry level space, one in which you can easily observe.

The water used can be bottled, from a well, a tap, or a stream. It can also be stored an used at a future time to water scry again.

Water with great energy is often thought to be collected by the light of a full moon or the after standing in the sun.

Simple Observation Techniques

Place the bowl of water on a flat clear surface. Gaze into the still water and focus your mind until images appear.

Using a Wand

In some rituals people use a wand made from the branch of a bay tree, hazel tree or the laurel. The end of the wand should be covered in dry tree sap or resin. Dip the end of the wand into the water until it becomes wet. Wet the rims of the bowl. By gently drawing the rim of the wand around the bowl it will cause it to resonate. The action of the resonating basin will cause circular ripples to form in the basin. The water may seem to breathe with the sounds.


Hydromancy Wikipedia

Hydromancy (from Greek Hydro, water, and Manteia, divination) is the art of gazing by means of water, including the color, ebb and flow, or ripples produced by pebbles dropped in a pool.

The Jesuit M. A. Del Rio (1551-1608) described several methods of hydromancy. The first method described depicts a ring hanging by a string that is dipped into a vessel of water which was shaken. A judgment or prediction is made by the number of times which the ring strikes the sides of the vessel.

A second method is when three pebbles are thrown into standing water and observations are made from the circles formed when the objects strike the water.

The third method described depended upon the agitation of the water, this custom was prevalent among Oriental Christians of annually baptizing that element, at the same time as taking especial care to show that the betrothment of the Adriatic by the Doge of Venice had a wholly different origin.

A fourth method used colors of the water and figures appearing in it by which Varro stated that many prognostications were made concerning the Mithridatic War. This branch of the divination proved so important that it was given a separate name and there arose from it the divination of fountains whose waters were frequently visited.

Pausanius (2nd century AD) described the fountain near Epidaurus dedicated to Ino into which loaves were thrown by worshippers hoping to receive an oracle from the goddess. If the loaves were accepted they sank in the water which meant good fortune, but if they were washed up from the fountain it meant bad luck.

A custom of ancient Germanic tribes was to throw newborn children into the Rhine. It was thought if the child was spurious he would drown, but if he was legitimate he would swim. Such a custom appears to be a precursor of the 17th century custom of "swimming witches" perhaps related to the Anglo-Saxon law of trial by water.

In a fifth method of hydromancy mysterious words are pronounced over a glass of water, then observations are made of its spontaneous ebullience.

In the sixth method a drop of oil was let drop into a vessel of water, this furnished a mirror through which wondrous things became visible. This, Del Rio said, is the Modus Fessanus.

The seventh method of hydromancy was cited by Clemens Alexandrinus who cited that women of Germany watched the whirls and courses of rivers for prognostic interpretations. The identical fact was mentioned by J. L. Vives in his Commentary upon St. Augustine.

This is fire. Fire is dangerous. Keep that in mind when fire scrying. Light your fire in an open area, leave space around it. Indoors is okay, but leave a window open nearby for ventilation. Also be aware that your fire alarm will probably go off if you are indoors and don't turn it off.

Take a large bowl, or cauldron, that won't burn. I use one of those big silvery metal salad bowls. It has taken on a nice burnished, rainbowy look from all the fires. Put the bowl on the floor or on a low altar. Leave at least two feet of room all around it. Put a towel under it if you don't want what is beneath it to be scorched. You can surround it with large rocks to keep it from being knocked over if you are going to have people moving or dancing around it or if your bowl has a round bottom. Make sure that any animals and small children are safely occupied elsewhere.

Pour in a cup of rubbing alcohol. Light it on fire with a long match or already lit long candle. The fire won't roar up instantly, but it will do it quickly enough that you will be grateful for the length of the match. Lighters (the short ones) are a good way to get burnt. I use one of those long barbecue lighters both for safety and reliability in the often windy conditions of outdoor rituals.

One cup of rubbing alcohol will probably get you 10 minutes of flame. Plenty of time for a good vision. Let the flame burn out naturally. Do not refill the bowl while the flame is burning. I lit myself on fire once this way. I was careless and did not respect the flame. It reminded me of respect, completely destroying a Lughnasad ritual in the process.

