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Notes of Lucifer Last Of

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Notes of Lucifer Last Of
Post # 1
Notes on Lucifer
Lucifer stands on the threshold of Dawn and Dusk. The bringer of light, symbol
of Thelemic strength and divine wisdom emerges. The age of Lucifer is the
uprising of what Blatavatsky termed "Phosphorus", the cosmic force of
illumination and light. Lucifer is the force of Air, while Satan the dual and
corrupted form of the light bringer is of active fire. This duality is the changeable
essence of progression and evolution. Lucifer emerges by name as the Roman
"bringer of light", Lucem Fero..the carrier of the torch. A Gnostic God, the Holy
bible mentions little of him besides the basis of origin:
"You were the anointed cherub who covers; I established you; you were on the
holy mountain of God; you walked back and forth in the midst of fiery stones. You
were perfect in your ways from the day you were created, until iniquity was found
in you."-Holy Bible, Ezekiel.
Later on the Morning Star as is called became the Dragon and the Devil.
Shaitan was the base for this materization, which means to oppose, to accuse.
Lucifer was invariably the first rebel.
Lucifer is of the Spirit of Light, from which the foundation of Luciferic Magick
is to ascend towards Godhead. The light of the spirit is based within perception
and the clarity of an awakened self. Perception is the vehicle of knowledge and
what the individual can understand. Christianity teaches the annihilation of
perception and the repression of the awakened mind. The enthusiasm of the driven
conscious, charged with the bright Luciferian light; leads all individuals towards
God itself.
Lucifer is the Fallen Angel of Light. Born strong in the light of the God spirit,
his crown held the most beautiful jewels from the earth. His essence was of the
Sun and divine wisdom and enlightenment shone throughout him. No other Angel
or Seraphim was as bright as Lucifer.
As with all beings of light and Will, a great fire emerged within Lucifer. He
sought to become as God, to rise towards Godhead. Thus the great rebel was born.
Standing against the Holy Hierarchy, Lucifer gathered many of his fellow
Seraphim, Leviathan, Belial, Astaroth, Asmodeus/Samael, Mephistopheles,
Dagon, Sorath/Shaitan, Beelzebub and a host of others to stand in the light of
selfgodhood and defy that which stood against individual phosphorus; the infinite
possibility of existence.
A great battle ensued, Etheric and Astral bodies were devoured and torn from
aggressive attacks. The Seraphim which sought the throne of God gave all under
the flag of Lucifer. Nothing would stand in the way of individual freedom and the
light of Godhood; nothing is the basis for destruction and the beginning of
creation. The Morning Star was rising, Angelic hosts feared these bright beings.
Finally the Holy Angel Michael (who will prove useful in healing Magick) and
his great horde overpowered the Luciferian Spirits. They were cast from the gates
of Heaven towards the Earth. Along with them fell the Nephilim. Descending, the
spirits lost all perception of time and space; knowing the great loss that had
Lucifer awoke before the others. His crown, shattered; lost with the thronefight
of Godhood was somewhere upon this earth. Lucifer stood erect, gathering
his surroundings and sense of self. "I stand and emerge yet still, born of God yet
unto only myself. The secrets of the universe shall be mine and the hidden light is
destined." The other Angels still remained unconscious, threatening to enter the
great abyss of non-form if such would remain for any period of time.
"I call ye forth to awake and arise as yourselves, Gods in the light of Heaven.
Hell is ours yet we must make a Heaven within ourselves. The universe is kind
and all we shall ever need will be provided as long as we are here to take it. Stand
up and join with me. The world can be ours under our light...Awake!"
The fallen seraphim began to rise and take shape. They would scatter unto the
various parts of the earth and abyss. From the Ashes must the Gods and Goddesses
rise. Some descended further, some became as angels of light. Leviathan and
Samael descended, Lucifer became and angel of light.
Belial would become an earth bound spirit who would transform into a Demon.
Astaroth, wandering the earth on a great dragon. Leviathan, a daemon who
became of the ocean and would exist simultaneously with the Astral Plane and the
depths of the sea. Leviathan along with the other fallen angels became an ideal, a
focus of strength whose power still remains within all of us. Awaiting the moment
of becoming, these Daemonic atavisms exist on subconscious levels of the mind.
The opening of such abyssic gates leads the psyche towards rising forth and
becoming something of evolutionary progression.
Lucifer stands as the fountain head of Astral Magick; (i.e., Astral Projection,
Dream Control, ect.) Lucifer is balance in the instance of both Shadow and Light,
Blood Red and Jet Black. Lucifer is the colour of an awakened and enlightened
mind. The Psyche which is open for magical inspiration.
