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to believe or not

Forums ► Comments ► to believe or not

to believe or not
Post # 1
I got a problem, im so confused. i dont know who to believe and what to believe. should i believe in God? is believing a personal choice? or it is forced on somebody. Just like I have to believe that their is an atom. because scientists, and my teachers said so..can anybody help me? I have to practice magic but im confused. but i like to practice it. Our church pastor told me to stop it for it is against God. is it true or not? if you can explain please this things to me I will be grateful.. thank You.
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Re: to believe or not
Post # 2
you have to practice magic ? or you want to practice magic , you do not have to do anything if you are not willing .

James I was notorious for being paranoid about witches and spells so he had changed the passage in the bible to suit his own agenda ..
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Re: to believe or not
By: / Adept
Post # 3
Oh, hon, the questions you're asking are pretty deep ones. The opinions of absolute strangers in a forum are probably not going to be helpful, nor should you expect them to be. You're going to have to answer these on your own through soul-searching and personal development

These are questions you may need to work on your whole life. There are many adults who question whether there is a God or not. Don't beat yourself up about it.

I know this sounds abstract, but try to experience God, or what seems Godly to you, instead of believing in God. Believing in something is a mental exercise, not an experiential exercise.

Someone once told me that a person believing in God was like a fish believing in water - although that again is an opinion. Believing in God is a personal choice based largely on your experience and your upbringing - it is a choice, though, and there are many happy and fulfilled athiests in this world.

Remember, religions are man-made. Most leaders in mainstream organized religions do not condone magic. They don't understand it and think it's evil. Your pastor might be a very cool guy who gives the best advice he can give, but people tend to fear what they don't understand. He probably doesn't understand magic and probably never will. That doesn't make him a bad guy.

Probably every single person on this site has at least one family member or friend who doesn't approve of their interest in magic. A lot of people keep it a secret, and probably most practitioners are discrete about their practices and beliefs.

My adivce would be to keep your magical interests to yourself until you're a bit older and until you have less internal conflicts about it. Most people's opinions will make you feel badly about it any ways when you're young or first starting out. Wait until you feel secure in your beliefs before sharing with others who are not likely to be supportive. Once you are solid in your beliefs, what others think won't be so upsetting.
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Re: to believe or not
Post # 4

I do not know if you understand this but this is what the catholic church later did to the heretics or witches or anyoe that seemed out of the norm ,
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Re: to believe or not
Post # 5
Good post Lady G
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Re: to believe or not
Post # 6
I agree.

My own mother accepts that She cannot stop me doing what I do.
She doesnt believe in it, but she has admitted to me that She wishes I wouldnt, cause she is afraid of it. She refused to comment on how she could fear it, yet not believe in it, I just got one of those glares.

just remember, that your god, Yawheh, He doesnt care about religion, He is concerned with your relationship with him, not with a certain religion.

its a "relationship not a religion", is a favorite saying of one of my christian friends.

Magick is merely using the spiritual energy inside of us, if your christian, then you could think of that energy as coming from your god.

you could think of it as active prayer.

or you could just do some soul searching, a disbelief in christianity, does not necesitate a disbelief in a god(s).

many people in the christian church say "God is unknowable", and "God works in mysterious ways", well, I agree, I think that if thier was a supreme being, he would be unknowable, and mysterious.

In the bible, it says that unknown horrors will befall any who add or subtract from the bible.

why would it say that, if your "god" didnt think someone would do it? the bible of now, is not the same bible from thousands of years ago. want to see for yourself, look at a king james, and compare verses with the NIV, why have different versions of a holy book??

ohh, and even if your christian, how do you know your the right "sect" of christian? it seems to me, there's so many christians pointing to the other christian and saying "he's wrong!" so dont worry about it.

ps. but none this should not discourage you from christianity, like I said, its a personal religion, you dont need to accept others views on it, look for your own truths.

become a chaote, and create your own reality.


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Re: to believe or not
Post # 7
Very well said Luzifer..
I too agree that believeing in and practicing magick does not necessarily mean you dont love The Christian God,Or Christ.
You can do both as taught Here by The christian wiccans(I know the name doesnt fit but still)All Through the Bible both old testament and New testament,There are stories of Signs and wonders beng performed by believers.
The main thing that changes is where you say your ability or power comes from.
If you are a Christian and you want o say your Power comes From The God of Abraham,Issac and Jacob..Or Through Jesu Christ.I have no problem with it.
You may run into others that do,but what ever you decide,Let it be because you made the choice,not because of what others wanted you to do or believe.
I meen after all,your the one that is going to be living with the choices you make...and accepting resonsibility fo them good or bad
You should at least be able to know it was a choice that you made because it was what you wanted....Just my 2 cnts
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Re: to believe or not
Post # 8
Luz I'm stunned.
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Re: to believe or not
Post # 9
I do that....not all the time.....but every once in a while. ^>^

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Re: to believe or not
Post # 10
Damsel, having no respect towards others is having no respect towards yourself.
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