The flame will probably be between two and two and a half feet high. The higher the alcohol content in the rubbing alcohol the hotter the flame will be. Ninety-nine percent fires will also leave more ash and be more likely to set off the smoke detector. Start with the seventy percent until you get comfortable with it. The first time, it will look much bigger than you expect. Practice before using it in ritual. Start with one half cup and work up.

In case of emergencies, probably a spill, don't panic. Look at the fire to see if it will actually light anything else on fire. Unlike wax/oil fires, you can put rubbing alcohol fires out with water so keep a lot handy. The alcohol will float at first, but then go out. Smothering with a damp towel also works. Just drop the towel over fire. Ninety-nine percent alcohol will produce more interesting fires, but seventy percent will hurt less if you are burned. A bottle of burn cream or a fire extinguisher, even though you will probably never use them, will greatly reassure the pyrophobes around you.

When I first started doing scrying bowls, everyone told me I had to put Epsom salt in the alcohol, but no one knew why. Epsom salt makes the flames more even and less wild. When using ninety-nine percent, this can produce the occasional ring effect (a ring effect is like a smoke ring of fire), but overall, the effect of Epsom salt is minimal. Using sea or table salt produces random flashes of gold color late in the burn. Using boric acid, instead of a salt, will give a much more pronounced effect turning much of the fire bright green. Epsom salt and rubbing alcohol are both in the pharmacy part of a large grocery/drug store. Boric acid will be by the contact lens stuff (it is a cleaner). Sea salt is by the food.

For the salts, use as much salt as you do alcohol. For the boric acid, put in as much as you have alcohol, then add more until it gets thicker and souplike. Mix the stuff well and let it sit for a while before lighting. Additives usually decrease burning time. None of the additives are good after burning. They will be smelly, crusty, and you will actually have to scrape out some bit of the boric acid. Throw this stuff away after each use.

Here is a list of all the things you will need or may want for the fire scrying: A metal bowl, rubbing alcohol, a damp towel, a pitcher of water, a long candle, matches, or lighter, burn cream, fire extinguisher, Epsom or other salt, boric acid.
6.) what should i use an athame for?

An Athame is a black handled knife used in rituals to direct energy.

7.) what are tarot cards, what are they used for?

Tarot cards/oracle cards are a deck of cards used in divination that are thought to allow the user to see into the future. Usually this is true, but tarot can also be a very insightful way to help people by exposing their flaws to them, and giving advise on how they can change.

8.) what are the different kinds of kenisis?

Aerokinesis - The ability to create and control the wind.

Get into a nice open area where you will not be disturbed and after meditating imagine strings of psi streching off of your fingers toward the winds. Pull, not jerk, you hand where you want the wind to blow. This takes a while to master and eventually you will be able to bring on strong winds.

Atmokinesis - The ability to create and control the atmosphere.

This ability has inexpert Thermokinesis, Electrokinesis, and Aerokinesis. Atmokinesis in long distance can work at a distance in temperature increases, gusting winds, and develop entire storms. Atmokinesis in short distance can only work at close distances and only produce localized rain, nearby winds, and temperature changes locally.

Atmoskinesis - The ability to create and control all four elemental elements.

This in the mental inexpert manipulitation of all four element earth/geokinesis, wind/aerokinesis, fire/pyrokinesis, water/hydrokinesis, electricity/electrokinesis. It also varies in biokinesis. These people work with the elements themselves.

Biokinesis - The ability to alter your genes into other human or animal forms.

Warning: This especially should not be done except by a practiced psi or ki practitioner, very dangerous.

Theoretically if you mastered this you could program yourself not to get older and then not die, yes immortality. No one has achieved that yet, all people have achieved things like running faster, harder to lose stamina, see better, more resistant to temperature, and changing the color of their eyes. After meditating, see your genes running throught your body in your head. Make a very thin, sharp needle of psi. now will the psi needle to go down and dissolve into a mass of psi into your genes programmed to do what it is you what it to do. MAKE SURE that you cover the whole with psi or your charactor, who you are, will leak out. This is very dangerous, be carefull.