Blavatsky understood the significance of balance within the individual, to
ascend the individual from the beast like qualities so inherent within our
subconscious. Blavatsky wrote "Thus it stands proven that Satan, or the red Fiery
Dragon, the "Lord of Phosphorus" and Lucifer, or "Light bearer" is in us; it is our
mind-our temptor and Redeemer, our intelligent liberator and saviour from pure
Asmodeus/Ahriman is the fountain head of Sorcery and earth based Black
Magic. Asmodeus is the God of Black Witchcraft, Sorcery, Necromancy and
diabolism. The balance of Asmodeus/Ahriman is to unite the materialistic flesh
side of life with the spiritual, or Luciferic. Falling to either side could result in the
destruction of the self. Black Magic is the focus of making the Psyche immortal,
surviving Earth bound after death. Luciferic Magick is the focus of Astral
projection and Holy Magick. Ascension is the primary goal, To rise towards
The Rite of Lucifer was designed through my personal experience to affect the
individual in several ways. Change is often reversible if the self is not on the same
level as the rest. This translate that change must happen on every molecular level.
The whole must be impacted from all sides.
Lucifer is to be absorbed and forgotten. The fall is simply the Seraphim
descending into the flesh, the brain of the Sorcerer. Lucifer must be channeled into
the spirit itself and become aligned with the Holy Guardian Angel for a unity to be
complete. Productivity therefor rises and a strong sense of character is built even
further. Individuals who attempt these rites must already be of sound mind as the
dangers of such if failure occurs are far too real. Insanity, which is displacement
and unbalance of the many selves that form one union are disrupted and madness
overtakes the self. The Black Magician must be fully balanced in order to avoid
the dangers that tempt even the most stable minded.
The Shadowing Forth of Lucifer occurs once the self absorbs and forgets the
spirit. Further Atavistic Resurgence will summon Lucifer and the Fallen Angel
shall become you in every way. This can be accomplished later once the spirit is
called forth and through the death posture a re-alignment can be done. Consider
absorbing spirits in a modern sense similar to downloading a program on your
personal computer. Once this is done, to become a part of this spirit the many
selves must in some way be connected. The spirit is forgot and sunk deep within
the subconscious called the abyss. When the time has come for this spirit to rise
and become fully a part of the self, the downloaded program can only work when
the computer is shut down and restarted. The mind works in this capacity with
regards to such. The spirit through the death posture will re align it's self and the
powers shall become at his or her demand to practice.
The many spirits of the Ascension of the Fallen operate in a similar manner
except this is far more dangerous. Many other spirits are invoked and many are
demonic energies which must be absorbed through Will and Control.
Aleister Crowley gave us the modern synthesis and foundation of Luciferian
thought. "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law" and "Love is the law,
love under will". Two statements which clearly set in motion the ascension of the
seeking individual towards Godhead. In his poem, "Hymn to Lucifer" Crowley
presents the bringer of light in a Thelemic aspect. No longer shall man be
subservient to a religion which would destroy your foundation and right of
personal choice.
Dogma is also a trap which can lead towards spiritual stagnation. Growth is
necessary through the freedom of an open being, that through will power and
focus can change take hold and run it's natural course.
The Luciferian individual is at heart a predator, however balancing action and
thought with compassion and tolerance when such emotions are heart felt. A
Thelemic individual is by definition free to decide the proper course of which his
or her life would flow. Often, clubs, orders and other thought trapping devices will
trick the individual into accepting a code and "uninformation" of like minds. This
should be in progress only for the means of an end, a goal in which progression
and individual evolution is plausible. If this is not so, what would be the difference
between the organization minded Occult student and the Christian Church
The essence of Witchcraft in the current age seems slip and often unclear.
Wicca presents nature in a beautiful and deeply moving semblance, which in itself,
is not entirely the case. Nature is both beautiful, positive and light filled however
also destructive, murderous, predatory and black. This is a significant balance
point in which individuals should be aware, and able to reflect with balance.
Wicca is a powerful tool for those ultimately kind at heart, who may weave
Magick within their own life to a certain end. Dark Witchcraft, or Sabbatic
Magick, is a balance of Light and Dark energies.
Witchcraft is a tool of the Luciferian spirit, and the God forms of Sabbatic
Magick are very much akin to the self exploring individual seeking Godhead
through Ascending. Sorcery is an extension of Witchcraft as they are based upon
the powers of the earth associated with Water, Air and Fire. These together lead
the individual towards a higher point of understanding and if properly worked, can
lead towards Holy Magick.
Vampirism is a significant tool in human evolution because it places in perfect
harmony the ever-changing self within natural balance. To ascend one must
devour the energies that offer themselves. Vampirism holds its foundation in
dream and myth, forming strongly in a conscious reality, as one may know it.
Vampiric Sorcery is a dangerous Magick to control as it tests every point of
mental strength one may have developed. If unbroken, can further strengthen the
individual who would ascend to Godhead. One must delve the depths of the
psyche (abyss) in order to balance the Holy Light. Thelema inadvertently supports
and provides a significant foundation for the like-minded individual who seeks
this light.
The Vampiric Sorcerer is not one who once the image of the self, the facade is
stripped away, would simply vanish from lack of substance. The sorcerer would
already have developed a strong body of light through Astral and Earth Magick
and be emanating this force from within. Thus, the self man be still in constant
change and flux however the physical appearance could be stripped away no
matter what and the core be revealed even more so in this manner.
The Luciferian Character is successful in the method of Magick and Ascension
once he or she would master both black and white magick. Chaos Magic is of
interest in it's diversity, however one must go beyond such methods to train the
self in Will and develop a strength of discipline which often ignored by many
modern Sorcerers. Ascend through stamina and Willful direction, not mere
impulse and unevaluated circumstance.
