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by Stephanie Pflumm

When the Greek scholar Pliny wrote that Topaz gave man strength and protected
him from poison, he might have actually been writing about Citrine. The huge
(weighs 1,680 carats) Portuguese crown jewel, the Braganza, is a beautiful
clear Topaz was thought for a few centuries, to be a diamond. Even the origins
of the name Topaz stirs confusion. Some references point to a Sanskrit word
tapas, that means Fire. Or was it named for Zebirget, an island in the Red Sea
that the Greeks once called Tapazius? Except that Peridot is the gem currently
mined on the island.

Today's scholars write with a higher degree certainty on the properties and
origins of the Topaz crystal. Aluminum, silicate (Quartz), fluoride and
hydroxide molecules were bonded together during volcanic eruptions. Left to
cool in pegmatite's and granitites for thousands of years, the aluminum
bonding with the oxygen (hydroxide) formed a chain of connected octahedrons,
held together by silicate tetrahedrons, that sometimes grew into gigantic

One of the largest Topaz ever found was a 600 pound specimen in Brazil. You
can see it today at the Museum of Natural History in New York. A rare, perfect
blue gemstone was discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia in 1965. It
weighed 100 kilograms. In Norway, a 137 pound crystal was found in 1901 that
was two feet long.

Its unique crystal structure makes Topaz a hard and dense gemstone. In fact,
pure clear Topaz has often been mistaken for Diamond because of their similar
density, clarity and hardness. Topaz crystals can terminate in a variety of
ways, some are dome-shapped, pyramids, prismatic, tabular and often with

Its crystalline formation also allows the gem to hold an electric charge for
up to 30 hours. You can charge a Topaz by rubbing it with your fingers. Some
Brazilian stones acquire a charge just by holding the ends of the crystal
between your fingertips. Heating the gem then allowing it to cool slowly
builds an electrified charge greater than any achieved with other stones. Plus
the stone will retain that energy for more than a day after cooling down.

Most Topaz is found in its purest form, clear. Sometimes referred to as silver
or white Topaz. Blue and green are the rarest colors. Most commercial blue
Topaz are clear crystals that have been irradiated then heat treated to create
the color. Imperial, or golden Topaz is the second most common variety. These
stones often contain chromium and are heat-treated to bring out a rosy-red to
pink hue in the gem. Pink Topaz does occur naturally more often than the rare
blues. Still it's always best to ask your jeweler if the stones you are
considering have been treated to enhance their color.

Topaz is found around the globe; Australia, North and South America, Russia,
Sri Lanka, Japan, Tasmania, Africa, Pakistan, Norway and China. Tourmaline,
Fluorite, Quartz and Mica are just some of the gemstones that can occur with

Many ancient traditions and beliefs have created a brilliant history for
Topaz. Clear, terminated Topaz was referred to as an iris stone because of is
double refractive qualities and the way its facets would project Light's
rainbow spectrum. If worn in a ring on the left hand, the gem was believed to
restrain lustful desires.

Egyptians thought the Imperial Topaz was the captured light of the Sun God Ra.
It was worn in amulets for protection from accident or attacks. Greeks and
Romans also associated the golden crystals with their Sun God, Jupiter. They
believed the stone increased their strength and could neutralize

Bushmen in Africa used Topaz in healing ceremonies and rituals to connect with
ancestral spirits.

In medieval courts, Kings, Judges and other noble persons were often presented
with an engraved Topaz to win favor and cultivate positive relationships.
Falcons were a favorite carving subject. A powder ground into wine was
believed to relieve asthma. Leaving a crystal in wine for three days produced
an elixir that was used on the eyes to improve vision. Some beliefs held the
stone could make you invisible during moments of danger.

Today Topaz is honored as the state gemstone in Texas and Utah. Blue Topaz is
recognized as a fourth anniversary gift - Imperial Topaz for the 23rd
anniversary. It is also one of the birthstones listed for November.

If you are on a journey of spiritual change, Topaz makes an excellent
companion. It teaches you to trust in the Universe to guide and provide.
Aiding you in fully recognizing the magical laws of attraction and
manifestation and your ability to manipulate them. Meditations with a stone
will help awaken your sleeping gifts and illuminate your co-creative

The crystal helps you become more aware of your personal world, and the power
you have to bring about positive changes. It strengthens your confidence to
make decisions that are correct for you, giving you the fire and motivation
you need to follow through on your choices. Work with Topaz to make your
dreams your reality.

Artists may be attracted to the gemstone because it promotes your individual
creativity. Stimulating you creative energies like a Muse, lifting your art to
new levels. The crystal can be used as an energy battery when your demanding
schedule threatens to overwhelm your day. Carrying a stone during those crazy
days will help you stay mentally alert, while protecting you from unseen
dangers that could thwart more than just your next appointment.

The color of your crystal has some impact on the energies it can bring. Here
is a brief list of additional qualities you'll find in different Topaz. Always
be open to what you feel or hear from your own stones as well. You may find
Topaz assists you in ways not mentioned in this or any other article. Honor
and accept that.

Clear Topaz: This is a stone of confidence. Giving extra strength to be
yourself, unafraid to creatively express the beautiful voice the Universe gave
you. Helps stimulate natural gifts.

Blue Topaz: Works with your Throat Chakra allowing you to voice the perfect
words for bringing your desires and dreams into reality. Unites body, mind and
spirit with the Universal All.

Imperial Topaz: A stone of Fire, burning with the energies of Grandfather Sun.
This is the stone that will see your goals through, never allowing your
confidence to waver, your motivation to fail. Use the crystal for a quick
charge when your battery is low. Stimulates the first three Chakra, opens the

Rose Topaz: Opening the base Chakra and stimulating the Kundalini - this
crystal is great for balancing the exhausting energies of passion and power.
If you are quick to anger, carrying a rosey gemstone may help you temper and
channel your anger into productive resolutions instead of fights.

Healing traditions for Topaz still recommend the crystal for relief from
asthma and digestive problems. Patients undergoing long convalescence may use
the stone to improve stamina, helping the body recover from its inactivity. It
should help with insomnia by warding off nightmares, unproductive thoughts and
allowing you to relax. It may promote the healing of wounds, strengthen your
back and spinal cord and possibly aid in weight loss by raising your
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Re: Topaz
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Thank you for posting this Pan. I truly injoyed much I didn't know about Topaz.
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Re: Topaz
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I love Topaz , but then again I love all kinds of stones..
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