Chrono Telekinesis - The ability to move people or animals through time.

Chronokinesis - The ability to slow down or speed up ones perception of time. You could also create time warps or worm holes.

You could read entire novels in less than one night or you could get a better picture of things in a game or sport. If you speed up your time it will be like you are moving at superhuman speed to others and your talk will sound like gibberish, but to you everything will act like it is in slow motion. If you slow down your time, everything around you will seem really fast and you will appear in slow motion.

Here is how to nurture your Chronokinesis:

Step One: First start by getting a pendulum or clock or something that makes a ticking sound once a second. Then in your know time get comfortable and relax.

Step Two: Now listen to the beats of the object. Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock. Then focus on this sound and listen for the spaces between the tick tock sound on the silence and blend your energy with the silence and realize that man is not governed by time. Time is simply a concept created by man.

Step Three: Now listen to the spaces between the beats, focus on the measure of silence getting slower and slower.

Step Four: Do this for several minutes and then if the beats are getting longer apart from the next one you've done it. Now just keep practicing and eventually you will get to where you don't need a pendulum or clock.

Cyrokinesis - The abitity to create and control ice.

Few people know this by name and much less practiced it. Place your hands over your Dan Tien (just below the belly button and cup your hands in the psi ball position). First, you have to make a psi ball. Then, fill it with water, and imagine a strong northern wind gusting in and turning the water into ice. If done correctly, there should be a cold spot between your hands. This is where the ice elemetal power really comes from.

Lowering Temperature: This is aobut the exact opposite of pyrokinesis, basically just imagine everything you freezing and strong gusts of winds coming in and you shivering.

Electrokinesis - The ability to create and control electricity.

Using this ability you could shock someone and mess up reception on tvs or radios and such things. Practice this technique for ten to fifteen minutes a day, meditate while you see your body filling up with electricity, see it flowing inside you until you're good enough to shoot it at something and mess up the reception.

Another techniquie is to meditate before you go to be and see electricity shooting out of your fingers, eventually you'll see sparks or electricity lines.

Electro-Ball: First, make a psi ball. Then, visualize electricity from your body merging with it and forming a ball of electricity. If you want to use this to shock someone do not put too much energy into it as it could seriously injure someone and never use it on someone who you know has powers less developed than you do.

ThunderBall: - First, you must imagine that a bolt of lightning striking down on you surrounding you in a aura of electricity. Then, you must imagine that it is flowing to your fist then open your palm and imagine it forming into a ball of electricity.

Thunder Punch: - You start it as a ThunderBall, but once you harness the lightning energy you have to charge it like a psi punch and there is your Thunder Punch.

Electricity Giving: - First, you have to put psi in your hand and then visualize it turning into electricity. When you get this, you'll feel your hand tingling and your hand will start to twitch. Now, put your hand near something electric thats on like a TV and visualize the electicity shooting out from your fingers. Watch and see what changes. If this doen't work at first, try it again.

Electricity Drain: - To do this, turn your psi into electricity. Then, go up to something that uses electricity. Make sure it is shut off for safty reasons. Now visualize electricity shooting into it and absorbing the electric energy inside it into u. Visualize the energy as a yellow color.

Hydrokinesis - The ability to create and control water.

In many ways this is like telekinesis, but it can only influence molecules in liquid state. One technique is to get a glass of water and imagine a tentacle of energy reaching out of your third eye chakr and pulling up the water. This takes a lot of practice, but if done correctly you should see the water bulge up. You can try and push down to condense the water too if you want.

Magnokinesis – The ability to control magnetic field, metal, and magnets

Photokinesis - The ability to create control/manipulate light.

With this ability, you could control lighting, change the color of light, bend small lasers, make your aura visible to others, and much morel You could also create minor illusions. One technique is to go to a dark room and then imagine a ball a light particles in your hand. Then, imagine them shooting out in a straight line from you finger/fingers. You could also try to make a lighted psi ball or create light and much more.

Pyrokinesis - The ability to create and control fire.

Warning: Uncontroled pyrokinesis can be very dangerous to yourself and/or others around you. Be very careful if you chose to pratice this at your own risk.