Egotism however is a possible flaw and over estimation of self. As the
Luciferian is evolved and continues growing one must be in check with the ego. It
should be understood that often the most humble will comprehend a greater
knowledge of self. Crowley often defined "Black Brothers" as those who shut
themselves off from the universe and the cup of Babalon, which is evolution. The
sorcerer must realize that he or she is not necessarily more important than
anything else, while at the same time be in full balance with the natural order and
the survival of the psyche.
A black magician is by no means what Crowley defined as "black brothers".
The essential study and practice of a sorcerer to ascend is significant in the point
that the individual must grow with his or her studies, to become the topic therein.
The self which is also known as "Kia" (Austin Spare's "The Book of Pleasure")
should be explored on every possible level, understanding the foundation for the
conscious make up known as "I".
Lucifer exists in the core of every individual; it is "it's" gift to us. Those who
awaken this individual light are blessed unto ourselves. Self-Godhood is the step
towards spiritual immortality. Those who seek the platform of Adept in the
Magickial Quest will inadvertently perceive the basis of the balance of light and
darkness. The Angelic and the Demonic shall be united, Chaos will follow form
and such is the genetic and psychic make up of the Adept.
The face of Lucifer has changed and formed into a plethora of disreputable
images by the Christian psyche in modern times. The ideal message received on
the astral should be, "I shall ascend" and not by chance, "I am of evil". Such
doctrines of "evil" and "good" are excuses to not deal with the core of the
individual. It is locking away the most dangerous, most powerful and most
exciting part of the self. Once the shadow is brought into light shall a God or
Goddess begin to emerge.
Lucifer stands for the balance of flesh and spirit. The ego or "I", constantly
changing must continue to consciously manifest in a positive manner. As Aleister
Crowley pointed out in the article entitled "The Initiated Interpretation of
Ceremonial Magic" (Published in The Goetia):
"The spirits of the Goetia are portions of the human brain. Their seals therefore
represent (Mr. Spencer's projected cube) method of stimulating or regulating those
particular spots (through the Eye).
(a) The names of God are vibrations calculated to establish control over the human
(Establishment of the functions relative to the subtle world.)
(b) Control over the brain in detail. (Rank or type of the Spirit.)
(c) Control of one special portion (Name of the spirit)."
Control is the map of empowerment and Ascension. Once direction is assumed
and confirmed, can such begin to take place in association with progression and
evolution? This subtle point is based around the legend of Lucifer itself. In being
cast forth from the heavens, one could only despair or revel in the freedom and
self-respect that had been earned through defiance.
The Black Flame that exists in the core of the self has long sought to grow and
illuminate the individual who was prepared to travel the fantastic path of selfillumination
and Godhood. Ever woman and man have their own orbit, their own
star to develop upon this earth. Nothing is rejected which develops integrity and
self-strength of spirit.
Within the Sigil of Varcolaci, the image of the vampire is presented as a mark
point towards self-evolution and Godhood. The Trapezoid sigil of Varcolaci opens
the gates of the shadow side through Black Magic. The Varcolaci sigil was
designed to manifest the essence of the Varcolaci vampire, the astral being that
rose from the flesh of the sorcerer to ascend to the night sky. This is the
evermorphing version of Lucifer, to eternally seek knowledge and the Faustian
spark which ignites into the black flame. The inverse pentagram that the Varcolaci
hold is the eye of Lucifer, Devilcosm that would glow with the divine light of self
godhood. The inverse pentagram is itself symbol of exploring and controlling the
dark side powers which exist within every man and woman. Christian attempts of
labeling Lucifer as a God of Death only proves the extent of brainwashing which
only mirrors their subconscious desire to be bound, that fragile and undeveloped
flame to be extinguished.
Lucifer as being the Prince of the Powers of Air establishes this God form as
the fountainhead of Astral Magick. The Varcolaci Sigil or Devilcosm is the mirror
of Lucifer, the bringer of light through Astral Projection and search of Balance of
Knowledge. The applications of such Magick can be used in every facet of ones'
life. It is only limited by the imagination. "Ain Soph" indeed!
Aleister Crowley's patterns and formation of "Thelema" is based within the
Luciferian principle. The bringing of light towards the individual, from which the
Star may find it's one unique path. "Do What thou Wilt shall be the Whole of the
Law" from which none may deny thee. Such a brilliant system can be found in
further developments of such tomes as "Magick in Theory and Practice", "The
Book of the Law", "Thoth-Tarot" and such an edited work as "The Goetia". The
map towards Godhead soon comes into clear and unadulterated focus. Perception
is existent through the use of all senses available. Experience and knowledge is the
Faustian key to the next step of evolution.
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Re: Notes of Lucifer Last Of
Post # 2
I have just started reading about this as I have a friend who is a Luciferian. I became interested not too long ago as a teacher of mine and friend is one. I found your post very informative and I hope to hear more. I myself am not a typical follower on my path either. Thank You for sharing.
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Re: Notes of Lucifer Last Of
Post # 3
thank you trust me its only the beginning
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