The best way to practice your skills is called the dancing flame. First, light a candle or a match. Then, envision a tunnel between your mind and the flame or a beam and your blocking everything but the match/candle out of your view so that you can't see it correctly. Next, focus on the flame and will your mind to put it out, see the flame going out in your mind. This is the easy part, the hard part is trying to get the match/candle to relight. Once you've mastered putting the flame out, you should focus on the ember relighting. After a few hard weeks of practicing, the ember should glow red as if it wants to relight. After you've practiced this enough, you should get the candle/match to relight. This does work. Once you've mastered all of this you should move on to bigger flames (if you used a match move to the candle, as it is harder).

Telekinesis - The ability to control objects/move objects.

There are many different ways to practice and hone your telekinetic skills, but one of the main one is called the psi wheel.

Cut a piece a paper into a four inch square and fold each corner into the middle and put a push pin in the middle to hold it so you folded it face up. Now imagin the energy of your mind flowing out of each of your hand chakras and willing the wheel to turn. This takes a long time to master and it is difficult but it does work.
Another way to hone your telekinetic skills is to take a preferably light metal object such as a cheap ring that weighs almost nothing. Place it in front of you. Block everything out but the ring and envision a tunnel between you and the ring. Then, imagine a tentacle of energy reaching out from your third eye chakra and pulling the ring towards you/push it away. This also takes a lot of practice and this to does work.

9.) how do i channel through the earth?

Grounding and centering is a good place to start. Focus and visualize the energy of the earth pulling it into yourself till you feel the earths energy swirling around inside your body, filling you and making you complete.

10.) What is Astral Projection and what are a few techniques you can use?

Astral Projection is one of the most amazing experiences you can have. It is a process by which the human consciousness temporarily leaves the physical body and functions independently, while the physical body remains still and passive throughout.

There are hundreds of techniques to Astral Projection but here are a few that I can suggest for beginners to learn.

This technique has been formulated by Robert Bruce and is one of the most effective techniques around. A key ingredient to this technique is an invisible rope hanging from your ceiling. This rop will be used to exert dynamic pressure at a single point on your astral body to force its separation from the physical body.

Reach out with your imaginary hands and pull yourself, hand over hand, up the strong, invisible imaginary rope hanging above you. You will feel a slight dizzy sensation inside you as you do this. This feeling of vertigo will intensify the more you pull on the rope.

Keep climbing, hand over hand, ever upwards, and you will feel the vibrations start. Your whole body will seem to be vibratiing and you will feel paralyzed. Concentrate single minded, on climbing your rope. DONT STOP.

Next you will feel yourself coming free from your body. You will next exit your body in the direction of your imaginary rope and will be hovering above your body. You're free at last!

You have to first relax your body. This is a very important step.

Then try to go to sleep, but dont fall asleep. Maintain your awareness between sleep and wakefulness. This is known as the hypnagogic state. Then deepen this hypnagogic state and start to clear your mind of unwanted thoughts. Simply look through your closed eyelids at the blackness in front of you.

Then you must enter an even deeper state of relaxation. The next step is to induce vibrations throughout your body and intensify them. These vibrations have to be controlled and intensified further. This is the moment when the Astral body will seperate from the physical body. You then simply have to "roll-over" and you will find yourself out of your body.

MENTAL PROJECTION - Where the practitioner projects just his Consciousness to some other place, beyond the physical body. It's similar to a day dream only much stronger. You see a mental picture,like watching a movie, but there are no senses per se, taste, feel,hearing, smell etc.

ASTRAL PROJECTION - This is where the Consciousness & the Astral body separate together from the physical body. The practitioner has use of all fives senses plus those used by the Astral body. You may have a sense of flying or floating. Vivid dreams are often natural AP during sleep. It's perfectly safe. Nothing can enter the physical body while on an Astral projection as only you have the exact key. At any sign of danger the Astral body is "reeled in" rather quickly.

ETHERIC PROJECTION - This is where the Consciousness, the Astral body& the etheric body separate together from the physical body. The ectoplasm of the Etheric body can been seen other. The physical body is reduced to a state of near catalepsy during the projection and must be protected from sudden shock or disturbance as there is a rare occurrence of physical death.

BILOCATION - This is where the Consciousness, the Astral body, the Etheric body & the Physical body are in TWO different places at the same time. This is only be used by advanced Magi and then rarely. It involves time & place distortion with a host of other things.

Mental projection is by far the easiest. Just focus the consciousness anywhere the will directs. Astral Projection requires a little more. There as many techniques & systems as there are people.

Here are some guide lines & methods;
METHOD 1 -In a quiet place. Sit in a straight backed chair, up against a wall or on the floor with spine erect. Relax, get comfortable. Inhale & exhale slowly a couple of times. DO NOT FALL ASLEEP!! Use 2/4 breath to start, that is; empty your lungs, easily, then inhale to a mental count of four , hold mental count of two, expel in a four count, pause for a two count, then inhale to a four count etc, etc. Picture an image in the mind's eye of a yourself in a ball of light about 3-5 feet away from you. Continue, slowly, rhythmically while focusing your attention on the image in the mind's eye see it clearly then shift your consciousness or point of awareness...awareness of self, selfhood; the observing I etc. to the ball of light. Including the senses first touch, move your Astral feet & arms, then hearing, then smell, then taste & last of all when you have your other senses plugged in open your eyes and look around. Each sense further focuses you point of awareness in the Astralbody.
Astral sight doesn't depend on the physical eyes. The reason it is listed last on the list is practical. Sometimes for novices the act of opening the eyes in the Astral body triggers a reflex of opening the eyes in the physical body, without the other senses to anchor it the consciousness shifts back to the physical body and you lose the AP. Don't worry about your Astral sight at the very start work first on being sure of shifting the consciousness. That is the first step to success. The rest of the senses MUST follow. If you have to break it down even further work on hearing, smell, touch or Small Astral body movements one at a time first. Then work on sight.
METHOD 2 - Start a mental projection and will your Astral body along.
METHOD 3 - Imagine that your Astral body is separating from your physical body out the head chakra. You will sense a rapid vibration with a rising or floating sensation let it happen don't block it. When complete check your five senses in the described order.

Using the Astral body requires only that you mentally shift gears into it, no matter what method you use. Astral projection takes patients, practice & persistence.
Several things govern how quickly you can gain mastery;
- noises & distractions
- how relaxed you are
- breathing technique
- how well focused you are
- achieving the mental imagery necessary
- transfer of consciousness
- practice

11.) if going into "black magick" what precautions should i take?
Know everything and anything that can go wrong probably will. Make sure you have protection spells and barriers down pat, and that you are secure in knowing that no matter what happens you will not be afraid. Control over your emotions is very critical when doing "Black Magic"

12.) what is solomons triangle & what is it used for?
The "Triangle of Solomon" also known as the "Triangle of the Art"
First let me tell you that this information is not teaching you how to Conjure up a Spirit.... it is simply shedding some light on one of the tools used in the Art. So do not write me and try to correct me as to what crap you have read or believe. My knowledge comes from Experience and from a different plane of existence unlike that of yours.
Ah yes... the Triangle of Solomon.... the second most important tool for the Conjuring Magician next to the Magical Circle. The Triangle of Solomon is used in conjunction with the Magic Circle. It is to sit outside the Magic Circle just a few feet away.
What is it and what does it do, you ask?
It is used in the Conjuring of the Demonic or Celestial/Angelic spirits. It is in this Triangle that they will appear and are forced to obey. Why will it make them obey? Because it has 3 Sacred names of God - Tetragrammaton, Primeumaton, and Anaphaxeton one on each side and it has the name Michael (Archangel Michael) which is split into 3 sections MI - CHA - EL. This contains the spirit from escaping and compels them to obey. This does not mean in every case they are going to obey you... but it helps the process. Some Magicians such as the Great Crowley would use Fresh Blood of a Sacrificed animal in the Triangle to attract the Demon. For Blood is the Life force and Demons thrive on it. Crowley would Sacrifice three white doves and pour the Blood into each corner of the Triangle... the Demon would stay until the life force was exhausted, then Demon would leave. This is not something for you to be going out and trying. Those of you whom are reading this are not the experienced and you would only end up possessed or Dead. This is just for your interest and thirst for knowledge.

The Triangle can be found in the Manuscript "The Goetia" also known as "The Lesser Key of Solomon the King". Once again it is one of the most important tools in the Conjuring of Spirits. There are several ways of setting up this Triangle of the Art...
1. You can trace it on the ground in dirt or sand. This is not the greatest way to do it.
2. You can make one out of wood and and paint it. The Triangle and the letters should be black along with the black circle in the middle of it. The interior should be white. You can do it differently if you so choose just as I have in the above picture. The choice is yours. With this method you can set it on the ground and take it with you when you are done with your Magical operation.

These two methods are good for if you are trying to Conjure the Spirit into the Physical.
How big should it be? The best dimensions would be 36"x36"x36".

3. Now... the other method is for Conjuring the Spirit into a Crystal Ball that is placed in the middle of the Triangle or using a Black Mirror in the middle of the Triangle. With this method... one Conjures the Spirit.... but one must Skry or see onto the Astral Plane where then Spirit is. The Mirror or Crystal Ball only acts as a focal point.
You can set up the Triangle on a small round table and place a Crystal Ball in the middle or you can prop up the Triangle so that it is standing up and Gaze into the Black mirror... just as you see in the picture above. Once again... you must be able to Skry or should I say, have Astral Vision... that is... to see onto the Astral Plane. Those whom have not developed this ability will have no success. This takes much practice of Crystal Gazing or Skrying with the Black mirror which is something you can do without conjuring any Spirit and develop your Astral Vision and Psychic Senses.

Anyway... now you have a little more knowledge to save for a day when you are ready to use it.

2004 Puzuzu

This amulet is one of the primary talismans with which Solomon bound evil spirits within their prisons

13.) How Does One Become a Witch?
Becoming a Witch
by Morgaine
© Morgaine 2001.

This article may be reproduced for non-commercial purposes, providing that this original copyright notice stays in place at all times.

I am often asked how one becomes a witch. Do you find someone who is a witch and they make you one? Or are you a witch just by saying you are? Can you make yourself a witch?

The process of becoming a witch doesn't happen overnight. It is a life change, a new path upon the journey of your life. It takes consideration, study and work. If you have previously followed a mainstream religion, you may have things that take time to let go, and new things that take time to absorb. I have heard many people say it is often hard, coming from a life of Christianity, to feel comfortable praying to the Goddess. All new things take time, but if you are serious upon this path, you will find your way. The Gods call their own home to them.

No matter how you have came about finding the Old Religion, here you are. So where do you go? To the book store. For a novice, books are like the air you breathe. You must have them, or access to them in some way. If you cannot afford, or do not feel safe having books on the Craft, the internet is the next best place.

In both books and on the internet you will find a wealth of knowledge that will help guide you upon your new path. Of course, as with anything else, there is good information and bad information. Avoid any kind of book, or internet site, that speaks of controlling another person in any way, harming them, doing love spells on a specific person, or tells you to chant in latin, even though you have no idea what you are saying (yes, I have seen sites like that). These books/sites will not fulfill your need for knowledge in the Craft and will only serve to confuse you.

Once you have read a variety of books and feel called to this path, the next step is to find a teacher. If you have access to a teacher, in my opinion this is the best course of action. A teacher or a coven can often be found if there is a new age book store in your community. Also, the Witches Voice is a site that offers networking in every state. It has grown extremely large over the past few years and is a valuable resource in the Craft community. All of my coven members have found me on the Witches Voice.

Having a mentor can offer so much to you when you are beginning. There will be things you come across that you have a hard time understanding and need clarification. If you have a teacher, they are just a phone call or email away. If you do not, you must try to decifer things on your own, and may not come to the correct end on them. If you do not have a teacher, again, the internet is the next best place to look.

If you are only looking for a 'how to' on casting spells, then the Craft is not for you. Witchcraft is a serious spiritual path, in which magick is performed, but is secondary to the religion itself. I would suggest you look to ceremonial magick for that.

A couple of things need to be said about beginning this path, in light of recent attitudes about the Craft. Here lately it seems that you have a people who, after reading a few books, feel as if they can call themselves a master of the Art. They throw on a title like Lady/Lord, or HP/s, add some black clothes, a pentacle the size of a hubcap, and they are ready to go. This is not what the Craft is about. If you have spent years following a particular path, have worked hard for the spiritual lessons that have been presented to you, and through this have attained the title and rank, then by all means use it. But think of how you would feel if, after all that, you have a newbie with 6 months and 5 books unde their belt walking about calling themselves Lady Starry Ski or Lord Thunderbutt. It is very offensive. Just like your parents told you when you were growing up (or maybe you still are) 'don't rush things, it will all come to you in the end, and be sweeter for the waiting'. This is true with the Craft. Using titles, putting on airs, and in general acting high and mighty are not going to make you any more spiritual. And that is what this path is about. What it will do is alienate you from people whom you may actually want to meet and get to know!

All of this being said the way to become a witch is through study and dedication. Gather all of the information you can. Find the best teacher possible. Read whatever you can get your hands on. Go outside in nature and commune with the Goddess and God. Listen to the trees and the wind and the rush of the water, for this is the witch's world.

14.) How to ground and Center -
1. Sit in a chair with your feet on the ground to begin. Choose a quiet place without disturbances. As you practice this exercise, you can perform it anywhere.
2. Notice your breathing. Clench your stomach, tighten your muscles and breathe up high in your chest. How does that make you feel? People often say, "anxious," "tense," "panicky." Chest breathing is not deep breathing, and it is often an unconscious reaction to stress or trouble.
3. Relax your stomach and let your breath down into your belly. Imagine it flowing down into your toes as your belly expands. Do you start to feel different? Some people find this sort of deep breathing unnatural. To learn it, put your hand on your belly, breathe so that your belly pushes your hand out. Practice regularly, so that it becomes easy and natural.
Close your eyes. Imagine your breath pushing down through the base of your spine, through your feet, like a tree pushing down its roots. Imagine those roots pushing down through the floor and into the soil below. Imagine they can feel something of the quality of the earth, what grows there, and how healthy it is. Push down through the waters under the soil, down through the bedrock, and down into the center. If there's still any tension or fear, let that go through your "roots". For some people, imagining that there is a fire at the center of the Earth and throwing negative feelings into the fire helps to make those feelings dissipate.
5. Imagine you can draw some of that fire up. Feel it as the earth's living creative energy, and bring it up through the rock and the water and the soil. Bring it into your legs and feet, like a tree's roots would draw up water and nutrients.
6. Bring it up your spine and imagine your spine growing like a tree trunk, reaching up to the sky. Bring some fire into your heart, into any place inside you that needs healing or extra energy. As you imagine the growth and energy flowing into you, raise and open your posture and re-focus on your breath.
Branches flow up and back down.
Branches flow up and back down.
Direct the energy up through your arms and out of your hands, up through your neck and throat and out the top of your head. Visualize branches of energy that reach up to the sky, and let them spread around you and reach back down to touch the earth, creating a protective filter around you. Take a moment, look at that energy web, and notice if there are any places that need to be repaired or strengthened. Send energy in that direction.
Imagine the energy of the sun, shining down on your leaves and branches. Breathe deep; draw that energy in. Breathe it down through your leaves and branches, down through your heart and your belly and your hands. Take it in, feed on it like a tree feeds on sunlight.
9. Open your eyes. Look around you. How do you feel? Relaxed? Revitalized? More attentive?
Imagine your feet have sticky roots. Let them sink into the earth and then release when you start to move. Walk around a little. Feel connected with the ground. Feel the imaginary roots grip and release.
Stretch your arms out to your sides as you move, as far as they'll go, until you can't see your hands if you look straight ahead. Now wiggle your thumbs, and slowly bring your arms in until your thumbs are just visible on the edge of your peripheral vision. Notice how wide your field of vision can be. As you walk, breathing deep, grounded, activate that peripheral vision. Know that you can be aware of what's going on around you.
Come back to stillness. As you breathe, feel where it is in your body this grounded place seems to live, and touch that place. Can you find an image for this grounded state? A word or phrase you can say? When you use these three together—touch, image, and phrase—you create an anchor to help you ground quickly in any situation.
* Remember, the more you practice grounding, the more automatic it becomes. If you take even a few minutes a day to practice, you'll not only have better energy in your daily life, you'll be able to ground quickly and instantly when you're in a tense situation.
* If Ground and Center exercises seem to take too long, you may be trying too hard, or you may be achieving Ground and Center without recognizing it. If this happens, do something else for a while and try again later. To Ground and Center is a skill, like any other, which only gets easier with practice, so practice often.
* Notice whether you are making eye contact with the people you pass. Keep breathing, stay grounded, keep your awareness wide, but now also make eye contact with each person you pass. How does it feel to be this present in a situation?

15.) How to do a banishing?
Do you have a problem with a negative or demonic presence, but can't find an exorcism that fits with your pagan beliefs? Simply adapt this exorcism to fit your faith and with a bit of oomph you'll be free of negative influences.


1. Be certain that the entity you've discovered is truly deserving of a banishing. Bad intentions can be enough, but trying to convince it to leave of its own accord is always a better option.
2. Research strong, protective deities that you feel a connection with, and get to know them. Choose one to call on, or maybe two if they're compatible.
3. Choose herbs that are protective and/or cleansing. Sage, thyme, garlic, black pepper, salt, and apples are recommended. Research the meaning behind any herbs you choose so that you can pour the right motivation and energy into the herbs.
4. Plan your verbal assault. Choose words that feel strong to you, and that are easy for you to say in a potentially stressful situation. Call upon your chosen deity (or deities) and be sure to demand your wishes. Throw your intention into your speech. For example, "Begone, and never mess with me again in the name of (deity/ies name/s)."
5. Wait for the demon to be present. Point or cast your chosen herb(s) at it and recite your speech with strength and certainty. Do not back off.


* Smudging is the art of purifying an area of evil spirits by burning certain herbs. Sage smells beautiful and is often used in native American traditions.
* Feel free to use aspects of your religion to strengthen your exorcism, such as pentacles and
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Re: Newb Questions Continued
Post # 3
How about you make your own coven and post all this junk in it instead of making a trillion threads that no one will read and no one will try to find, hence you waisting your time. That way if someone does want it theyll find it there instead of spending hours searching in the back threads, which these will be in very soon.
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Re: Newb Questions Continued
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Im sure I could type out every page of the spell books I have too, but Id be stupid. Make a web site or something.
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Perhaps if you spent a little less time finding fault in everything you personally havent written, you could see the importance of this thread.

The purpose of this thread and SITE in general is to help people with their questions. While I understand you may not have the attention span to read this, or find it unnecessary due to your never ending extensive knowledge in everything ever created..some people need this information.

Many people do not know what coven to join, what a coven is, don't want to go to random websites, ect. This information is there for those to read and will be bumped.

If you find the information useless....I suggest you refrain from clicking this thread again and saving your trollish comments for something else.
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I would just like to say i read the thing im happy with Silver she is now my friend again ... and most of hese questions were mine... not that i didnt know the answers just helping out Silver so if you want to bad mouth it please refrain from doing so and put your obviously good writing skills to better use such as typing out how big headed you are and how nothing is every right in your perfect world
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..I really hate internet stalkers. What I stated was correct, it may be on topic but its spam none the less. Posting things over and over. Nobody else wanted to say it thats why theres no comments on any of them.
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honestly Xen, I really don't care what you say about any of this. As Healer stated the reason this is here to help those who are truely seeking knowledge, and for your information I have a website and I run the Coven of Divine Spirits, all this information is in BOTH places since I TEACH in both places. I posted this here till newbie central is created so those who wanna know this stuff can find the information they need, and if I find trolling like comments on my thread again, if I don't delete them, another mod will. SO...if you have nothing nice to say keep it to yourself.
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en you have posted on the thread so you yourself go against what you have said "none is even going to read" obviously people are reading them because they are getting replies so id suggest you back off with your demeaning mannerism or you might find a bunch of people angered at you
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bumpness, and also, anyone who get's down this far and actually read the thread, do you feel smarter now?
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